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cyprus cultural events
Sep 19: Ismet Tatar Art Exhibition : 'TAŞ OLMAK' at EMAA Nicosia
Jul 09 - 19: Art Exhibition Mustafa Hastürk at the Atatürk Cultural Culture and Congress Centre
Jul 22: SAPPHIRE – The Promised Time - by Kemal B Caymaz – Book Presentation at EMAA's Nicosia
Aug 03: Summer concert with soprano Demetra George Mustafaoğlu & Rauf Kasimov, piano at Karmi Church
Jul 05 and 06; Erkan International 5th Kite Surf Event in Lefke
May 30: The Presidential Symphony Orchestra at Bellapais Abbey
May 29, 30, 31: Exhibitions at NEU
May 31 - June 15: Vedia Okutan Ceramic Exhibition at NEU
23 May, June 01 and June 06: Kyrenia Chamber Choir Summer Serenade
May 24 - June 24: Zaman Birinde / Once upon a Time - Ceramic Art at the ArtRooms Kyrenia
May 11: 15th Int. Bellapais Spring Music Festival - Final Concert : Violin & Piano Recital
May 14 - Jun 21: 23rd North Cyprus International Bellapais Music Festival 2019
May 13-23: International Art Residence Art Exhibition at NEU Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre
May 17 and 18: 'Tea Ceremony' at THOC Nicosia
May 23: Kyrenia Chamber Choir 'Summer Serenade' 1st of three concerts
May 12: Breakfast with Jazz at The Soulist
May 18: FOR CANCER Concert at Bellapais Abbey - Piano and Violin
May 10: Opening of Asli Bolayir Art Exhibition at ARUCAD ART SPACE NICOSIA
May 13-16: End-of-the-Year Exhibition of the Anadolu Art College at the AKM Nicosia
May 13-23: 'Akademiada 10' at Near East University
May 02: Photo Exhibition and Book Launch Cyprus' Gypsies at AKM Nicosia
Apr 25-May 09: Ismet V.Güney remembrance exhibition with many local artists at NEU
Apr 26: Turkmenistan and Tataristan Art Exhibition at NEU
Apr 19-03 May: Yücel Yazgin Art Exhibition at NEU Nicosia
Apr 24 - May 03: Art Exhibition Devrim Tayanc Malyyalizade at the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
May 03: Opening 4 Elements - Fire - Earth - Air and Water -Veysi Soyer Art Event
Apr 15-20 : North Cyprus National Stamp Exhibition at the Bedesten in Nicosia
Apr 16 May 05: Hikmet Ulucam: Photography Exhibition 'Colours and Shapes of an Island'
Apr 15-19: Yiltan Taşçi Academy: 4th Photography Exhibition
Mar 29 . Sep 16: Pentadakylos Contemporaries - Fivefinger Contemporaries at the A.G Leventis Gallery
Mar 27: Antigone Première at AKM Nicosia
Mar 22: Première of new play at Nicosia Municipality Theatre
Mar 23: Talk and do: Golifali Happening at Rüstem Bookstore
Apr 17: Concerts without Borders at the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Nicosia
Mar 11-19: 5th International Women Artists Workshop in Girne Public Library
March Programme The Soulist Alsancak
Mar 05 - 19: Cyprus Turkish National Resistance Photo -Exhibition at the NEU
March Programme Lefkosa Belediye Theatre
---Courses at Yunus Emre Institute
Feb 27 - Mar 14: Baskurdistan Artists Exhibition
Feb 23: Latin Night at The Soulist in Alsancak
Feb 27: Poetry for a World without Walls at the Bandabuliya Stage in Old Nicosia
Feb 26 - Mar 01: Daily Impressions
Mar 01-27: 9th Besparmak Theatre Festival - Programme
Feb 22 - 02 Mar : Art Exhibition at the Girne Belediye Art Gallery
Feb 24: Classical Concert Myrrha Trio at The Soulist Alsancak
Mar 05 - 12: VOUNOUS Terracotta Exhibition at the Municipality Art Gallery Girne
07 Mar : A Survey Exhibition at NIMAC Nicosia South
Feb 11 - 01 Mar: Exhibition with Kirgistan Artists at NEU Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre Foyer
04-15 Feb: IAPMA Paper Art Exhibition in Nicosia Atatürk Cultural Centre
Mar 1 - 16: Art Exhibition 'What a wonderful world' Daphne Mavrovouniotis-Trimikliniotis
Feb 15 and Feb 16: the Presidential Symphony Orchestra 2 concerts in Nicosia and Famagusta
Jan 10-31: Random Arucad - a pop-up exhibition at the ArtRooms Girne
Jan 13: Jazz Breakfast at The Soulist Alsancak
Jan 11 - 25: Salih Mustafa Çizel : Paitings at Merit Royal Hotel Alsancak
Jan 11: Sahane Dügün - Cyprus Turkish State Theatre at the Atatürk cultural Centre Nicosia
Dec 17-23: Art Exhibition at the TRAFO Art Gallery Girne: Mahpeyker Yönsel
Dec 26: Lefkosa Municipality Orchestra 'A Tango Night' at the AKM Nicosia
Dec 23: Christmas Classical Concert Yaseminler String Quartet at The Soulist
Dec 18: Güner Pir Exhibition -postponed to Dec 18 .....
Dec 19: Christmas Celebration at the CVAR Nicosia South
Dec 17: Cyprus Chamber Orchestra Christmas Concert at the Pallas Theatre Nicosia
Dec 11-18: MEDITERRA North Cyprus Ceramists Association Exhibition and Workshop
Dec 12: An evening of Rock at the Bandabuliya Stage with the Lefkosa Belediye Orchestra
December 2018: Programme for the whole month at The Soulist in Alsancak
Dec 16: ChristmasSongs at the Karaman Church
Dec 17: Concert by Turkish Art and Music Association at Girne Chamber Theatre
Dec 2018 - Apr 2019 : Girne Municipality Art and Culture Programme
Dec 05: A Turkish Music Concert at the Near East University Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre
Dec 04: Opening of a photo exhibition of artists portraits at the AKM Nicosia
Nov 27: Restoration of Ruined Tower in Girne - Opening
Nov 30 - Dec 28: IAPMA Exhibition No. 1 in Famagusta at the Rauf Raif Denktas Culture Centre
Dec 06 - 21: Güner PIR - Painting Exhibition at the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Nov 30 - 02 Dec: International Fikret Demirağ Poetry Festival
Dec 06 and 07: Arabian Nights by Students of ESK
Nov 26 - Dec 01: Alev Erlat Afacan Painting exhibition at the AKM Nicosia
Dec 08 and 09: Bazaar in aid of CVAR Nicosia
Nov 25: Classical Recital Mehmet Sakarya (flute) &Atakan Sarı ( piano) at The Soulist Alsancak
Season 2018: every Friday: State Theatre - with 'Şahane Düğün' at Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Nov 25: Flute and Piano Recital at The Soulist Coffee and Music House Alsancak
Nov 30-Dec 01:How to Chant for a Thin Place: Borders and Bridges Symposium at Visual Artists Cyprus
Nov 16 - 30: Exhibition in Honour of the Foundation of the TRNC at the Near East University
Nov 13 - 24: Photographic Exhibition 'Beneath the Surface' Ayse Naci Salahi at the ARUCAD ART SPACE
Nov 14 -21: KKSD Member Exhibition Paper Touch
Nov 13: Musical Event at the Museum A.G. Leventis Gallery Nicosia South
Nov 23 - 30 : Vounous Exhibition at the Bedesten
Nov 06: 1st Grup Exhibition "New Colours Group" at Sacakli Ev /Eaved House Nicosia
Nov 07-17: Handicraft and art exhibition at HASDER Culture House
Nov 16 - Dec 09: Hüseyin Özinal "Fugitive Bodies" Art Exhibition at the ArtRooms Kyrenia
Nov 06: Sanel Redzic -Guitar Recital in Bellapais
Nov. 02 - 12: Mustafa Hastürk Retrospective art exhibition at the NEU Atatürk Cult.+Congress Centre
Nov 16: Bellapais Concert with the Three Basses
Nov 09: Bellapais - Beatles Night
Oct 30: Bellapais concert with Nurdan Küçükekmekçi (Soprano)& Ayhan Uştuk (Tenor)
Nov 13: Concert in Bellapais: Arman Ratip and Nick Steinhaus
Nov 02: Tanini Trio in Bellapais
Oct 27: Presidential Symphony Orchestra with Baroque Concert at Bedesten
Nov 23-30 Vounous Exhibition at Bedesten Nicosia
Oct 24: Charity Concert at the AKM in Nicosia
Dec 01-02; 10th Dance/Movement &Performance Arts Festival Nicosia
Oct 30: KIFSAD 2018 Photo Exhibition at Bedesten Nicosia
Oct 25: 25 years Development Bank Year Concert at AKM Nicosia
Nov 09-11 : International Creative Drama Symposium
Oct 30 - 13 Nov: Art and Design Exhibition at AKM Nicosia
Oct 23: Macro Photography Hasan Baglar in Famagusta
Oct 30: Celebration of 200 years of Frankenstein at the Home4Cooperation Nicosia
Oct 19: Alexander Markov at Bellapais Abbey again
Oct 23-Nov.03: CHRISTINA HESSENBERG – Exhibition of drawings at the Kyrenia Municipality Art Gallery
Oct 08 - Nov 07: Sümer Erek - Ülmen Aygin: 1973 - 2018 at the ArtRooms Girne
Oct 12: 'Klangforum Wien' at the Shoe Factory in Nicosia South
Oct 05-14: 10th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival at the Shoe Factory
Oct 13: 'Famagusta White Nights' by EMAA and Rooftop Theatre Group
2018 - 2019: LTB EMAA Winter Courses
Oct 05: Ensemble Modern at The Shoe Factory Nicosia
Oct 13 - 14: 2 Days for two communities in Pafos
Sep 27: Modern Arts Museum at Near East University to open
Sep 29: Handcrafts at SOL Atelier
=ct 05-09 17th Olive Festival in Zeytinlik Village
Sep 28 - Oct 04: 'Exhibition 'Life in Purgatory' EMU Art Collection to be on display at the Bedesten
Sep 20: 21st Türksoy Opera Days in Bellapais Abbey Cyprus
Oct 03-13: ACPA/KKSD Cyprus Paper Artists exhibiting in Istanbul at the Pusula Sanat Evi
Sep 20: Cyprus Paper Artists Association/ACPA/KKSD Arucad Workshop Exhibition at ARUCAD Art Space
Sep 28: The Soulist, “Friends across Borders Alsancak Charity Concert”
Sep 10 - 27, 2018: 16th Cyprus Theatre Festival from September 10 to 27
Sep 21 - Nov 16: 16th International North Cyprus Music Festival - Programme
Sep 08 - Oct 03 : Erdal Aygenc and his Night Birds at the Artrooms Nicosia
Aug 31 - Sep 02: 10th Ozanköy Pekmez Festival
September 2018 Cultural Events Programme at CVAR Nicosia
Sep 09: Awareness Day for small and big children at Korineum Golf & Beach Resort hosted by ARTTERAPI
Aug 27 - Sep 07: 31st Book Fair Isik Bookstore at the Kizilbas Church Nicosia
Sep 07-14: 2nd International Terracotta Symposium Vounous - Grand Opening with concert
Oct 05 - 13: Open Call for Residency - Impermanence: Famagusta White Nights
Aug 08: An evening with Karagöz and others in Iskele
Aug 16: Halil Öztunc : 'Özlem'in Renkleri' at the Bedestan
Sep 01-16: 2nd International Terracotta Symposium in Vounous/Catalköy
Aug 01-21: Arucad Art Space and Tim Brennan New and Original Work
Jul 23: Summer courses at ART TERAPI Girne have started::::
JUL 26 - 31: Exhibition in Arabahmet hosted by SOL Atelier Nicosia
Jul 20-22: MANUFATTURA Collection by SHARIFA at BEAT in Limassol
Jul 02: Tea Ceremony Workshop with Michiko Kinoshita Fuchigami in Arabahmet Area Nicosia
Jun 28: Smokeless Kiln Firing Ceremony in Arabahmet Area -
Jun 25-30: 2nd Ceramic Experimental Workshop Antrolykou 2018 Paphos
Jun 30 - Jul 09: 49th Iskele Festival
Jun 29-Jul 08: 41st Güzelyurt Orange Festival
Jun 26-30: Yiltan Tasci Academy Photo Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Jun 26: Piano Recital Rüya Taner in Bellapais Abbey
Jun 27: Book Presentation 'The Seamstress of Ourfa' at CVAR Nicosia
Jun 23: Mumu & Bomba hosted by ONIKI Studio Girne
Jul 05: Art and Craft Event in collaboration with Dicle Özlüses at Rüstem Bookshop Nicosia
Jun 19 - 30: Ceramics Exhibition at the CVAR Nicosia
Jun 29 - Jul 01: Pangea Festival at Alevkayası (Halefka) / Kyrenia Mountains
Jun 28: Documentary: The Sad But Proud Story of the Dome Hotel - Hosted by CVAR/Severis Foundation
Jun 10: Drink'n and Draw with Batu Gündal in Kyrenia
Jun 06: A documentary CINNET MEVSIMI - Season of Insanity at Khora Bookstore in Famagusta
Jun 11 and more: Building Smokeless Wood Firing Gas Kiln with Masakazu Kusakabe
May 30: Exhuibition of Plastic Arts Dept. of American University of Cyprus
May 18: Lecture: Famagusta through the photographic archives of CVAR at CVAR Nicosia
May 19: Book Signing "Through the Third Eye" in Catalköy
May 25-09 June: Omid Kalantar Motamedi – Solo Exhibition TALISMAN at the SOL Atelier Nicosia
May 29-Jun 15: Exhibition: Drawing Cyprus, by Paul Tomlinson at CVAR Nicosia
May 25: Omid Kalantar Motamedi Solo Exhibition 'Asraare Magoo (Un-Divulged Secrets)' at SOL Atelier
As from May 07: Summer Hours at CVAR - Centre of Visual Arts and Research
May 12: Street Photo Exhibition in Famagusta
May 11-18: Anadolu Art College Nicosia Exhibition at the AKM Nicosia
May 12: Arabahmet Fest with many activities
May 05-06: 2nd Kozanköy Eco Festival
May 12: Band of the Security Forces at Bellapais within the framework of the 14Spring Music Festival
May 06: Preseidential Symphony Orchestra May Concert
May 11-June 08: Ümut Inatci : FORMA CORPUS at Pafos Municipal Gallery
May 19-20: The Private Ethnograpic Museum Nicosia celebrates the International Museum Day
May 03: Art Photographer Mine Candar at FODER - Exhibition
May 12: Summer Opening Party at ONIKI Studio Kyrenia
May 05-25 Painting exhibition KARMA 2018 at the Art Gallery Cyprus Nicosia
May 07-12: Ebru Exhibition - Milhan Lakadamyali at the AKM Nicosia
Apr 24: Lady M Jazz Trio at the Alashia Inn in Nicosia Walled City
Apr 21: Tourism Fest in Girne in the Old Harbour
Apr 24-28: Art Schools Asik Mene and Osman Keten show their art works at Ismet Güney Art Centre
Apr 28 - May 12: Painting exhibition of Nilgün Güney Atelier Group at Taşkent Nature Park
Apr 25: Lecture "Pitharia and Pitharades of Cyprus: storage vessels and their makers", at CVAR
Apr 17 - 20: Graphic Design Exhibition TOLGA ERKAN at the AKM Nicosia
Apr 20 Yağmur Özerem & Serhan Candaş Acoustic Session at Studio ONIKI GIRNE
Apr 17-20: Cyprus Turkish Photography Association FODER exhibition WONDERS OF NATURE
Apr 14 (opening) 16-20: Turkish Film Posters 1969-1972
Apr 19: Children Concert ar the R.R. Denktas Culture and Congres Centre, Famagusta
Apr 21: 11th Anniversary of Witches' Cauldron Nicosia with DEEP
Apr 16: Otello Choir and Sonare Choir at the Bedesten in Nicosia
Apr 18: An American genealogist in Cyprus - Lecture at CVAR
Apr 12: MEKAN INSAN BELLEK International Art Exhibition at Güzelyurt Kent Museum Exhibition Hall
Apr 13-20: Book Launch and Exhibition - Kadir Kaba - M.Fevzi Akarsu
Apr 20 - May 07: Painting exhibition Georgia Michaelides Saad at Gloria Gallery Nicosia South
Apr 07: Installation - Performance at 144 Pafos Sokak Nicosia
Apr 05 - May 03: Cyprus Turkish Painting Exhibition RETROSPEKTIF 2 at Near East University -Hospital
Apr 05: Exhibition of Installation - EMAA and Selim Birsel - and others at Pikadilli Famagusta
Apr 07: Gypsy Jazz at The Soulist Alsancak
Apr 07 and 08; Ayrelli/Wild asparagus Festival in Akdeniz.
Apr 20-30 : Emin Çizenel - Ümit Inatçı and Ismet Değirmenci at the AKM Nicosia
Apr 09-19 : 9th International Art Academy at Near East University Nicosia
Apr 17-28: 2nd Annual Exhibition PAPER TOUCH 2 at the SOL Atelier Nicosia - Further Information
....until Mar 31: Art Exhibition at OPUS 39 Gallery in Nicosia South
Mar 29 - Apr 10: 4th International Women Artists Workshop with a 2nd exhibition in Girne
Mar 26-30: CIU Students Graphic Design Dept. - Exhibition at AKM Small Hall
Mar 18 - 25 FEM-ART 2018 - CYPRUS in Famagusta
Apr 09 - 14 : Özden Selenge Art Exhibition in the Atatürk Cultural Centre - Small Hall
Apr 03 - 07: Ceramic Art Exhibition Fugen Erkoru at the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Mar 23: Accoustic Session at Studio ONIKI Kyrenia
Mar 22 and Mar 27: Play by GAU Drama ve Oyunculuk Bölümü
Apr 30: Deadline for Cartoon Competition 2018 by TC Cartoonists Association
Mar 20 - 23: Visual Arts Exhibition at the English School of Kyrenia, Bellapais
Mar 26 - 27: Poetry Slam - Artos Foundation in Nicosia - among them Alex Burkhard
Mar 31: IF International Film Festival organised by Sidestreets at STUDIO 21 Nicosia
Mar 20: Zaliş Şenol Trio / Atölye Cadı Kazanı Cafe at the Witches Cauldron Nicosia
Mar 26 31: Serkan Ilseven 6th Solo Exhibition at the AKM in Nicosia
Mar 17 - Apr 01: Hikmet's Wonderland again for the third time open to the public plus exhibition
Mar 13 - Apr 27: Salon d'Automne Nicosia at the Collection Gallery and Institut Francais
Mar 13: LADY M JAZZ TRIO at the Cadi Kazani Studio Café in Nicosia
Mar 14 - 29: Art exhibition ON PAPER by Hourig Torossian in Nicosia South
Mar 12 - 17: EMAA Art Workshop Exhibitiion
Mar 12: Paper Art Workshop - A different approach to Paper Art - Sewing on paper
Mar 09 - 20: Envision Diversity: Alman Kuir Film Festival at the AB Bilgi Centre
Mar 07 - 09: International Women's Day - Art Exhibition at the Ismet Güney Art Centre
Mar 20 - Apr 04: 5th Theatre Days at the Girne American University
Mar 05: Spring Jazz Concert at the Naci Talat House Nicosia
Mar 11 - 18: IVth International Women Artists Art Workshop in Girne and Exhibition
Mar 17: Rauf Kasimov and his students in Bellapais
Mar 07 - 29: mARTfest - Culture and Art Festival at METU in Kalkanli
Mar 04 - 11 : 2nd International Gazimagusa Art Festival - Workshop and Exhibition
Mar 09: Women's Day Concert at the GAU with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra
Mar 06 - 14 : Prof. Dr. Zahit Büyükisliyen Art Exhibition at Girne Municipality Art Gallery
Feb 27: Book Presentation Hakan Çakmak / Yaşar Ersoy plus Film in Güzelyurt
Feb 24: Öztan Özatay Photo Competition Jury Presentation at the AKM
Feb 24 : KARAGÖZ Theatre starting and every following Saturday at 11:00 hrs at Bandabulya Nicosia
Feb 27 - Mar 03: XXVII. State Photo Competition Exhibition at the AKM in Nicosia
Mar 01-09: Registration for art courses at EMAA
Feb 26: Book Launch Orkun Bozkurt KIRMIZI at the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Mar 06-30: 8th Besparmak Theatre Festival in Catalköy
Feb 26, 2018: A guest concert at the near East University in the Atatürk Culture and Congress Hall
Mar 06, 2018 : Interested in joining A new Wagner Society? Come to CVAR
Feb 16: Yağmur Özerem Acoustic Session at Studio ONIKI in Girne
Feb 25: Cyprus String Quartet at The Soulist in Karaoglanoglu - Change of programme
Feb 10: Children Play at the AKM
Mar: every Friday 20:00 at AKM Nicosia Comedy with music and dance ISTIBDAT KUMPANYASI
Feb 10 - Mar 10: Photo exhibition at the Goethe Institut 'Housemaids and their parallel worlds
Feb 21, 2018: Latin Music Concert at the Bedesten Nicosia
Feb 11: Life Drawing with Batu Gündal at Studio ONIKI Girne
Feb 03......Première with performances every Friday and Saturday at 20:00 at the LBT Theatre
Feb 01-12: Art Exhibition - Zülal Karliova at the Girne Municipality Art Gallery
.....until Feb 16, 2018: Filiz Ankac in the ArtRooms in the House Girne
Feb 12: The Presidential Orchestra at the GAU SPECTRUM Hall in Karaoglanoglu/Girne
Feb 05-07, 2018: Renkler ve Izler - Art Exhibition at Bedesten Nicosia
Dec 22: Clean Environment Activity at Önder Mall in Famagusta
Dec 25: Opening of Art Fair at ART GALLERY.COM at 6 pm
Dec 25 - Jan 13: Cyprus Art Fair - Invitation to Artists to participate and Exhibition
Dec 17: Christmas Concert in Karaman Church
Dec 25: Christmas Concert at the Soulist Alsancak
Dec 14: Photo Exhibition NEPAL at the FODER Building Nicosia
Dec 20-27: Ceramic Exhibition TURKUAZ at the Ismet V. Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Dec 07: Talk: Read a Painting - Speaker Dr. Rita C. Severis
Dec 12-16: Art Studio Nicholas Panayi Art Event 2017-2018 at Melina Mercouri Cult. Centre Nicosia
Dec 08: Photography Exhibition : The Alien Trail/Opening at NIMAC Nicosia South
Dec 04: Les Peintures Murales de Chypre - Conférence - Institut Français Chypre
Dec 05: Book Launch of Nora Nadjarian's new book 'Selfie and other Stories'
Dec 02: Reggae at Oniki Studio in Girne
ec 05-08: WE - Photo exhibition at the NEU
Dec 01: Art and Music meeting at Art Gallery Cyprus Nicosia
Dec 04-16: Art Exhibition at Opus 39 Gallery Nicosia - Constantinos Ptochopoulos Skin or Gold
Nov 28: Ersen Sururi Trio at Cadi Kazani Café /Witches Cauldron
Dec 04: An evening of Japanese Butoh at Point Centre for Contemporary ArtNicosia South
Nov 29: Concert Acamandis Piano Trio at Shoe Factory Nicosia
Nov 29: Literary Evening with Elsie Slonim at the Goethe
Nov/Dec Pharos Foundation Forthcoming events
Nov 23: EGE Trio at the R.R. Denktas Hall at METU
Nov 23: Lecture by Dr.R.Severis at CVAR Museum Nicosia
Nov 21: Paper Art Seminar and Workshop at CIU
Nov 20: The Archiving of Art in Cyprus - Conference at Near East University
Dec 08: Kyrenia Chamber Choir "Bring on Christmas" in Bellapais
Nov 21 - Dec 17: HAYALI Turan Aksoy at ArtRooms Kyrenia
Nov 20 - 29: Düyal Tüsün and Gökhan Gökberg REFLECTIONS at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Nov 07-19 : The Shadows - German Expressionism in Cinema and its Legacy - Exhibition Old Nicosia
Nov 07: Hüseyin Altan's Hot Club of Cyprus JAZZ at Studio Café Cadı Kazanı Nicosia
Nov 08: Poetry Reading and Discussion with American Poet Sandra Beasley at Rüstem's Bookshop Nicosia
Nov 16: Experimental Theatre TABOO at the R.R. Denktas Congress and Culture Centre Famagusta
Jan 15, 2018 = Deadline for Submission to 'Paper Touch' Exhibition: CALL TO ARTISTS
Nov 22-Dec 23: Salih Mustafa Cizel Art Exhibition 'TRANSFORMATION' at the Art Gallery Cyprus.com
Nov 04-12, 2017: TRNC at 36th International Bookfair and TÜYAP International Art Fair in Istanbul
Dec 22 = Deadline CALL TO ARTISTS from Michael Härteis mh@collaborative-creativity.com
Nov 09: November Talk by Dr. Rita Severis - Read a Painting - Is what I see true? at CVAR
Nov 03 - 07: Three more special events within the framework of 'Weeks of the German Language'
Nov 02: FODER Photo Exhibition at FODER in Lefkosa
Nov 04: Ledra Music Soloists and 'Das Romantische Lied' at Pallas Theatre Nicosia South Pafos Gate
Nov 03: 30th Anniversary of death of the writer Marguerite Yourcenar - Conference at the Cyprus Univ
November Newsletter - CVAR Nicosia South
Nov 02: Information Event 'Study in Germany' at the Goethe Institut
Nov 02: Dance of Cyprus - at the Near East University at the Atatürk Congress Centre
Nov/Dec 2017: Cultural Programme - Institut Français
November Newsletter - Goethe Institut - Weeks of the German Language
Nov 07: Barock Concert with the Presidential Orchestra and two soloists at the Near East University
Nov 04-05: 6th Hawthorn Festival in Doganköy
Oct 30: 5th Youth Ceramic Exhibition 'Semral Öztan Atelier' at the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Nov 03 - 06: 3rd International Literary Festival
Nov 21: Art exhibition 'Light, Water and Woman at the Bedesten in Nicosia
Oct 31: IV KIFSAD 2016-2017 Photo Exhibition at the Bedesten in Nicosia
Nov 01: Piano - Violin and Soprano a concert at R. R.Denktas Culture and Congress Centre Famagusta
Nov 02: A Bayram Concert with the Türk Sanat Müzigi Korosu at the Girne American University
Oct 28, 29, 31 and Nov 2 and 4: Berlin Girls Choir in Cyprus
=ct 27: Photographic Exhibition at the Eaved House Nicosia - Women in Conflict Zones
Nov 03-06: 3rd International Literary Festival Nicosia, Platres
Nov 04: Musical event with two choirs in Bellapais
Oct 21: Hasat Zamani/Harvest Season - at HASDER Nicosia
Oct 27: Piano Recital Konstantin Lifschitz at the Shoe Factory Nicosia South
Oct 21: An Israeli in Palestine, Miko Peled at the Hermitage
Oct 24: Rüya Taner Piano Recital at Bellapais Abbey
Oct 17: Interactive documentary JERUSALEM WE ARE HERE at the CVAR in Nicosie South
Oct 16 - 24: Art Exhibition 'Reflection of Life' by Hasan Danish at Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Oct 30: Tanini Trio in Bellapais - Piano, Violin and Ney
Oct 26: Guitar Recital with Aysegül Koca in Bellapais
Oct 28: Ates and Diva + Peri Sualp back again in Bellapais Abbey
Nov 04-05: 13th Moufflon Book Fair in Nicosia South
Oct 18 - 28 : Open Canvas - Kuruçeşme Project ın Nıcosıa
Oct 12: Bellapais: Lefkosa Belediye Orchestra with Ennio Morricone Film Music
Oct 12-14: North Cyprus Ceramists Association : Workshop RAKU at Kibris ILIM University
Oct 13 and 14: Catalköy Besparmak Culture and Art Days
Oct 20: Within the framework of the Music Festival....Nemeth Quartet & Gökhan Aybulus
Oct 6 and 7 Street Festival in Nicosia at Büyük Han
Oct 14: Art Fest in Old Nicosia
Oct 04 - Nov 04: 15th International North Cyprus Music Festival
Oct 07: Café des Artistes Alsancak : Birsen Tezer Concert
Oct 07: Tango Night in Bellapais
Oct 08: Teh King of Percussion Instruments at the Shoe Factory Nicosia South
Oct 02-15 : Tunser Ertugrul Art Exhibition at the Public Library in Girne
Sep 24: Latin Band Concert :Cyprus Stars at the Olive Tree Hotel Catalköy
Sep 20-30: ART Studio 110 - Internatıonal Art Colony at Vouni King Hotel Yeşılırmak Lefke
Oct 17-27: Paintings by Tuncer Ertugrul at the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Sep 26: Piano Recital Günes Ülke Anadolu at the Golden Tulip Hotel
Sep 25-27: Our guest ceramic artist Masakazu Kusakabe at the SOL Atelier Nicosia
Oct 03 - 06: Paintings, Ceramic and Handicraft Exhibition at the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Oct 06-10: 16th Olive Fest in Zeytinlik / Girne
Sep 27 - Oct 21: Exhibition and Book Launch Ümit Inatçı at the ArtRooms Girne
Sep 20 : Frank Sinatra Songs with the Lefkoşa Belediye Orchestra at the Büyük Han
Oct 03 and 04: Season Opening with 2 concerts '3 Tenors' and the Presidential Symphony Orchestra
Sep 22 - Nov 25: KARMA II - Ceramic Bi-communal Ceramic Art Exhibition at TasEV 365 Art Gallery
Oct 06 - 13: 9th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival
Sep 299: Gender Migration and Trafficking in Europe... at the CVAR Nicosia
Sep 14: Award Ceremony CVAR - Europa Nostra Award 2017
Sep 15 : Solo Violin Recital Emmanuel Tjeknavorian
Sep 19 - 30: Art Exhibition 'The Meeting Line' at the Art Gallery Cyprus.com Nicosia
Sep 13 : Türksöy Opera Days: here Laden Ince
Sep 01: Dance performance Elisabeth Schilling at CVAR
Sep 01-16: Programme 1st Vounous International Terracotta Symposium
Sep 4-15: Işık Bookstore 30th Book Fair in Nicosia Kızılbaş Church
Aug 25, 26 and 27 : Ozanköy Festival with inauguration of Osman Türkay Statue
The 1st Catalköy International VOUNOUS Terra Cotta Symposium Sep 01 – 16 2017
Aug 21 - Sep 06: Ad perpetuum memoriam Hakan Cakmak at ArtRooms Girne
07 Sep - 03 Oct: 15th Cyprus Theatre Festival
Jun 26 - 28 Our Buffer Zone Story Photography Exhibition
Summer 2017: Art Courses at EMAA's for various age groups
Jul 03: Summer art courses start at EMAA Nicosia
Jun 24: Myths and Tales from/across the Divide - Theatre Performance
21-22-23 June : Exhibition of Children Girne Art Courses at the Leymosun Kültür Evi
Jun 27 - July 05: Water Colours and Poetry - The Other Sea by Katerina Attalidou at CVAR Nicosia
Jun 19 - 39, 2017: Exhibition Young artists Competition 2017 at the AKM
Jun 28: Bicommunal Film Festival at CVAR Nicosia
May 20 - Jun 03: Art Exhibition 26 W - Çiçek Refik Bozkurt at Kuruçeşme Gallery Nicosia
May 30-Jun 03: Ceramic exhibition in Catalköy
May 25:A musical experience of a very special kind with The Gerlis Ensemble at the Bedesten, Nicosia
AUG 03-04_ Classic Nights at Salamis Amphitheatre
May Programme CVAR May 2017
4th International Motion Festival Cyprus at Cultural Centre European University Cyprus
May 10: In Memory of Ali Nesim in Zeytinlik
May 26 and 27: Art Exhibition - Pictures in my Garden by Maxene Shailer in Catalköy
May 05 - Jun 06: 3rd Mesarya Theatre Fest
May 04: Kemal Behcet Caymaz reads from SAFIR his novel at Dome Hotel
May 13: Photo Fest at Büyük Han Nicosia
May 07: Lefkosa Belediye Orchestra with Ennio Morricone Film Music in Bellapais
04 May: Reading with Kemal Behcet Caymaz : SAFIR at the Dome Hotel
May 05 - Jun 04 2017: Risky Travels: Andy Adamos and Baki Bogaç at the Power House in Pafos
Apr 28 - May 05: Photography Exhibition AROUNDING at Cyprus International University Library
Apr 28: Piano Recital Ashles WASS in the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Apr 28: Great Jazz at The Soulist Alsancak
Apr 29: Masks from paper pulp - great fun at Artterapi Girne
Apr 24-28: KARMA Art Exhibition at Eaved House Nicosia
May 02: The right thing to do: A whole day out to learn about plants and culture in Cyprus
Apr 26 - May 13: Aydin Örek – Retrospect - From Yesterday to today – Art Exhibition in Nicosia
Apr 19: Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism at the Bedesten
Apr 20: LBT and their wonderful BOZAN ORATORIUM at the NEU Nicosia
Apr 18 - 21 : Photo Exhibition Hasan Bağlar
May 02 - 06 : Ozan Özgenler Art Exhibition at EMAA Nicosia 'The Wonderland'
Apr 15 - May 15 : HEIDI TRAUTMANN Exhibition at the Rauf Raif Denktas CCC Famagusta
Apr 12 - 22: Exhibition Summer courses at EMAA Nicosia
Apr. 10 - 15: Zülal Karliova Art Exhibition at the AKM Nicosia
Apr 07 - 14 : SEHER Semra Baykanli at HASDER Centre Nicosia
Apr 18 - 13 May : 13th International Bellapais Spring Music Festival
Apr 08: Maske Workshop at Artterapi Kyrenia
April 2017 : CVAR Programme for the month of April (Centre of Visual Art and Research) Nicosia
Apr 18-21: Photo Exhibition YOLCULUK Hasan Baglar at Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia
Apr 01-02: Catalköy Belediye Tiyatro Su - Yirmi bir Onbeş Treni
Mar 31: Kemal Behcet Caymaz: Reading and Signing at the Public Library in Girne
Apr 24 - May 02 : Akademiada 2017 - VIII International Art Academy
Mar 31-Apr 26: Art Exhibition Almost Famous - Lutz Presser at the ArtRooms Kyrenia
Apr 01: Spring concert in Bellapais - The Presidential Symphony Orchestra
Apr 08: Maske Workshop at Artterapi Kyrenia
Apr 07 - 29 and more: Terra Mediterranea in Action
Apr 01 and 02: 8th Lefke Jaffa Orange Festival
Mar 28 - Apr 01: Photo Exhibition FACES - FODER at Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Mar 25: Neşe Yaşin reads ın Famagusta
2017 KADS Programme for the month of May: "Still getting older" in Kyrenia
March 2017: Home for Cooperation Nicosia: Newsletter 2
Mar 25: Landscape and Photographic Exhibition at the Cactus Gardens Art Gallery Lapta
Mar 26, 27 and 28: Poetry Slam in Nicosia
March ..... Art Classes at EMAA's in Nicosia
Mar 07 : LBO - Lefkosa Municipality Orchestra at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Mar 08: Concert Lefkosa Belediye Orchestra
Mar 08: Women's Day with Poetry and Music at the Grand Pasha Hotel Girne
Mar 05-Apr 02 2017: 7th Beşparmak Theatre Festival Çatalköy
Mar 07-14: KTÖS Exhibition of Women at EMAA Nicosia
Mar 06-17: In-Decent Part II Art Exhibition and Performance at the ArtRooms Kyrenia
Mar 03, 04 and 05 : 17th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform in Limassol
Feb 28, 2017: Opening of Exhibition of Children Art at EMAA
Mar 02-10 March, 2017: 3rd Int. Women Artist Residency in Kyrenia
Mar 14, 2017: Spring Art Auction at the Collection Gallery Nicosia
Mar 08, 2017: International Women's Day with Tango Erotico at the CVAR Nicosia
Mar 03-31 2017: Culture and Arts Festival at METU
Mar 13 : Mektuplar /Letters Nazim Hikmet - Genco Erkal - Tülay Günal at the NEU Culture Centre
Mar 21-31: Öztan Özatay 9th Photo Competition and Exhibition at the AKM Nicosia
Feb 21, 2017: Lefkosa Belediye Orchestra Folk Music Choir at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Feb 13: Ooetry Night Hebrew & Arabic at the Home for Cooperation Nicosia
February 2017: Home for Cooperation Newsletter 1
Feb 04 starting every Friday and Saturday: A new play at LBT Nicosia Municipality Theatre
Jan 24-28: Nicholas Panayi Art Studio - Art Event 2017 at the Melina Mercouri Cult.Centre Nicosia
Jan 23 - 27 : 6th Amateur Ceramic Contest Exhibition by the NC Ceramists Association
Feb 24-26: !F Istanbul Film Festival Sidestreets and Hoi Polloi Nicosia
Jan 08, 2017: Countdown to Peace at the Bandabuliya Nicosia
Dec 27: Welcoming 2017 Concert Presidential Symphony Orchestra at the NEU Concert Hall
Dec 19-24 Dec 2016: Art Exhibition Mehmet Sariler at the Fine Arts and Graphic Design Faculty NEU
Dec 27 - 31: Student Art Exhibition from three Art Studios in Nicosia
Dec 20: Students art exhibition on the occasion of Vassily Kandinsky at NEU
2017 2017 - Jan 20 - Feb 24 -Landscapes - Selections from the State Collection in Limassol
Dec 17: Cultural Tour in Nicosia for Young People
Dec 16: Book Sculpture Exhibition at Rüstem Bookstore Nicosia
Dec 14: Piano Recital Clare Hammond at the Shoe Factory
Dec 16: Art Exhibition TRACES at ArtRooms in Girne
Dec 18 : Ermou 1900 by CVAR Foundation in Nicosia
Dec 13: Jazz must go on: Ersen Sururi and... at the Studio Café Witches Cauldron.....
Dec 14: Turkish Music Event in Catalköy Theatre
Dec 15: A capella concert at the GOETHE Nicosia
Dec 15-21: Group Exhibition ART EXPRESSIONS at Lellos's Point Limassol
Dec 14: Piano Recital Clare Hammond at the Shoe Factory
Dec 16: Art Exhibition: Art Expressions Mary-Lynne Stadler in Limassol at Lellos Art Point
Dec 21: Art exhibition at ARTAISTUDIO in Limassol
Dec 16 - 23 : Event ALL DEBORD at Picadilli in Famagusta
Dec 11: Guitar ANTOINE MORNIERE at the Shoefactory Nicosia
Dec 06: Ersen Sururi Gypsi Jazz at The Witches Cauldron in Nicosia
Dec 07-13: Art Exhibition in memoriam Dr. Attila Türk 'Sen Hiç Öldün mu?'
Nov 26: Confrontation through Art - Children at ARTWork and Play at the Goethe
Nov 23 : Concert AMARCORD VOCAL ENSEMBLE at the Shoe Factory
Nov 23-Dec 02: The Touch of Paper – Symposium and Exhibition at Ismet Vehit Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Nov 24: An Extravaganza with Demetra George Mustafaoğlu and Nuri Harun Ateş at Bellapais
Nov 04 - Dec 04: Art5 Exhibition Emin Cizenel at the ArtRooms Kyrenia
Nov 16: Concert Piano,Violin and Cello at the Shoe Factory Nicosia South
Oct 25 and 26: Michel Houellebecq: /Mirror of a dark future by Institut Français
Oct 08 - 09: 19th Türksoy Opera Days in Bellapais
Oct 05-15: Art Studio 110 International Artists Meeting at Vouni King Hotel Yesilirmak-Lefke
Oct 8 Art Exhibition Asli Bolayir at the Bellapais Monastery
Month of October: Cyprus Open Studios
Oct 05-16 : 8th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival at the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Oct 14 : Concert - Piano Vadim and Cyprus Symphony Orchestra at Russian Cultural Centre in Nicosia
Oct 05 - 16 : Pharos Arts Foundation - 8th Music Festival at Shoe Factory
Sep 14: Yusuf Akinlar Band at The Gospel Nicosia
Sep 15: Music Live at the Home for Cooperation Nicosia
Sep 15: Yeni Türkü Concert - Kyrenia Amphitheatre
Sep 19: Lecture:" Whose cheese is it anyway?-Traditional food...at the Goethe in Nicosia
September 2016 Bayram Programm at The Gospel Nicosia
Oct 01: Walking tour Old Nicosia organised by Home for Cooperation
Sep 21 - 30 : ARTTERAPI Children Exhibition at Public Library in Girne
Sep 21:
September - new art classes at Artterapi Kyrenia
Sep 07 - ..... Collection Gallery in Nicosia South shows George Gavriel
Sep 14 - 15: Fractal Folks and Gecitkale invite you to a special event in the forest
Sep 17 : Book Presentation Kemal Behcet Caymaz and his new book SAFIR at the Bedesten
Sep 05-09: Art exhibition 'Ilk Adim with Fatma Alcicioglu at the Eaved House
Sep 08-Oct 03: Art Exhibition Erdal Aygenç
Sep 12: Cello & Piano Recital at the Shoefactory Nicosia
Sep 06-Oct 06: 14th Cypriot Turkish Theatre Festival /14. Kıbrıs Tiyatro Festivali at NEU Nicosia
Sep 29 and 30: KADS again in town - an evening of food and fun - "The older they get"
29th Book Fair /Kitap Fuari in Nicosia 29 August – 09 September, 2016
Sep 02: 2nd Concours Classica North Cyprus at Onar Village Kyrenia
Jul 29 and 30 : Int.Festival of Ancient Greek-Antigone by Sophocles
02 Aug : Onur Akin Concert at the Girne Amphi Theatre
Sep 19, 2016: Concerts without Borders at CVAR with Music fit for a Queen
Tolga Erzurumlu
Jul 14 - Sep 09 2016: Honouring William Dreghorn - Exhibition in ArtRooms Girne
Jul 10 - 15: 2nd International Choir Festival in the TRNC
Jul 05 and 07 : Deutsches Theater im Rahmen des 'Festival of Ancient Greek Drama'
Jul 15: Book Launch "Aphrodite - The naked Truth" - Cyprus' 1st Erotic Comic Book -
Jun 21 - Jul 28: Nilgün Güney Studio Group at the Ismet Güney Art Centre
Jun 20 - Atila Türk 'Minyatür' Sergisini at the NEU hospital Nicosia
Jun 24-26: Paphos Internat. Filmfestival
Jun 12 : Pianist CANER SERIN at the Bedesten
Jun 2016 : Home for Cooperation Monthly Event Schedule June 2016
Jun 16: Book presentation at the Streetart Bookstore Café Kyrenia - ZEKI ERKUT
Jun 16: Architecture in films The City of Tomorrow at the Dept. of Architecture Ledras St. Nicosia
Jun 21: Cyprus Academy of Music at the CVAR in Nicosia South
Jun 13 - 16: World Refugee Day 2016 Filmy at the Goethe
Jun 18 : Master Class with Krzystzof Chorzelski at Pallas Theatre
Jun 08-10 : Closing exhibition of CLAY ART Studio at the Eaved House Nicosia
Jun 06-Jul 02: Children and Youth Art Workshop at the Bedesten
A special treat for music lovers : The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra in Ephesus
Jun 24-27 : A special treat for music lovers : The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra in Ephesus
May 31: Alev Adil & Aydın Mehmet Ali - The Poetics of Refuge at the Home for Cooperation Nicosia
May 27: "K. T. Tİyatrosunda Tarihselliğin ve Gelenekselliğin Önemi" with Sevil Emirzade
Jun 06 - Jul 02 : Art exhibition Rüya and Anna in Nicosia South and Nicosia North
Jun 03: Book presentation at the Eaved House: Gürkan Gökaşan
May 31 : 'Art et Chamanisme' at the Institut Français Nicosia
May 27: TRNC Presidential Symphony Orchestra at the Atatürk Cultural Hall at the Maarif College
May 23-27 : Art Exhibition - Mine Korudag at the Eaved House Nicosia
May 18 - Jun 01: Museums Week at the CVAR Nicosia
May 18 - 24: Museums Week in Bellapais with exhibition William Dreghorn
May 17-28 : Sculpture Installations by Panikos Tembriotis at the Municipal Market Nicosia
May 27 : Glyn Hughes art exhibition at the Power House in Nicosia
16 dört/four 16 – Milos Art Day on 14 May 2016 in Alsancak
May 13 : EV - The House - play by Aliye Ummanel will be performed with Engl and Greek subtitles
Ali Nesim – Commemoration at the Near East University in 2016
May 06-20 : Sinasi Tekman : Exhibition and Book Presentation at EMAA's Nicosia
May 03: 7th AKADEMIada at the NEU Near East University
May 04: The new sculpture of Bener Hakki Hakeri will be inaugurated at the Yiğit Burcu Park Nıcosıa
May 06 - 20 : Art Exhibition organised by Feridun Isiman at his Art Studio 110 in Nicosia
May 16 - 27: Art Exhibition Gazi Yüksel - Our walls at The Bedesten Nicosia
April 2016: Home for Cooperation makes music
May 02 - 13: 12th International Bellapais Spring Music Festival
Apr 27 - 16 May : 2nd Mesarya Theatre Festival
Apr 26 Youth Competition Results and Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Apr 22 and 23 World Writers Day at the Goethe.... and more events
Apr 21 and 22: Orthodox Easter Concerts Cyprus Symphony Orchestra
Apr 30: Cyprus Songs 4 - Album and Book Launch and Signing event
Apr 30 : And more JAZZ
Apr 29 - JAZZ JAZZ
Apr 23 : LBT Lefkosa Municipality Theatre with a play for children
16 dört/four 16 – A joint event of architecture – design and art – and environment
May 06 and 07 : The GERLIS ENSEMBLE coming to Cyprus with two concerts
A quick overview of the coming events over the next few days
May 03 : The Light of Soul Art Event at the Eaved House
May 04-14: IV International Akdeniz Terracotta Symposium at the Bedesten
Apr 15-29 : Gazimagusa and May 06-20 : Lefkosa - Şinasi Tekman Sclpture Exhibition and Book Launch
Apr 06: Theatre play CÖPLÜK at Arabahmet Cultural Centre by Lefkosa Sanat Theatre
Apr 5 - 23: Art Exhibition Alexandros G.Michaelides at Gloria Gallery
Apr 12 : La mission archéologique lyonnaise à Chypre: recherches récentes a`l'Institut Français
April Newsletter - Home for Corporation
May 04 - 14 2016 : IV International Akdeniz Terracotta Symposium at the Bedesten Nicsia
Apr 9-10 : 4th Asparagus Festival at Akdeniz
Apr 05 - 16: Exhibition of 8th Öztan Özatay Photo Competition at the Ismet Güney Art Centre
Mar 29 - Apr 22 : Photography in Germany Today at the Goethe Nicosia
Apr 06: Book Launch : Futures: >Poetry of the Greek Crisis at the Shoe Factory
Apr 05: 'Bozan Oratoriyosu' Nicosia Municipality Theatre at the Near East University
- Mar 24 - April and ?: Niki Marangou 1948 - 2013 : In Memoriam - Exhibition Events at the Leventis
Apr 06 : Singing Jazz Standards of Love at The Gospel
Apr 06 : Singing Jazz Standards of Love at The Gospel
Apr 02 - Magical Mystery Tour with Kuskor
Mar 19 : The Great Flood - Blues at The Gospel Nicosia
Mar 23 - 30 : French Travellers to Cyprus Exhibition at CVAR Nicosia
Mar 19 Cyprus Symphony Orchestra (Nicosia) and 20 (Paphos) Chamber Music Concerts
Mar 23 Cyprus Symphony Orchestra (Larnaka) and 24 (Nicosia) - Memories from Folk Music Traditions
Mar 28 - Apr 01: Melek Ruso - Art Exhibition 'DÜNYAM/ MY WORLD at the Eaved House
Apr 02 - 10 : CYCLAMEN - Landscape Exhibition in Lapta (Hikmet's Wonderland)
Mar 20: Concert of Classical Persian Music at the Shoe Factory
Mar 14: Spring Courses for children and adults at EMAA
Mar 04 - May 06: Something special in Antalya.....Phaselis Coins Exhibition
Mar 07-14 : Benim Sapkam Mozaik Exhibition at the Bedestan in Nicosia
Mar 04 : Dance of Cyprus at the Near East University
Mar 08: Sergi & Söylesi - Exhibition at the Eaved House
Mar 04 : Première new play EV at the Nicosia Municipality Theatre
Mar 07-28 : Italian films at the Arabahmet Cultural Centre
Mar 08: Karma Resim Sergisi - Art Exhibition at Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Mar 03 and 04: Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Pahos and Nicosia
Mar 05: Confrontation through Art at EMAA Nicosia
Feb 25 - Mar 05 : AT THE FRUIT STAND - Int Artists Residency Programme - EMAA and NIMAC Nicosia
Feb 26 and so on at The Gospel
Mar 12 : Elif Çağlar at the Café Chimera in the Old Harbour
Feb 25 and 26 : Cyprus Samphony Orchestra and solists... Larnaka and Nicosia
Mar 1 - 27 : 6th Besparmak Theatre Festival Catalköy : Programme
Feb 25 : Rebel Dancers 25 Years - Living the Dream at the Municipal Theatre Strovolos
Mar 04 - Apr 19: Kemal AnkacArt Exhibition at ArtRooms Girne : KÜLTÜRKIRIM (CULTURAL MASSACRE)
As from Mar 02 each Wednesday: Lefkosa Sanat Theatre at the Arabahmet Cultural House Nicosia
Mar 11 and 12: JAZZ------- Elif Caglar at The Gospel Nicosia and Café Chimera Girne
Mar 11 and 12: JAZZ------- Elif Caglar at The Gospel Nicosia and Café Chimera Girne
Feb 26: Piano Recital Galina Chistiakova at the Shoe Factory in Nicosia
Feb 15, 19, 20, 24 : Update for Jazz at the Gospel
Feb 26: Deadline for Buket Özatay Photo Competition extended!!
Feb 23 : Film Screening at the Goethe: 'Go for Zucker'
Feb 18 and 19: Kabare by Mesary Kültür Sanat Dernegi at the AKM Nicosia
Feb 26, 27 and 28: Sidestreets Shortfilm programme at Onar Village
Mar 03: Güzelyurt Municipality Theatre at the Anafartalar School Girne
Feb 25, 26 and 27 Presidential Symphony Orchestra Nicosia, Famagusta and Kalkanli
Feb 17: Serdar Tuksal Trio at The Gospel Nicosia
Feb 19: Piano Recital José Menor at the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Feb 12. 13, 17 and 19: Jazz at The Gospel
Mar 05 : Vienna Ball in Cyprus at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia
Feb 23: Air pollution over Europe and Cyprus - Conference at the Cyprus Institute
Feb 17: Concert Erato Piano Trio at the Shoe Factory
Feb 10: Rock,n Roll & Dance Night in aid of the Lefkosa Sanat/Art Theatre
Feb 03: Studying in Germany - First consultation at the Goethe in Nicosia
Feb 27 : KKTC Symphony Orchestra at R.Rauf Denktas Congress and Culture Centre Famagusta
5th International 'Olive' Cartoon Contest 2016 - Conditions
Feb 03, 04 and 05 in Nicosia, Larnaka and Limassol;: Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Family Concerts
Feb 28: Deadline for submission: 4th Cyprus International Performance Art Festival 2016
Jan 27: Panel organised by the Kuir Kibris Dernegi
Jan 25 - Feb 10 : Art Exhibition Ismet Degirmenci at the ArtRooms in Girne
Feb 26 : Special Guided Tours Nicosia during the years of British Rule at the Leventis Museum Nicosi
Feb 14 Deadline : OPEN CALL for 2 Cypriots in 2nd Int. Artists Residency
Jan 27-28-29 : JAZZ at The GOSPEL Nicosia
Jan 23 and 24 : Chamber Music Concerts Nicosia/Paphos - Cyprus Symphony Orchestra
Jan 27, 28 and 29 Larnaka/Limassol/Nicosia: Musical Synergies Cyprus-Israel
Feb 20 : Closing date for Öztan Özatay Photo Competition - English text
Jan 27-28-29 : enLIVE Live Music in Silent Film at the Shoe Factory
Jan 18 - 30 : Together Again: A bi-communal ceramists exhibition at the ZMART Gallery Nicosia
Jan 17: The Untouchable Instrument - Thorwald Joergensen and LBO Chamber Orchestra
Jan 16 : Adi Atassi at Food & Arts Nicosia
Jan 20: Songs with Emotion at The Gospel in Nicosia - Great performers!!
Jan 15 - 12 Mar : Exhibition and Book Launch Sharki by Nicos Philippou at the Power House Nicosia
January Newsletter - Home for Cooperation -
Jan 12 - 15: Exhibition of Kuwaiti Fine Art at the Famagusta Gate Cultural Centre Nicosia South
Jan 14 - 23 : 'Ask Grevi/Love Strike at Catalköy Theatre
Jan 19 - 23 : Art Exhibition - Art Studio Nicholas Panayi at Melina Mercouri Cultural Centre Nicosia
2016, Feb 20: Final date for 8th Öztan Özatay Photography competition 2016
Jan 30: Invitation to 'A Gathering of Art' Exhibition
2016, Jan 12 : Exhibition Rethinking at the Goethe Nicosia
Jan 2016: New intensive French courses beginning January 11 at Institut Français Nicosia
2016 Jan 14 and 15 : Cyprus Symphony Orchestra - The Untouchable Instrument
January 2016 Programme - Home for Cooperation
Jan 14, 15, and 16 : The GEMS - Girne Ensemble of Musicians & Singers ‘With a Song in my Heart
Dec 20 - Christmas Concert Matinée at Karaman Church by Cyprusscene
Dec 15 - 25 : OSMAN KETEN - Art Exhibition ‚Metaphor‘ at EMAA
Dec 10 : A cloud over the roof of the world- a documentary film at the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS
Dec 16-22 : Art exhibition Hisar Art /Asik Mene Art Group at the IKD Nicosia (behind HASDER)
Dec 12 : Guitar Recital Florian Larousse at the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Dec 20: CVAR/Severis Foundation Ermou 1900 till today
Dec 06: Santa Claus Market at the St. Joseph Convent Courtyard: A colourful culture event...
Dec 02 - 30 : Exhib. Geomorphologies - Ismet Tatar at the R.Denktas Cultural Centre Famagusta
Dec 05 : Kuskor Birdwatching Truip Itinerary
Dec 17: Photography Course with Buket Özatay at SAM Gönyeli
Dec 01 : Première of a Cypriot film starring Hatice Tezcan - winner of Seattle Turkish Film Festival
Dec 03 : Piano Recital Vitaly Pisarenko at the Shoe Factory
Nov 26 : Last Life Concert at the Home for Cooperation with Tolga Erzurumlu Trio
Nov 26: Last Life Concert at the Home for Cooperation with Tolga Erzurumlu Trio
Nov 27-28: A 2-days workshop at EMAA with Doc. Dr. Zeynep Yasa Yaman
Nov 28 : Symphony Orchestra with director Ali Hoca
Nov 27 - 29 : Youth Activities - Music at the Bedesten - Sports hall and Famagusta Cultural Centre
Nov 26 Literature evening with Elsie Slonim at the Goethe
Nov 30 - Dec 05 Teachers' Exhibituion Resim-Iş at the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Nov 17 - 27 : Gülseven Coles - Painting exhibition 'MY OTHER WORLD' at the Eaved House - prolonged
Nov 23 - 28 : Photo exhibition 10x10 Mehmet Gökyigit at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia
Nov 26 - Hristina Ivanoska & Yane Calovski - We are all in this alone at the ArtRooms in Kyrenia
Nov 26 : WONDERLAND at the Shoefactory
Nov 14 : Reminder: The film 'Windstorm' at the Goethe
Nov 19 : Reading at the Goethe with the author Katharina Hagena: The Taste of Apple Seeds
Nov 11, 12 and 13 : "The Tempest" by W. Shakespeare at the English School Kyrenia Amphitheatre
Nov 07 and 08 : 11th Moufflon Book Fair 2015 at ARTE Music Academy
Nov 12 : Concert 'In Tempore Belli' ERGON ENSEMBLE at the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Nov 20 : Concert without Borders at the Bedesten Nicosia 'Imagine - A Night Like No Other'
Nov 20 : Concert without Borders at the Bedesten Nicosia 'Imagine - A Night like no other
Nov 07 and 08 : Dance Waves Festival and Workshop by Dance Lab Nicosia
Nov 17-27 : Exhibition of Paintings 'My other World' - Gülseven Coles at the Eaved House in Nicosia
Oct 28 : Jazz in the Shoefactory
Nov 30 : deadline for contributions for an interesting art project : Blanket stories for a sculpture
Oct 28 - Nov 20 : Görsel Notlar / Visual Notes - Gökhan Okur at the ArtRooms Kyrenia
Oct 28 : Concert in Karmi Church - Programme
Nov 07 - 17 2015 : Exhibition - Belle Epoque artist Edgar Chahine at the CVAR Nicosia
Oct 21 - 31 : Schedule at the Home for Cooperation -
Nov 10 - Dec 15, 2015 - Support Courses in French - Institut Français
Oct 26: Stelios Bi-Communal Award Ceremonies
Oct 23 - Karl Jenkins THE PEACEMAKERS - Choir and soloists in Bellapais
Oct 31 - HALLOWEEN Party at Villa DIVA in Catalköy
Oct 13 : Jazz Night Cahit Kutrafali & Kadir Evre at the Cadi Kazani Studio Café in Nicosia
Oct 27: African Night at the Home for Cooperation in Nicosia
Oct 12 : Art Exhibition Dr. Arif Albayrak at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Oct 13: Lecture at the University of Cyprus: The Costs of the German Reunification
Oct 12: Poster Exhibition: The Path to German Unification
Oct 11 - Pharos Arts Foundation - Robin Green Concert at the Shoe Factory in Nicosia
Oct 05: Nemeth Yayli Quartet + Gökhan Aybulus at Naci Talat House Nicosia
Oct 10 Next Kuskor Birding Trip
Oct 04 and 05: Last films of 'La Semaine du cinéma français'
Oct 10 - Home for Cooperation event: Buffer Fringe Performing Arts 2015
October Programme for all ages at Home for Cooperation
Oct 04 - Pharos Art Foundation: Chamber Music at the Shoe Factory
Oct 02 - 06: 14th Olive Festival in Zeytinlik - Programme
Nov 26-28 - ALI BABA - A family Pantomime by the RBL Theatre
Oct 11: Limassol Art Festival 2015
Oct 01 - 24: 13th International North Cyprus Music Festival
Oct 08 - Gülseren Sadak - Concert at Bellapais
Oct 01 - 23 Art Exhibition LINE at the ArtRooms in Girne
Oct 12 : Art Courses to start in October at EMAA's
Oct 21 - Laden Ince with the Kyrenia Chamber Choir in the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Sep 28 - Oct 02 - EMAA Summer Courses - Exhibition
Sep 23 - Traditional Shadow Theatre at the Home for Cooperation Nicosia
Oct 01 and Oct 08: Laden Ince, soprano, and Nicosia Municipality Orchestra in Bellapais - Programme
Sep 21_ FODER Photo Exhibition 'Taste of Coffee' at the CVAR
Sep 21: Halktan Biri -Nicosia Municipality Theatre contribution to the Cyprus Theatre Festival 2015
Sep 21 : Film evening: Overcoming borders at the Goethe and Home for Cooperation
Sep 18, 19 and 20: 6th Besparmak Culture and Art Days in Catalköy
Oct 02 - 11: 7th International PHAROS Contemporary Music Festival
Sep 17-18: 18th Türksoy Opera Days
Sep 14 - 16: 4th artterapi Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Sep 19: Birdwatching to celebrate autumn migration
Sep 11-25 Geological Heritage Art Exhibition at the ArtRooms in Girne
Sep 29 – Oct 02 2015 – Presentation of Heidi Trautmann’s new book plus Exhibition of participants
Sep 29: A Concert in Bellapais
Sep 07 and Oct 15 : Nicosia Piano Festival at the Naci Talat House (near Selemiye Mosque)
Sep 13: Rauf Kasimov students with their RECITAL at Bellapais Abbey
06 Sep - SOS Children Fest at the Pia Bella
September - New Season at the Home for Cooperation Nicosia
Sep 01 - 29 : 13th Cyprus Theatre Festival
Aug 21: Caravan Blue at 1984 Bahce Nicosia
Autum-Winter Workshops and Courses at the Home for Cooperation Nicosia
Sep 07-11: Art Exhibition Bautu Gundal at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Sep 4,5 and 6 - Cinderella in Paphos
Aug 05: Concert Zuhal Olcay at the Amphitheatre 21:00 hrs
Aug 21: Girne Blues Festival
Jul 14: Book presentation - Dr. Bülent Dizdarlı at the Streetart Bookstore
Jul 14: Documentary screening at CVAR - Rita Severis Museum
Jul 14, 22 and 29 : Theatre and Concert in Girne Amphitheatre
Jul 02: GAU Dance Fest 2015
Jul 02: Bi-Communal Jazzband at the Home for Cooperation Nicosia
Jul 01 : Karagöz play with Güney Mesarya Halk Tiyatrosu
Jul 01 - 08 : Art Exhibition at Argos Gallery
Jul 10: A concert of classical music at the Buğday Mosque / St.Peter&Paul Church in Famagusta
Jul 03-04 : Othello at the Othello Tower Famagusta
Jun 22: Film at the Goethe: Reminder: - World Refugee Day 2015
JUN 23: FODER Black and White Photo Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Jun 30 :Caterina Last Queen of Cyprus, performance at the CVAR in Nicosia
Jun 26-Jul 03: Pembe Plümer - Land and Seascapes at the Ismet Güney Art Centre
Jun 18 - World Music Day at the Akpinar Café Girne
Jun 22: Fete de la Musique - at the ACFCT Nicosia
Jun 23 : FODER Photo Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Jun 18 - 9 Jul : 19th International Cultural Festival Gazimagusa - Salamis Amphitheatre
Jun 22-24 : Ismail Gökçe Documentary Photography Workshop Exhibition at the Ismet Güney Art Centre
Jul 01: EMAA Summer Courses
Jun 20- Jazz at the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Jun 11: Songs and other Stories at the H4C
Jun 26-Jul -Photo Exhibition foll a competition -Mission against drugs and alcoholism at Eaved House
Jun 15-20: KIMLIK – The title of a Ceramic Art Exhibition with 12 ceramic artists at the AKM Nicosia
Jun 17 - Start of Summer Open Air German Film Nights at the Goethe
Jul 11: The Gommalars at the Yurts - A music night under the stars
June.....? Exhibition of Cyprus paintings by Lilyia Zinchenko at the Round Tower in Girne
Jun 15: Tekerlek Izleri -Lefkosa Belediye Theatre in Famagusta R.Denktas Culture and Congress Centre
Jun 22: Aysun Kahraman - Concert at Salamis
Jun 13: YENI TÜRKÜ at the Girne Amphitheatre
Jun 13: TOZ Theatre with 'Vesaire' at the Famagusta Rauf Denktas Culture Centre
Jun 12-13 and 14: KIVILCIM Mustafa Erdogan Dance Event at the Atatürk Stadium in Nicosia
Jun 11 - 20: Reminder: CHEAPART CYPRUS 2015 in Nicosia and Limassol
08 Jun: Presentation of Tamer Öncül's new book 'YER' at 1984 Restaurant Nicosia
Jun 29 - 05 Jul 2015 : Nicholas Panayi Art School - Summer course
Jun 16: Final concert of Bellapais Festival with Laden Ince - Programme
Jun 06: JAZZ at the Olive Grove - Erdmann Rohrer Quartet
Jun 13: In the Herb Garden in Limassol
Jun 04: Open Studio Dept of Design & Multimedia University of Nicosia
Jun 04: A Crush on German Short Films at Artos Foundation Nicosia
May 29 - June 29 - Art Exhibition Brunella Longo at ArtRooms in Kyrenia
May 26 and Jun 04 and 10: Performance at CVAR Nicosia - Caterina The Lat Queen of Cyprus
Jun 12 - 14 Mustafa Erdogan with 'Kivilcim' at Nicosia Atatürk Stadium
Jun 16: Closing Concert of the Bellapais Music Festival with Laden Ince Soprano
Jun 03Solar Energy amd Photovoltaics - Lecture at the University of Cyprus
May 21-24: EMU Spring Festival "Awake and Aware"
Jun 05 : Fazıl Say Piano and Serenad Bağcan Vocal at the Girne Amphitheatre
May 20: Film Screening Almanya - Welcome to Germany at the Goethe Institut Nicosia
May 19: Painting Exhibition at CVAR Nicosia South : Memories from Assisi
Deadline Jun 20: 4th International "Olive" Cartoon Contest 2015 - Terms and Conditions
Jun 2-12: Art Youth Competition 2015 – Jury has chosen - Exhibition to follow
From May 13 every Wed and Thu: Theatre play LBT and Orthopedic Asso ast the AKM Nicosia
May 22: Art Exhibition GCSE/AS/A2 at the American Academy Nicosia
May 11-18 : 6th International Art Academy AKADEMI ADA at NEU Nicosia
May 11-21, 2015; 3rd International Mediterranean Terracotta Symposium at Bedesten Nicosia
May 17 and 18: Spring Fest and International Museum Day at CVAR Nicosia South
May 10: Akdeniz 3rd Asparagus Festival on ECO Day
May 08-15: 6 FARK - 6 Interpretations -Asik Mene's students at Naci Talat House Nicosia
May 07: Concert Bellapais - Nicosia Municipality Orchestra and Cyprus Polyphonic Choir
May 21 - Jun 16 : 19th Bellapais Music Festival - Festival Calendar
May 06-09: 8th International Tango Festival
May 08-08-10: 10th Silk Festival in Bellapais
May 18: Open Air Music Fest at Ledra Palace : Local Bands playing global music
May 08 : The Alejandro Ziegler Quartet at the Bedesten with Tango
May 08: In memoriam Ali Nesim - a Getting Together at NEU
May 11-Jun 12: Geomorphology – Ismet Tatar’s Art Exhibition ...AND EARTH and STILL MOMENTS at EMAA's
May 20, 22 & 02 Jun: and 25-30 May: Pharos Arts Foundation - 15th Int. Chamber Music Festival
May 08-09 : 7th Artichoke Festival in Mormenekse
May 01.02.03: Shopping in Girne Events
May 07 - 23: Art Exhibition STANDOUTS at the Argo Gallery Nicosia South
Apr 30 - Movie of the Month at the Institut Français Nicosia
May 05-Jun 18: Art Exhibition AES CYPRIUM Connects and Cures at the Goethe Institut
May 04 - 16: Art Exhibition VITO Xenodochides at the OPUS Gallery Nicosia South
Apr 25 - 02 May : Photo Exhibition 'Framing North Cyprus' st the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
May 04-24: Erdoğan Ergün - Stencil Art - at the ArtRooms in Kyrenia
May 03: 16th Eco Day at Büyükkonuk
Apr 30: Guitar Recital Timotheos Stylianides at the Shoe Factory
Apr 24 - AGHET - a documentary film about the Armenian Genocide at the Goethe Nicosia
Apr 20: Near East University Art Teachers' Exhibition at the AKM
May 11-16: Painting-Sculpture-Ceramics at the AKM Nicosia: Six Colours
May 05 and 07 : Famagusta and Bellapais: Nicosia Municipal Orchestra and Cyprus Polyphonic Choir
Apr 17-22 : Famagusta Etching Days with curator Ayhatun Atesin
Apr 22-26 : the diversity arts festival - programme
Apr 11: Büyü Poetry - Fatos Avcisoyu Ruso at the Limasol Kültür Evi Kyrenia
Apr 21 : Tango Music with Exprompte Trio at the AKKM of the Near East University
Apr 18, May 09 and 23 and 06 Jun: Fairy Tales and Ceramic Workshops
May 02: Demetra George Mustafaoglu in aid of Barrier-free Living House - A concert/gala dinner
Apr 15: International World Art Day 2015 on April 15 - EMAA celebrates with Ayhan Menteş
Apr 22 - 26 : Diversity Arts Festival by the Cyprus Centre for Intercultural Studies
May 03: 16th ECO Day at Büyükkonuk
Apr 04: Live Music at the newly opened Café Chimera in the Kyrenia Harbour
May 02-03: Soul-Mind and Body Festival at the Acapulco Resort
Apr 07: Nicholas Panayi Seminar at the METU Kalkanli
May 02, 2015: Gala Dinner with.... Demetra George-Mustafaoglu and Rauf Kasimov
Apr 26: Lekfke SLOW Theatre / Lefkeli Yavas Tiyatro at Arabahmet Cultural Centre
Apr 30 deadline!!!: Nemitsas Prize 2015 for Visual artists of Cypriot origin
Mar 30-03 Apr: Design Fest at CIU Cyprus International University - Programme
Apr 02, 03 and 04 in Limassol, Paphos and Nicosia: Easter Concert with Cyprus Symphony Orchestra
Apr 03 - Piano Recital Pablo Galdo at the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Mar 31: A conference 'Dynamics of Industrial Design developments in Turkey at the CIU
Apr 03 - 24: Art Exhibition Ümit Inatçı An-Arche at the ArtRooms in Kyrenia
Mar 27: La Fete de francophonie chez ACFCT Nicosie
Mar 27 - Apr 06: Peter Sheppard Skaerved Art Exhibition and Concert on Mar 29 Pharos Arts Foundation
Mar 27: An illustrated History of Nicosia Airfield at the CVAR Nicosia
Mar 26: Concert at the Shoefactory with the Kreutzer Quartet - Beethoven
Mar 27 - Apr 08: 1st Masarya Theatre Days in Beyarmudu with interesting plays and theatre groups
Mar 20-21: Life Inside_Outside a Bubble: Lecture at the Bedestan Nicosia
Mar 29 - Apr 26: Art Exhibition Kate Fenson and friends in Bellapais
Apr 12: 2nd Culture and Arts Fest at Kalavac
Apr 01 - 04 : GAU Art Exhibition by the Dept. Architecture, Design & Fine Arts at the Edremit Church
Mar 26: Paphos - Mar 27: Nicosia: Cyprus Symphony Orchestra
Mar 25: A comedy by Robin Howdon by the Near East University Performing Arts Faculty
Mar 23: Nicosia Municipality Theatre goes South again with KAYIP
Mar 16 - 21: Painting Exhibition from 16 to March 21 Melina Mercouri Hall Nicosia South
Apr 15: Prof.Dr. Ugurcan Akyüz exhibits in Marburg/Germany: Coloured Expansions
Mar 23: Sculptures Mehmet Aksoy at METU
Apr 02 and May 07, 08 and 09: KADS celebrate 40 years of theatre at the Kyrenia Cultural Centre
Mar 14 - 26: Art Exhibition LINE with six contemporary artists at the ArtRooms in Kyrenia
Mar 23-30: Girne American University 2nd Theatre Days
Mar 24 - Jun 13: Intensive Language Course French at Institut Français Nicosia
As from Mar 14 Fri and Sat:Travis Pine - A Political Fable by the Nicosia Municipality Theatre
Mar 17- Apr 04 Art Exhibition “LIQUID SOULS” by Elena Kouma at the ARGO GALLERY Nicosia South
Mar 19: An Evening of Persian Classical Music: Miras Ensemble at the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Mar 18 - An adventure for creative minds: Art lessons with Nicholas Panayi
Mar 09-14: Kind Reminder: Opening of Cyprus‘ second “Women’s Film Week”
Mar 20 : Exhibition following Young Artists Residency Programme at EMAA's Nicosia
Apr 10: Application Deadline for CHEAPART in Cyprus - Call for all artists
Mar 15: Camlibel Fest 1st EKO Day
Mar 23-28: The Art of Recycling at the AKM Nicosia
Mar 23-28: The Art of Recycling at the AKM Nicosia
Mar 11, 12 and 13: Cyprus´Symphony Orchestra and Goethe Institut present concert series
Mar 21: White Flags: Bridges within and between Lebanon and Cyprus at Home for Cooperation
Mar 14-20: Exhibition of 2nd International Women Art Workshop at Girne Public Library
Exhibition „Ecology.Design.Synergy“ at the Exhibition Hall of the Dept of Architecture (68 Ledra St
Feb 26: Letters to Cyprus Shortfilm to be shown in Famagusta
March: 10th Cinema Festival within the framework of La Francophonie 2015
Mar 07: Birding Trip Mesaoria and Famagusta Wetlands with Kuşkor
Mar 06: G.Schulz Violin, Noam Greenberg Piano, L.Schulz-Bayrova Cello at Shoefactory Nicosia
Mar 07-08: 5th Hisarköy Orchide Festival
Mar 15: Büyükkonuk Outdoor Fest 2015
Mar 01: 3rd EKO Days in Bagliköy
Mar 07 - 31: 5th Beşparmaklar Theatre Festival Çatalköy
On Thursdays: Art classes for adults at ARTTERAPI Girne
Mar 03 unique culinary evening at Balthazar Restaurant Armenian cuisine experience
Starting with March: Musical Performance with Storytellers 'Paramythies' atCVAR
Feb 24 - 27: Civil Society in Action Week 2015
Feb 26-27 'Canan' Feminist Art at EMAA's
Sunday, Tuesdays Thursday in FebruaryArt & Gift Show for KAR charity
Mar 03-Aug 30 : Leventis House of Educational Programmes: The Last Scarf Maker
Feb 27- Mar 14 : 17 Artists and One Historic House - History and Present
Feb 17: Open Call for four Cypriot Artists to participate in Young Artists Residency
Feb 12 - 21 : 24th TRNC Photo Competition results shown in Famagusta
Feb 21: Oytun Ersan Project - Jazz Fusion with great musicians at the Nostalji Bar
Feb 24 - Mar 13“SYNERGIES” - Exhibition 4 artists+ 4 fashion designers at ARGO Gallery Nicosia
Feb 17: Liszt in the Naci Talat Peace and Guest House in Nicosia
Feb 13 and Feb 18: Open Talk and Exhibition 'Stimulating Synapse' respectively at EMAA
Feb 13: Branko Franceschi invites artists in Cyprus to discuss their work at EMAA Nicosia
Feb 20 - Mar 11, 2015 : Lithographs by famous Turkish artists at the ArtRooms Girne
Feb 17-21, 2015 ARTTERAPI Adult Exhibition at the Public Library Kyrenia
Feb 11 . Mar 04: Peace Prize Antiques - Exhibition Emin Çizenel at the CVAR Nicosia
Feb 10 : A concert with Tango Music at the GAU Spectrum Hall
Feb 26: Violin&Piano Recital: Ian Fountain&Erika Geldsetzer at the Shoe Factory
Feb 12-21: XXIVTRNC Photo Competition Exhibition in Famagusta
04 Feb: Kind Reminder: Films by Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot filmmakers at Power House Nicosia
Feb 10-19, 2015: VII Photography Competition and Exhibition – In memory of Öztan Özatay
Feb 21 : Workshop Dancing in French - Institut Français Chypre
Lefkosa in my Viewfinder – Discover the Old City and its treasures A Photo Competition
Jan 27: Poetry and Music at the Arabahmet Cultural Centre Nicosia
Jan 29 : Boogie woogie night with A. Zwingenberger at the Shoe Factory
Jan 28 - Feb 18 : Films by Greek and Turkish Cypriot filmmakers at Power House NIMAC
Güner Pir – Art Exhibition ‘Stamp Paintings’ at the Eaved House – Jan 28 to Feb 06, 2015
Jan 25 - Theatre: At the THOK Nicosia a play by Volker Ludwig (Grips Theatre)
Feb 02 and 05: FEAR INDUSTRY directed by Achim Wieland at the Sartirico Theatre
Jan 15: Idea Generation Workshop at Home for Cooperation
Jan 20, 2015: Aphrodite IOPC 2014 Photo Exhibition in Nicosia
Jan 20, 2015 - May there be Love / Ask Olsun with the 4th Wall Cultural Association
Jan 25, 2015: Open Call for Entries: Green Urban Lab
Jan 16: Plantu Caricaturist at Journalists House in Aglantizia Nicosia
24 Jan : Piano Recital at the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Jan 14 starting: Intensive French courses at the Institut Français
Jan 09-10, 2015: New Years Concert in Cyprus: Ankara State Opera and Ballet Orchestra
Jan 19, 2015: Theatre Workshop for Children and Youth Theatre Insiders at the Goethe
Jan 28-Feb 14, 2015: Art Exhibition Emin Cizenel at ARGO Gallery Nicosia South
Jan 10, 2015: Umut Theatre at the NEU Atatürk Congress Centre
Feb 05, 2015: ‘What the Ancient Cypriots Ate’ Lecture at CVAR
Jan 16: Balthazar Café at CVAR Nicosia: Tastes we know
start beg. February : Various courses in performing and visual arts at ARTTERAPI Kyrenia
Jan 08 : Concept Borders - Permanent and Spatial Control - Seminar at EMAA's Nicosia
Jan 25 - Swan Lake Live in K-Cineplex Pafos
Jan 19, 2015: Kayip - The Missing - in the Sartiriko Theatre Nicosia
.....until Jan 28, 2015: The Art Theatre at the Arabahmet Cultural Centre with a play by Pirandello
Dec 29-30: A shared Cypriot Folktale at the Artos Foundation
Dec....until Jan 28: Lefkosa Sanat Theatre at the Arbaahmet Culture House
Dec 23 - Jan 02 2015 - 24th TRNC Photo Competition Exhibition
Dec 22 - Dec 28: 10th Anniversary ODTÜ - TRNC Art Exhibition
Dec 20: Reminder: Revival of Ermou Street 1900
Mar 01: Open Call - 1st Diversity Arts Festival for Non-Cyipriots, org. by the University of Nicosia
Dec 20 : EMU Classical Choir - Christmas Concert at CLA 21 Famagusta
Dec 29-30: 1st SoloExhibition by Ozan Özgenler
Dec 21 : The Short Film Day in Nicosia
Dec 29 - Jan 15, 2015: V. Amateur Ceramic Competition at Ismet Güney Art Centre
Dec 20 : The Centre of Visual Arts and Research: Ermou Street revived
Dec 12 - Jan 15: Private Viewing by appointment - Sarkis Hamalbashian
Fridays and Saturdays at the Lefkosa Municipality Theatre
Dec 16 - 25 : Buket Özatay - Tijen Erol Yakup Photo Exhibition at the Naci Talat House in Nicosia
Jan 16, 2015 : Cartooning for Peace - Plantu at the House of Journalists
Dec 20: Concert with the UMUT Orchestra at the Near East University
Dec 18 : Christmas Concert at Karaman Church
....until Feb 21 2015: Recorded Memories - Exhibition at the NIMAC (Power House) Nicosia
Dec 15-19 : Photography Exhibition - Sitki Firat and Aykut Firat at the AKM Nicosia
Christmas Activities by - with and at the GOETHE
Dec 17: Book Launch : Resolving Cyprus - New Approaches to Conflict Resolution
Conference at NEU: SANAT ÜZERINE Emre Zeytinoglu
Dec 13 . Christmas Market by NC Cancer Charity Trust at the Pia Bella Bazaar
Dec 16: Pharos Arts Foundation : La Main Harmonique at the Shoe Factory
Dec 04 - RBL Theatre with SHOWSTOPPERS at the Chateau Lambousa
Dec 2 - 16 Art Exhibition Artos Foundation : Asli Bolayir and Christine Chiorboli
Dec 9, 10 + 11: Monsieur er Madame O Théatre Comique gestuel at the Dionysos Theatre
Dec 07: German Christmas Market at the Goethe
Dec 05-12: Three Manifestations of Aphrodite - Art exhibition at the Ismet V. Güney Art Centre
Nov 25 - Xmas card making organised by TULIPS
Nov 14 : Concert TRIO APACHES at the Shoe Factory in Nicosia
Nov 17 - 30: Terracotta Symposium continues at the Bedesten
Nov 14: Jazz evening with Serdar Tuksal and his group at the Dropshot in Nicosia
Nov 14: Gommalar - Jazz Festival Nicosia
Nov 07 : Apple Hill String Quartet in Bellapais
Nov 04: Torch Woodwind Quartet at Bellapais Abbey
Nov 05 - Writing Nicosia - End of Project Celebration at NIMAC
Nov 07 - 15: Art Exhibition at the Ismet Güney Art Centre in Nicosia - YOU ARE HERE
Nov 11: Art Therapy Conference at the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry
Nov 05: Piano Recital at the Shoe Factory Nicosia South - Paavali Jumppanen
Oct 29 - Nov 28: Exhibition : Our Walls: Berlin 1989 / Nicosia 2003 - Photos by Panicos Chrysanthou
Nov 16 : Kate Fensom at Mary's in Limassol
Oct 31 - Nov 15 : Benice Gümrükçüoğlu Art Exhibition 'The Theme is Cyprus' at the Bedesten
Nov 13-27 : The Missing of Alashia are Reborn
Oct 18-19 Buffer Fringe Performing Arts in the Venetian Moat - Programme
Oct 18 and 19 - Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Programme
Oct 18 - Kuskor Birding Trip
Oct 10 : Cypriot Antiquity and Contemporary Art
Oct 18 Mood Indigo Featat the Weaving Mill Nicosia
Oct 20 - 27 KIFSAD Photo Exhibition 2013-2014 at the Bedesten Nicosia
Oct 22 - French film with Turkish subtitles in Marmara District at Cquals
Oct 22 - Jazz Concert at the Shoe Factory
Oct 14 'Du vent dans mes mollets' - Semaine du cinéma français Cine Studio Nicosia South
Oct 13 - 21 : What was the East German revolution in 1989 all about? at the Goethe
Oct 22: Book launch Victoria Hislop 'The Sunrise' at the Famagusta Gate Nicosia
Oct 10-14 : Olive Festival Zeytinlik - Programme
Oct 12: Classic Automobile Ralley
Oct 13 at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia - Yiltan Tasci: Bener Hakki Hakeri
Oct 11 : Tereza Gevorgyan Soprano at the Shoe Factory
Oct 10 - 16: French Film Week - Reminder
until Oct 11 - The Week of Madness at the Opus 39 Gallery in Nicosia
Oct 08 : Photo Exhibition Buket Özatay and Tijen Erol Yakup at the Cyprus Photographic Society
Oct 09 - Nov 07 12th International Music Festival in Bellapais
Oct 18 - Birding trip ....new date
Oct 24 : Vintage Blues Band at the Twist Arena Bar
Oct 13 - 25 Devrim Tayanc Malyalizade 4th Solo Exhibition
Oct 12 - Cyprus Classic Car Festival at Ledra Palace in the Buffer Zone
Oct 12 - Cyprus Piano Recital - Rauf Kasimov and 14 students in Bellapais
Sep 27 - Oct 30 - Jazz Days in Nicosia at the Naci Talat House
Oct 15 - LETTERS TO CYPRUS a short film by Sholeh Zahrael and Kamil Saldun
Oct 10 - 16 : French Film Week at CINE STUDIO Nicosia
Oct 11 - Milonga @ the BEdesten
Oct 01 - Music Days at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Oct 03 - 09 : Exhibition 'The Tuesday Group' at the Public Library Kyrenia
Oct 10 - 14 : 13th Olive Festival in Zeytinlik/Kyrenia and Cartoon Exhibition
Sep 22 - Big Book Sale at the Goethe
Oct 03 - 19 : Inside, outside & in between the buffer zone - Photo Exhibition in the Peace Hall
Oct 10 : Steel - Recycle Art
Oct 11 - Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk
Sep 26: Theatre of Russian Ballet Moscowia 'The White Rose of Harem'
Oct 12 - 15th Traditional ECO DAY in Büyükkonuk
Sep 20 - 27 : Nicholas Panayi - Mother Memory – Exhibition in the Hall of Peace Nicosia
Oct 12-Nov30 : Exhibition PEOPLE Heidi Trautmann and Helga Zellner in Rosenheim
Sep 21 : Celebration of the International Day of Peace at the Home for Cooperation
Sep 20-21 - 5th Besparmak Culture and Art Festival in Catalköy
Sep 20 - 1st International Tarracotta Symposium - Exhibition 'Witnessing Living History'
Sep 22 - Niyazi Kizilyürek will come to StreetArt Bookstore and Café
Sep 21 : Book Signing - Rauf Denktaş A Private Portrait at Karpaz Gate Marina
Sep 12 - Learn German at the Goethe - today last day to enrol
Sep 02-30 - Theatre Festival in Nicosia
Sep 15 - Book signing at Best seller Bookstore: Yvonne Cergiz and her new book RAUF DENKTAS
Oct 15 - LETTERS TO CYPRUS – Opening at the RIALTO in Limassol
Sep 13 - Latinturco music at StreetArt Café in Girne
Sep 12 : Grand Opening of BIBLIOTHEKE in Nicosia
Oct 3 - Photo Exhibition Gökhan Saymaz at Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
Oct 18 - Kuskor Birding Trip
Sep 18: Germany and Cyprus in a changing EU : a discussion at the Goethe
Oct 04-08 : 6th International Pharos Music Festival - Shoe Factory Nicosia South
Sep 12 - African Cultural Street Festival in Nicosia South
Sep 10: Open Air Film Night at the Goethe
Sep 18 - 25 : Art Exhibition at Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia with Nada Itani - Reminder
Sep 27-28 Open Studio Weekend in Limassol - Mary-Lynne Stadler
Sep 26 - Oct 27: AMOR AMORF - Filiz Ankaç . at the ArtRooms ın Kzrenıa
Sep 11-20: Feridun Işıman Art Exhibition in Antalya
Sep 18-25 Art exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre : Nada Itani
Sep 26 and 29: 17th Türksoy Opera Days in Kyrenia
Sep 02 - 30 : 12th Cyprus Theatre Festival
Sep 03: Open Air German Film Night at the Goethe
Sep 21 - Nothing but Pasta for Charity - The Tulips Angels inform...
Sep 11-13European Art Education Conference 2014 in Larnaca
Sep 08 - 14 : Felting and natural dye Workshop IDENTITY by Vilte Kazlauskaite
Aug 19 - Cahit Kutrafali Quintet at the KUKOM
Aug 30 - Jazz live with Sarah Fenwick in Limassol
On Wednesdays - Music at StreetArt Bookstore and Café in Kyrenia
Aug 19 - Tuesday Talks at StreetArt Bookstore and Café with Rauf Ersenal
Aug 15, 16, 17 III Sandance Reggae Festival 3 days at Camelot Beach
Sep 08-22 : 1st International Akdeniz Terracotta Symposium in Ayia Irini
Aug 13 : A Ilyas Abdullin concert within the framework of 25thAnniversary of Near East University
Sep 12 : Film Screening - To Hell with Culture at Cine Studio University of Nicosia
Aug 12 : Tamer Öncül at StreetArt Bookstore in Kyrenia
Aug 14 - 26: 18 International Famagusta Culture and Art Festival
Aug 31 - The II Nature Event ‘Sand is Alive’ with all kind of activities
Aug 8 - LAC at the Graziani Art Space in Nicosia South
Poetry for Palestine - Peace poems
Jul 23 - Anilir Art Gallery Büyük Han- 12th anniversary
Jul 13 - Goethe Institut - World Cup Finale
Jul and Aug - Summer courses in North Cyprus
12 Jul - Ben Giovi Concert at the Kyrenia Amphi Theatre - Ticket Sale
Summer 2014 - French Summer courses
Summer 2014 - The French Cypriot School of Cyprus offers summer activities
Jun 24 - A Crush on German Shortfilms at the Goethe
Jun 20: World Music Day – Fete de la Musique - in Kyrenia at The House
May 31 - Jun 13: Walls Separate Worlds - International Theatre Residency in Nicosia, Cyprus
Karpaz Green – Festival in Cayirova Picnic Area and 1st ÇATOM Women Solidarity Fest
2014 Summer season at the Goethe with Open Air Films
June: All festivals and other events in June confirmed by the Tourism Office
June 11 - 21 : Art Exhibition KAFKAESK at the Naci Talat Peace House
Jun17-27: Şenol Özdevrim – A sculpting exhibition in memoriam of a beloved person
05 Jun : Book Launch '50'nci Yılında Erenköy by Oğuz M. Yorgancıoğlu
Jun 03 - 13 : Exhibition of TRNC Youth Art Competition 2014
Jun 05: Let’s Clean the Mediterranean
Jun 27: Deadline for open call to artists: Treasure Island
May 23-24-25: 6th Ozanköy Pekmez Festival
May 21: Seminar: Nature Conservation in cultural landscapes
May 23: EMU Stadium 21st Spring Fest - Concert Anathema
May 25: KAV Fund Raising event at the Wild Duck Lapta
May 21-30: Exhibition of hand-painted wooden works
May 16 - Jun 22: 18th North Cyprus International Bellapais Music Festival
Attention: an important link to the TRNC new Events Calendar
May 25 - German Vocal Ensemble Amarcord in the Shoe Factory Nicosia South
Jun 08 : Karpaz Green Festival in Aytotoro Magusa / Cayirova
May 23 Piano Recital at the Shoe Factory: François-Frédéric Guy
May 30-31: Tim Francis invites you to ‘Myanmar Memories and More’
May 29: Dance for Peace – Event at the Stravolos Municipality Theatre
May 23: Water Ballet at the NEU Olympic-size Pool at 20:00
May 18: Open Air Music Festival at the Home for Cooperation
May 16-24: North Cyprus Museum Week 2014
May 16 - Jun 22: GENERATION: Art Exhibition Emin Cizenel and Anber Onar at ArtRooms in Kyrenia
May 12 - 17 Photographs Bernhard Wicki film maker and actor ; film The Bridge shown on May 16
May 27 - Jun 06: Abondened - Exhibition : The abondened International Airport of Nicosia
May 16: A concert in Bellapais in aid of our KAR animals
May 02-09: MAGEM in the City of Famagusta Art Event
1st Bi-communal Photographic Exhibition at the Hall of Peace at the Lokmaci Crossing Nicosia
May 02-09 MAGEM Studio Fest - Art Event
May 07-09 - 1st Girne Poetry and Music Days at the Dome Hotel and GAU
May 04 - Open Air Museum of TRNC Contemporary Art on the Highway from Kyrenia to Nicosia
May 11: Craft Fair in Doganköy
May 10: Open Air Festival at Home for Cooperation in Buffer Zone Nicosia
May 06-12: Art exhibition 'Awareness' Fezile Köksal at the Ismet Güney Art Centre Nicosia
May 12: Heidi Trautmann Book launch 'North Cyprus My Way at the Streetart Bookstore Kyrenia/Doganköy
May 05 - 19 10th Spring Music Festival in Bellapais
May 03: Street Festival on the 10th anniversary of the entry of Cyprus into the European Union
May 09 : Book presentation - Heidi Trautmann: North Cyprus My Way at Cadı Kazanı Studio Café
Apr 24 - May 02 : Art Exhibition at Naci Talat Peace and Guest House Nicosia
Apr 25: 7th Birthday of the Studio Café Cadı Kazan and Costume Party
May 01, 02, 04 Lefke; May 29 Girne; May 31 Lefkosa: 'Waiting for Godot' with Slow Theatre
May 27 and 28 and in the months of June and July: Etching Courses in Catalköy
May 08: IVth Cyprus Songs Night at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Apr 29: An evening of classical music in Bellapais
Apr 29: Baraka Theatre Group at the Arabahmet Cultural House
May 23-31 : 14th International Pharos Chamber Music Festival
May 06 : Turkish Music Concert with Lefkosa Music Association
May 13 : "Doktor Bestekarlar" Concert with Director Ihsan Gürel at GAU
May 04 - XIV Traditional Eco Day in Büyük Konuk
May 2 - 4 : Karpaz Birding Weekend with Kuskor
May 16: Opening Art Exhibition ‘Generation’ Emin Cizenel / Anber Onar at ArtRooms
May 01: Reggae Spring Gathering at Eirinis Garden
Apr 30: Magusa DAU Etching Days - Workshop and Exhibition
Apr 19: Reminder: In Bellapais Violin Recital with Firat Özerin, on the piano Rauf Kasimov
May 01 : Spring Fever Concert with Demetra George and Rauf Kasimov
Apr 26: Walking and Talking Tour about Our City
Apr 25 - Reading of literary works at the Home for Cooperation Nicosia
Apr 16 . Conference at the Institut Français: Les Symboles de la Mythologie Grecque
Apr 23 - Lütfiye Özipek Trio at the Cadi Kazani Studio Café
Apr 22 - Jazz Evening with Cahit Kutrafali & Tolga Erzrumlu Duo at Cadi Kazani Café
Apr 22:
Apr 18 and 25 : Catalköy Belediye Tiyatro SU with their new Absurd Comedy
Apr 18 - 20 Art Exhibition Francoise Moncomble at the Bellapais Abbey
Apr 27 - two Village Festivals a) in Bellapais and b) in Mehmetciki
Apr 17: Ali Hoca Concert in Famagusta at the new Culture and Congress Centre
Apr 11 - May 04: Gürbüz Dogan Eksioglu - Art Exhibition at the ArtRooms Kyrenia
Apr 21 - 30: Eco-art Exhibition by Roya Alagband - At the Ismet V.Güney Art Centre in Nicosia
Apr 07 - Photo Exhibition - New German Photography at the Goethe Institut Nicosia
Apr 11: George Roper Memorial Concert at the Mountain View Hotel for charity TULIPS
Apr. 09 - 11 : 1st Amateur Photography Exhibition by the Rotary Club at the AKM Nicosia
Apr 05, 19, May 03, 17 and 31 and 14 Jun Fairy Tale Days
Apr 16 Lecture by Emeritus Prof Miles Lewis PhD at the Hall of Peace Nicosia
Apr 20 - 3rd Cyprus Culture and Art Activities in Kalavaç Köyü
Apr 04 - A Crepe Evening and Slide Show at the L'Association Culturelle Franco-Chypriote Turque
Apr 08: Brodsky Quartet & Lore Lixenberg (mezzo soprano) at the Shoe Factory Nicosia South
Apr 26-May 03 : Fairy Tale Reading Competition organised by HASDER
Apr 04-14: LITTLE BIG WORKS - Ümit Inatçı and Senih Çavuşoğlu at the Ismet Güney Art Hall
Apr 16 - National Identity and Traditional Building - Lecture at the House of Peace in Nicosia
Mar 31 - Apr 15: Art Exhibition Anna Kakoulli in Art Gallery OPUS 39 Nicosia
Apr 26: Frères Ferré in Jazz Concert at the Kastelliotissa Nicosia
Apr 01: Concert by the Lefkosa Belediye Orchestra at the TED College in Nicosia
Apr 06: For Charity and Tulips: A Hare Raising Event at Jessics Bar
Apr 04 : 50th Library Week Event - Music and Reading at Girne Public Library
Apr 02 : Persian Classical Music with the Ensemble Shabrovan at the Shoe Factory
May 24: Deep Purple Rock Band at the Near East Park
May 01 - Waiting for Godot with the Slow Movement Theatre in Lefke
Apr 26 and 28: Umut Orchestra in Bellapais and Famagusta
Apr 19: Violin Recital Firat Özerin with Rauf Kasimiov on the piano
Apr 13 - Limassol Meeting
Apr 09 - Erdogan Ergün Stencil Exhibition at the Eaved House
Mar 24-30 : GAU Theatre Days
Mar 19 - 28 - Berlin and films at the Goethe
Mar 17 - Apr 06 International Exhibition of old Cyprus Maps
Mar 23: Nature Walk by Karsiaka Culture and Art Association
Mar 18 Famagusta and Mar 21 in Kyrenia ALEAS Quartet with Oriental Jazz
Mar 18 – 22: 10th Francophonie Festival with the French group 'Compagnie L'Excuse'
Apr 06 - 2nd Parkeology Children Event
Mar 23 - Nature Walk in Karsiaka
Mar 24-May 14-Art Exhibition “Gönen Atakol – Down the Line - Retrospektive 1970 – 2014” in Famagusta
Mar 08 - 2x1x1 Performance Night - Agaia School of Art and Design
Mar 17 : Oya Silbery Art Exhibition at the NEU Atatürk Teachers Faculty
Mar22-Apr04:Art Exhibition G.Gökaşan and S. Gürani at ArtRooms in The House 'Lost Button/Kayip Düğme
Mar 17 - Apr 6 : International Old Cyprus Maps - Exhibition at Near East University
Mar 19: Öztan Özatay Photo Competition Exhibition and awards ceremony at the AKM
Mar 12: State Theatre with their new play at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Iskele
Mar 18 ALEAS Quartet – Oriental Jazz Concert in Famagusta Culture and Congress Centre
Mar 17 starting Besparmak Theatre Festival
Mar 18-29: Berlin and beyond - Art Studio Nicholas Panayi and Goethe Institut jointly
Mar 20 Pharos Foundation : Recital Violin&Viola and Piano at the Shoe Factory
Apr 3 - an evening of art and music at the Home for Cooperation
Mar 08 -Photo Exhibition and music at the Büyük Han, on Women's Day
All Wednesdays in March: Institut Francais at the MAGEM in Magusa
Mar 08 starting ....Int.Women's Film Week at the Goethe
Mar 07 – 12 May: 5th Lefkosa Music Days:
Mar 07 - 13: Painting exhibition "Thoughts and Crafts" by Salih Mustafa Çizel
Mar 03-07 : Graphic Design Dept. of the Cyprus International University at the Atatürk Cultural Cent
Mar 16: Xth Avtepe Tulip Festival
Mar 11 - 14: International Women’s Day Art Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Mar 07-08: Girne Akdeniz Lions Club Women’s Exhibition
Mar 15 and 16 : Xth Tepebasi Tulip Festival
Mar 06 and Mar 06 Poetry Reading in Girne and in Nicosia
Mar 05: Photo Exhibition Emre Ekinci “tekamül” at The House
Mar 04: All Day Pancake Day at Food Lodge Bakery
Mar 03 - 31 : Iskele Art and culture Days
Mar 01-02: 4th Hisarköy Orchide Festival
Festivals in March 2014
Feb 25 : Hasan Cakmak book launch at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Mar 08 / Dudok String Quartet at the Bedestan in Nicosia
Feb 26: Piano Recital Rüya Taner at the Culture and Congress Centre ODTÜ KKK
Mar 05 : Dudok String Quartet at the shoe Factory Nicosia
Feb 21 - 23 : 21st International Education Fair in Nicosia - German Stand
Feb 24 : Puppet Show at the Girne Cultural Centre
Feb 21 - Children Theatre at the Girne Cultural Centre
Mar 1 : Bir Garip - Orhan Veli Concert at the Girne Cultural Centre
Feb 20 - March 3 : Carnival in Limassol
Feb 21 - Mar 7 - Dissemination Art Collective presents HOME
Feb 17–22: Art exhibition ‘My Father’s horses’ by Selvi Sertdemir at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Feb→- ….. The new play ‘Bir Kibrit Kutusu Beyaz Peynir/A Matchbox of white Cheese’ at the LBT
Feb 19: Book Launch: “Alone and OK” at the Goethe in Nicosia
Feb 12 - Peace Concert and photo exhibition '10 years on the Road together'
Feb 12-28: Art Exhibition at ‘The House’ in Kyrenia
February 2014 - Children Play at the Nicosia Municipality Theatre in Nicosia
Feb 21-22-23 IF Films at Onar Village organised by Sidestreets
Feb 7 - 21 - German Film Days 2014 at the Cine Studio - University of Cyprus
Feb 7-28: Plastic Arts Exhibition ‘Art Project R/2’ Ahmet Aydogdu at the Bedestan
Mar 6, 7 and 8 - “Shadow of Darkness” with the 'Dance of Cyprus'
Mar 03 - Chamber Orchestra ‘Capriccio Fridericiana’ and soprano Laden Ince in Bellapais
Feb 10-27: International Art Exhibition at the Art Studio 110 in Nicosia
Feb 10-14: Zülal Karliova Art Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Feb 23 - Orchid Walk
Feb 3 - Ashes and Phoenix - Documentary film Dr. Johannes Lepsius at the Goethe
Jan 30 and 31 and Feb 01: KADS at the Girne Cultural Centre
??February - Announcement for The Dance of Cyprus
Jan 28 - Feb 02: Nicholas Panayi Art Exhibition at the Prozak Kafeneio Nicosia
Jan 31 - Apr 26: Exhibition Michael Anastassiades ‘Reload the Current Page’ at Point Centre in.....
Jan 27 - International Chocolate Day - Sweet Charity with the Tulips Angels
Jan 25: Aliye Ummanel - Launch of her latest poetry book at Khora Bookstore
Jan 30 - Documentary Film 'Remembering Willy Brandt' in Nicosia North
Jan 31 - Pharos Foundation : Piano Recital Panagiotis Trochopoulos at the shoe Factory
Jan 20-22 - Free posters of German landscapes, city portraits, art and culture etc. at the Goethe
EMAA Art Courses 2014 for children and adults
Jan 22 - At the Goethe the German-French film 'The Passerby of SansSouci (1982) - the last film with
Jan 17 and Jan 29 - Nicosia Municipality Orchestra with beautiful music in two venues
Jan 9 - 31 - Art Exhibition Özge Ertanin 'Tekrar Bak' at ArtRooms Girne
Events 2014 - Leaflet by the Ministry of Tourism
Jan 13 - Remembering Willy Brandt - An assessment with a new documentary film (2013)
Jan 6 - 11 - 50 years Cyprus Turkish Post Services at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Dec 28 - Art Exhibition "A Journey in Nature's Dreams" by Nil Köken at the new Martina Art Gallery a
Dec 21 - Concert at the Girne Cultural Centre - Bir Garip Orhan Veli
Dec 17 - 27 - XXIII. National Photography Competition Exhibition and Awards
Dec 20 - Nicosia Municipality Orchestra with a Christmas Concert
Dec 9, 10 and 11: Folkloric Danse Sketches at Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Dec. 12 : French film at new C-Quals in Nicosia-Marmara District
Dec 16: HISAR Group Art Exhibition
Nov 29 - Dec 30 - Internal Lines/Internal Constructs – Art Exhibition by Zehra Şonya at EMAA's
Nov 30 and Dec 4 - TULIPS Christmas Stalls
Dec 4 - 31: Art Exhibition "Small Things" at the Witches' Cauldron Nicosia
Dec 3 - Turkish Music Concert “Hayat Bir Masal” at the Turk Maarif College Nicosia
Dec 6 : Gloria Campaner Piano Recital at the Shoe Factory at 20:30 hrs
End Nov - Mid Dec - Christmas Markets 2013
Nov 28 - Tulips Christmas Card Making
Dec 6 - Jan 4: Art Exhibition 'Lost Landscape at Art Rooms at the House and Garden
Nov 16 and 17: 'Nicosia Mind, Body and Spirit Expo' at the Hilton Park Hotel Nicosia South
Nov 19 - 30th anniversary of the TRNC - Art exhibition and concert at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Nov 12-23 - German film days at the Goethe (and Shoe Factory)
Nov 14 and 21 - Sidestreets Cinema Culture Series : Swedish award winning films
Nov 19: ‘Two Sisters and a Funeral’ by Roger Jones at the St.Andrew's Church in Kyrenia
Dec 5: Music of the past 100 years with the Kyrenia Chamber Choir in Bellapais
Nov 8 - 11: 9th Moufflon Book Fair 2013 in Nicosia Omikron Gallery
Nov 17: A piano concert with Rauf Kasimov’s students in Bellapais
Nov 5 -14: Activities at the Goethe-German Architecture and its Reflection on theInternational Scene
Nov 2-3 : Lefke Dates Festival
Nov 1-3: LOGOS International Literary Festival
Oct 27: Prits Prats Circus 5 pm on Elifthera Square South Nicosia
Oct 23 - cancelled XXX Invitation to all sailors in Cyprus to meet Andrea Horn and Wyn Hoop
Oct 22 - 31 Carlo Carnevali at EMU Art and Design Centre
Oct 22: Violin and Piano Recital - RASKIN & FLEISCHMANN
Nov 1: Catalköy Municipality Theatre TIYATRO SU on tour in Güzelyurt
Oct 25 – 22 Nov: Alashya Art Exhibition inFamagusta
Oct 26 – Nov 30: Ceramic Course for children at Artterapi Studio
Oct 24, 25 and 29 - Tulips Activities
Reminder: Music Festival in the Old City of Nicosia
Oct 22 - 25: Book Launch and Photo Exhibition - Kadir Kaba
Oct 17 - Help those with cancer – Fundraising during the month of breast cancer awareness
Oct 6 - The 'Neue Vocalsolisten' at the Shoe Factory Nicosia
Oct 12 - Oktoberfest 2013 at the Goethe!!
Oct 7, 13, 24, 26, 27, 31 - 11th International Music Festival - Reminder
Oct 10 - Literary Evening with German writer Ingo Schulz
Oct 9 - Concert by Monsieur Doumani at the House of Cooperation Nicosia
Oct 2 - Tulips News - Card making demonstration on the Tulips Stand at Lemar Catalköy
Sep 28 - Once upon a time - exhibition - Unforgettable Memories - at the Bedestan
Oct 1 - 6 : 12th Olive Festival in Zeytinlik
Oct 6 - Büyükkonuk XIII.Traditional ECO DAY
Sep 26 - Oct 31 : 11th International Music Festival
Sep 24 - 28 - BLUE MOON Exhibition at EMAA Art Centre in Nicosia
Sep 23 - Oct 1 Art Exhibition Solmaz Ersöz at Atatürk Cultural Centre
Sep 30 - Opening evening of Art exhibition Nursel SökmenBayram at Ismet Güney Art Centre
Sep 18 - Oct 31 - Emin Cizenel at the Kare Gallery in Istanbul
Sep 23-26 - Alashya Ceramic Art Exhibition at the Bedesten in Old Nicosia
Sep 27 - 28: U.S. Embassy Hosts Renowned Artist Marie Watt - Lecture and Workshop
Sep 29 - Oct 6: 5th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival at the Shoe Factory
Oct 3 - The classical Folk Ensemble ‘Cypress Classica’ at Karaman Church
Sep 13 - 18 : Art School Nicholas Panayi in Nicosia on display at Melina Mercouri Hall
Sep 21 and 22: 24th Catalköy Belediye Besparmak Festival - Programme
Sep 20 - Lecture at the Goethe - German scholar Dr. Th. Kruse
Sep 27 : Bach – Haendel – Albinioni ….and more - St Andrew’s Centennial Concert on the 27th of Sept
Aug 31 - Nov 6 - Classic - World Music and Jazz in the Old City of Nicosia
Aug 26-Sep 06: 26th Işık Bookstore Book Fair with daily panel discussions in Kizilbaş
Sep 14-15 - 2nd North Cyprus Food Festival at Fairgrounds in Nicosia
Sep 8 Sand to Life - an educational day at Akdeniz Beach
Sep 3 - 26: "Open Air German Film Nights". at the Goethe Institut
Sep 3 - 7 : ARTTERAPI Exhibition – at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia
Sep 2 – Oct 2: 11th Cyprus Theatre Festival
Sep 1 and 2: III. International Cyprus Peace Festival with TUFAD
Sep 1: Cyprus Turkish State Theatre KATIL at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Aug 29 – Sep 2: 8th International Latin Dance and Music Festival;
Jul 24 - Aug 23 - München zeichnet - Drawings from Art Studios in Munich
Nov 21-30 - Early announcement for the RBL Theatre: Run for tickets
Aug 9, 10 and 11 10th Summer Exhibition by Ismail Isilsoy in Gaziveren
Jul 27 - Minik Serve Tribute - Caravan Blue and Gizem Akbil at 1984 BAHCE
Jul 30 - Opening of Leman Kültür
Jul 3 - Jazz Concert at the Olive Grove Delikipos
Jul 10 - Jazz and Beyond Trio at the Cultural Centre of the University of Cyprus
Jun 28 - Music and Poetry from Cyprus - Collective BAHCE in Kaimakli (South)
Jun 25-Jul11 and Sep 3-26 - Open Air Film Nights at the Goethe Institut
Jun 19, 20, 21 - Open Air Film Nights at House of Cooperation
Jun 22 - “Fête de la musique 2013” and French Street Theater company “Compagnie du Bout des Doigts”.
Jul - Sep- Summer courses at EMAA Art Centre
Jun 22 - Kate Fenson – In the Spirit of Afrodite – An open house exhibition in her house near Polis
Jun 19 - 23 - Rüya Resat Open Art Studio Days
27 Jun - Photography Exhibition ‘Cooperation’ & Award Ceremony at House of Cooperation
Jun 20 - 15 Jul - Famagusta Festival at Salamis - Programme
Jun 22 - Portrait of a Dancer - 16th European Dance Festival 2013
Jun 15 - Creative Writing Workshop by Gürgenc Korkmazel at Home for Cooperation
Jun 14 - Brazilian Chorinho and Bassa Nova at Shoe Factory Nicosia South
Talk with Elsie Slonim - 70 years in Cyprus
Jun 8 - Biz Eskiden/Us from the Past - Drama Performance Project at Bedesten
Jun 8 - Gürgenc Korkmazel, poet and writer, at House of Cooperation in the Bufferzone
June 8 - Soy como Soy - Season opening Beach Party organised by Karpaz Gate Marina
May 31 - Lecture by Prof. Dr. Heinz Richter: The political culture of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey
Jun 14 and 15 - MaxArt – Pictures in my Garden
Jun 4 - 14 - Exhibition of TRNC Youth Competition
Jun 8 and 9 - Walnut Festival in Lefke
Jun 1 - Kuskor Bird Watching
Jun 1 - 28 - Girne Festival all over town
May 31 - June 17 - 17th North Cyprus International Bellapais Music Festival
May 21 at 1984 Garden Nicosia - The Jazz Futures
May 21 - 27 - Dr. W.Dreghorn Exhibition and book launch 'Castle Sketch Book'
May 24: An evening for Niki Marangou at the Famagusta Gate
May 26 - Umut Choir at Near East Un iversity
May 18 - Woyzeck at the Sartyricon Theatre in Nicosia South
May 21 - Jun 1 - 13th International Pharos Music Festival in Nicosia South
May 26: 2nd Limassol Picnic at Girne Bogaz Piknic Area
May 17, 18 and 20 : 1st Park-Archaeology Event at Büyük Han - The past - guide for the future
Jun 26: Nicosia Municipality Theatre with ‘Kibris Kabare’ in Kyrenia
Jun 20 and 21 at the new Famagusta Cultural Centre
Reminder: May 16 and 13 Jun: Emin Cizenel- continuation of the “Calendar
May 15: Card making at the Ozanköy Bookshop organised by TULIPS
May 15: Concert with the Lefkosa Music Association
May 13 - 17: Paiting Exhibition with Witka and Dr. Laszlo Kova at the Goethe Institut
May 18-19: Silk Worm Festival in Bellapais
May 17 - 24 : MITEROLOJI – SCULPTURES BY Erol Refikoğlu
May 11 - EU Day Festivities and 2nd Birthday of the Home for Cooperation‏
May 11: Let’s celebrate the 1st Anniversary of ‘Toparlaniyoruz’
May 15 and 21: Sidestreets - two evenings with Danish award winning films
Apr 29 - May 11 :Toula Liasi - Art Exhibition Rusted Evidence at the Melina Mercouri Hall Nicosia
May/June 2013 - R.W. Fassbinder "Opus magnum" - a series of precious films at the Goethe
Apr 25 - May 3: KAOS Group Art Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Apr 25 - 30 - Özden Selenge - Art Exhibition and Book Launch
Apr 22 and 23 - Music from the finest at the Goethe and the shoe Factory
Apr 20 and May 4 - The HOPE Orchestra Tour
Apr 27-28 - 5th Mormenekse Artichoke Festival
Apr 14 - 1st Akdeniz Asparagus Festival
Apr 18, 25 and May 2 and 9 - 9th Spring Music Festival in Bellapais
Apr 22, 23 and 24 : Concerts by Pharos Foundation / Goethe Institut
Apr 17-30:Art Exhibition “Gönen Atakol – Retrospektive 1970 – 2013” at EMAA Art Centre
Apr 12 - 26 - Art Exhibition Christos Michlis at Rouan Art Gallery in Limassol
Apr 19 - Cemre Arca - Flute Recital at Bellapais Abbey
Apr - 27 - “We are Scared” – Sevcan Cerkez shows us how much
Apr 8 - 12 - Photo Exhibition and poetry reading - Anna Würth at the Goethe
Apr 2 - A concert in memory of the great folk music bard, poet, composer Neşet Ertaş
Apr 1 from 4 pm until midnight - Solidarity Concert in Nicosia at the Constanza Maut
Apr 2-9 - Exhibition at EMAA Art Centre Nicosia in coop with Near East University
Apr 9 - 13 : Archive exhibition by journalist-writer Hasan Çakmak - “A Page from History”
Apr 2 - Claude Mutafian - Lecture on Medieval Armenia
Mar 27 - 29 Portraits in oil - works by Canan Cürcani
Mar 27 : Fine Art Presentation: “Pathways in Blue” - Group Earth Art in Greece
Mar 23 - Storytelling Club for Children at the Home for Cooperation
Mar 22-23 - CANCELLED - Extra performances of “WOYZECK”
Mar 25: TWO VOICES- Play readings from new Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot theatre plays
Mar 21 - 'The other town' at the House of Cooperation
Mar 25 - TWO VOICES: Play readings from new Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot theatre plays
Apr 4 - Welsh music comes to Cyprus – The Cowbridge Choir
Mar 21 - A concert with Feridun Isiman at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia
Mar 18 - 31 - The 3rd Beşparmak Theatre Festival in Çatalköy 2013
Mar 16 - Remembering History - a Case Study from Germany at the Home for Cooperation
Mar (15 opening) 19 - 22 : The Colour of Truth - a more detailed information
Mar 30 - Apr 8 - Elements of the North Cyprus Landscape - Exhibition of paintings and etchings
Mar 14: Tunisian Short Film Day at Sidestreets
March 13 : Emin Cizenel - newest work - Calendar Visual Presentation in four phases at Sidestreets
Mar 7 - The film 'Woyzeck' by Werner Herzog at the Goethe Institut
Mar 15 - 22 : Exhibition "The colour of truth"…Cypriot artists on the subject Missing Persons
Mar 1 - Piano Recital at the Shoe Factory Nicosia South
Mar 19 - Card making in aids of Tulips - A letter from Carole and Sue
Mar 10 - Darts Tournament in aid of Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association‏
Mar 3 - Orchid Walk in Hizarköy
Feb 20 - ...ESKI a new venue in Nicosia for contemporary art exhibitions
Mar 3 - 10 : The Know Now Project in Nicosia South-Exhibitions : modern technology vs. Art Today
Feb 25 - 28 1st Art&Design Week "Carpe Diem" 2013 at GAU
Feb 22-24: SIDESTREETS - 4th year of Live Screening of Independant Films from İstanbul!
Mar 9 and 15:Three Master Musicians after thirty years in Cyprus -Concerts in Bellapais and Bedesten
Feb 20 - Violin and Piano Recital at the Shoe Factory Nicosia
ESKI a new venue in Nicosia for contemporary art exhibitions
APR 29 - Piano Recital Eser Öktem in PARIS
Mar 9 and 15 - Master Musicians Reunite for a Recital After 30 Years
Feb 14 - Dance for Freedom - Against domestic violence - at Girne American University
Feb 14 - RBL Valentine's Ball
Feb 20 - An illustrated Talk by Keith Lloyd on Cyprus Mammals
Mar 14, 15 and 16: Booadway and Beyond at Girne Cultural Centre
March 2 - Nest Birding Trip with Brian Little
Feb 8 ......German Film Days 2013 to start at Cine Studio Uni of Nicosia
Jan 30 - Documentary film 'Over your cities grass will grow' at the Shoe Factory by Pharos Foundatio
Jan 24 - Feb 2 : 4th Amateur Ceramic Competition and Exhibition
Jan - Feb - Mar : Pharos Arts Foundation - Screenings
Jan 21 - Goethe Newsletter 2/2013 - German French Film Screening
Jan 24 and Jan 29: Sidestreets - Live Installation
Goethe Institute Programme January 2013
Jan 18 - New Play by the North Cypriot State Theatre with KATIL – The Killer
Jan 17 - Lecture 'The Lepers in Cyprus' by Senem Gökel at the Famagusta Gate Cultural Centre
Dec 21, 2012 - Jan 4, 2013 - 10 years EMAA Exhibition
Dec 22 - Moufflon Bookstore - Special Antic Records and Books
Dec 15 - Meet Harun Farocki at new contemporary art gallery Point Centre - opening
Dec 13 - Avant-garde Films at Sidestreets - Programme
Dec 10 - 21 : 10 years EMAA - Celebration and Archive exhibition
Dec 7 Wim Wenders Film at Peace Room Ledra Street
Dec 7 - Prix Jeunesse films seminar workshop at the Goethe
Dec 5 - 18 : Exhibition: “Nicosia: Point – Sight – Take Aim” by Anber Onar
Dec 4 until end of the year : Reminiscence Photo Exhibition and Book Launch : John Thomson 1878
Dec 4 - 31 : Exhib Cyprus-Germany - 800 years of History and Culture at the Old Archbishopric Palace
Dec 2 - TULIPS Christmas Stall at Soyz Bar
Nov 29 - Peter Sheppard Skaerved - Violin at the Shoe Factory in Nicosia South
Dec 15 - Meet the Author HEIDI TRAUTMANN at Best Seller Bookstore Kyrenia
Nov 26 - Exhibition of prize winning posters by Prof. Lex Drewinski at the Goethe
Nov 22 - Dec 5 - ENCOUNTERS 5 - LEFKOSA Art Exhibition at Atatürk Cultural Centre
Nov 20 - The 3rd session of ''Jazz is Back in Town'' by Cahit Kutrafalı @ Narnia.
Dec 7 - Don’t blame Life – A new play by Bekir Kara in Güzelyurt
Nov 24 - Meet the author Kenan Atakol and have your book signed at Best Seller Bookstore in Kyrenia
Dec 4 - 8 : MOVEMENTS – an art exhibition by Figen Inan at the Ismet Güney Art Centre
Dec 1 - Christmas Market / Fayre at the Goethe Institut in Nicosia
SIDESTREETS IN ITS 5th YEAR - My congratulations and Happy Birthday
Dec 6, 7 and 8 Kyrenia Amateur Drama Society (KADS) at the Kyrenia Cultural Centre
Dec 14 - Concert with the UMUT Group in the Bedesten Nicosia
Dec 1 and 8 : Xmas Markets 2012
Dec 6 - The XXII. State Photo Competition and Exhibition at Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Nov 17 - Dec 22 The ÇATALKÖY BELEDİYE TİYATROSU goes travelling with ‘The Colonel’s Wife’
Nov 25 - Piano Concert with Erol Emmioğlu - İpek Zorba at Bellapais Abbey
Nov 13 - Art Exhibition and Concert of Republic 2012 -excellent programme at Atatürk Cultural Centre
Nov 17 - Exhibition of handmade Music Instruments at the Private Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus
Nov 15 - A magnificent show for young students of the German language
Nov 13 - Protection of Historical Heritage Olive Trees at Olive Grove in Kalkanli
Nov 1 - 15 - Stitching the Buffer Zone - Exhibition and more...at Artos Foundation in Nicosia South
Nov 5 - 10 - 9th Brazilian Film Festival in the Shoe Factory in Nicosia South
Nov 12 - 16 - Lapta Artist to exhibit in Nicosia, Eaved House.... and Ankara.
Nov 3 and 4 Reminder : Moufflon Bookstore 8th annual book fair at the Holiday Inn, Lefkosia/Nicosia:
Oct 30 - Pharos Foundation - Concert Series - Piano Recital Emmanuel Despax
Oct 17 - Gülseren Sadak at the Bellapais Abbey - From Tango to Chopin
Oct 12, 17 and 31 - Traditional handicraft event at the Bandabuliya in Nicosia
Oct 18 - 23 - DEFA Filme In Cyprus University by Goethe Institut Nikosia
Dec 14 - Group Umut Concert at the Bedesten in Nicosia
Nov 2 - Tango Laboratory at Dome Hotel
Oct 27 - WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR HALLOWEEN? A Music Event: Demet George Mustafaoglu and Rauf Kasimov
Oct 14 - The traditional ECO Day in Büyükkonuk
Oct 10 - Sidestreets in Kyrenia – Conversations on Culture #19 - new book by Dr. Allan Langdale
Oct 18 - Rauf Kasimov and his circle of talented students in Bellapais
Oct 30 - Nov 2 : Photography exhibition at AKM Nicosia
Oct 8 - 12 - EMAA - Exhibition following summer courses
Oct - Dec on all Fridays: 3-months cultural activities at Bandabuliya Nicosia
Oct 4 - Building a Culture of Cooperation in Europe - A talk by Mr Thomas Hammarberg
Sep 29 -30 A different kind of Olive Fest in Kalkanli
Oct 2 - 7 Zeytinlik Olive Festival 2012
Oct 14 - Run Nicosia Run – Marathon 2012
Sep 24 - The German Kairos String Quartet from Berlin will play in Nicosia
Oct 2 - 4 Lefkosa Oct 5-6 Lemesos - Short Matters - European Short Film Festival
Sep 22 and 23 - Catalköy Art and Culture Festival 2012 - Programme
Sep 15 - ENGAGE - A fest for all at Lokmaci Crossing - Ledra Street Nicosia
Sep 15 - 4th Int. Pharos Contemporary Music Festival
Sep 18 - 2nd concert of the International Cyprus Music Festival with Arman Ratip in Bellapais
Sep 5 and 6 - Türksoy Youth Chamber Orchestra - Concerts in Bellapais and Büyük Han in Nicosia
September Programme: 4th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival in Cyprus
Sep 6 - 9 : Another Festival in Tatlisu
Sep 1 - Concert at the Near East University
10th Cyprus Theatre Festival at the Near East University in the Atatürk Conference Hall
Aug 23 - 28 : Art Therapy Art Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre
Aug 17 - 26 : 5th International Cartoon Festival and 5th Pulya Festival in Yeni Boğazıçı
Sep 1 and 2 : Kate Fensom - Enchantments at the Toft House Hotel in Lincolnshire
Sep 2 - Forgotten Ballads - Wooden Faces of Cyprus - Exhibition in Limnitis/Yesilirmak
Aug 4 and 5: Kibris Sanat and Haute Bretagne Choirs Concerts in public places
Jul 28 - 29 : Dancing away in Camlibel
jul 17 - 23 : International Workshop "Exploring Nuno Felt and Eco Print"
Jul 4 and Jul 6 - The Hessian State Theatre Wiesbaden with Agamemnon's Children
Jul 4 - Dec 30 - Terra Mediterranea - In Crisis
Jun 28, 29 and 30 - KADS in two comedies at Kyrenia Cultural Centre
June 28 - Sep 30 - Exhibition Nicosia - Topographies of Memory from Ermou Street to Buffer Zone
Jun 30 - Jazz Bigband from Germany in Cyprus
Jun 20 - Bandabulya to be opened
Jun 21 - Faites de la Musique - Fete de la Musique
Jul 2 starting - Summer Courses at EMAA's
Jun 19 - 21 : Exlibris Workshop at Emaa
Jun 18 - 28 - TRNC Young Artists Competition 2012
Jun 15, 16 and 17 : The 2nd Çınarlı Culture and Art Festival
Jun 9 - 15 ENA Theatre Nicosia South "Images and Views of Alternative Cinema 2012"
Jun 12 - 15 ART EVENT 2012 - Melina Mercuri Hall in Old Nicosia South
Jun 4 - 9 : Minitiature and Illumination Exhibition at the Bedesten Nicosia
Jun 13 - 29 : Mustafa Hastürk - Art Exhibition at the Hacettepe University in Ankara
Jun 6-15 : Painting Exhibition Hikmet Olgaçer at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia
Jun 3 - Basketball Tournament 2012 for Charity
Jun 5 - 7 : End of the year exhibition of the Girne Praktik Sanat Okulu
June 5-10 : 7th Strawberry Festival in Yesilirmak
May 29 - 30 : The 15th Türksoy Opera Days in 2012 at Bellapais Abbeye
Jun 6 - Jul 1: 2nd Girne Cultural and Art Festival
May 21 - Jun 18 : 16th North Cyprus International Bellapais Music Festival
Jun 1 - 10 : Canvas and Driftwood - Muriel Clutten and Martin Ashworth - An Exhibition of Paintings
Jun 2 - 4 : Lefke Walnut Festival
Jun 2-3 : North Cyprus Food Festival 2012
May 17 - Apartment Project and Depo presentations at Emaa in Nicosia
May 21 - 26 - To the South of France with Nicholas Panayi's Art School and the French Institute
May 26 - Spring Poetry Rain in Nicosia
May 14 - 26 - SPRING BOOK F A I R AT Moufflon Bookshop
May 18 - Ceramic Exhibition at CIU
May 25 - June 1 - Art Exhibition Veliye Marti at Sacakli Ev /Eaved House
May 9 - 17 : 8th Spring Music Festival at Bellapais
May 12 - June 3 Exhibition: "Speaking to one another" at the Goethe plus workshop
May 18 -21 : Painting Exhibition by Michael Raine at the Public Library in Girne
May 3 - Görsev Tepe – Piano Recital in Bellapais
May 8 - Spring Concert by Nicosia Music Association
Apr 26 - Poems and Music at the AKM in Nicosia
May 8 - 20 - After 16 Years - Art Exhibition with Niki Marangou
May 2 - 4 : Photographic interpretation of Bellapais Krypt by Swiss artist Shaun Dziedzic Feridun
May 10 - 13 - Tangoing in Cyprus – Festival in May
May 4 - Jun 3 - Gustav Klimt comes to Cyprus
Apr 9 - 13 - Leman Ahmetoglu- A photographic exhibition at the Ismet Güney Art Centre in Nicosia
Apr 6, 7 and 8 - Open House Exhibition in Liamassol - Brandy Sour
Apr 9, 10 and 11 - Goethe Events Letter No. 10 in German and English
Apr 6 - 14 - Commemorating Rüya Reşat – There is never an end, she said to me once
May 9-12: "Sailor Beware" a Comedy at the Lambousa in Lapta
Apr 2 - 5 : Goethe's Film Programme for next Week - for everybody to see
Apr 3 - Exhibition ex Etching course at EMU Famagusta
Apr 1 - Büyük Konuk - Eco Fest
Mar 29 - SALT Beyoğlu, Açık Sinema/Walk-in Cinema - Cypriot Artists in Istanbul
Apr 7 - 29 - Art Exhibition at Bellapais Abbey – Magic, Mysticism & Marvelousness
Mar 27 - April 4 - Exhibition of 4th Oztan Özatay Photo Competition
Mar 21 - World Poetry Day Celebrations- Open Mic Poetry Jam at OBZ Activity Centre -
Mar 30 - Apr - Altered Book Exhibition - Reminder
Mar 23 - Apr 1 - 2nd Besparmak Theatre Festival 2012 in Catalköy Dedeman Theatre Tent
Mar 25 - Sidestreets in Kyrenia – Conversations on Culture #18 - “The Kyrenia Shipwreck: Its History
Mar 27 - Reading Event in the Goethe Institut Nicosia - Reminder
Mar 24 - OPENING : Meeting Pinocchio – at the Kyrenia Municipality Arlequino Children Theatre
Mar 22 - German choreographer and dancer Henrietta Horn presents dance films in Nicosia!
31 Mar - Orchide Festival in Hizarköy
Mar 14 - Protest against Petrol Storage in Yedikonuk
Mar 17 and 18 - Melina Mercoiuri Cultural Centre Nicosia (South) - ANIMATED FILM FESTIVAL
Mar 10 - Festival on the occasion of International Women's Day in Girne
Mar 8 - International Women's Day and exhibitions on Mar 6 and 7
Mar 12 - Vivid Poetry at the Artos Cultural Centre in Nicosia South
Mar 13 - Ümit Inatci and his new exhibition “INSIGNA”
Mar 30 - Apr 11 - The Altered Books - Horst Weierstall invites to The ArtSpace in Nicosia -
Mar 27 - Literature evening at the Goethe Institut in Nicosia
Mar 1 - The JAZZ FUTURES in the Naci Talat Guest and Peace House in Nicosia
Mar 1 - "Argilla Animata Cypria" - joint art project by Anber Onar and Emin Çizenel at SIDESTREETS
Mar 16 and 17 - Ankara State Theatre with KONTRABAS at Kyrenia Minicipality Cultural Centre
Mar 16 and 17 - Ankara State Theatre with KONTRABAS
Feb - 24 - 26 - If Kare Istanbul Film Festival @ Sidestreets
Opening of International Art Exhibition on 15 Feb at 18:00 at the Cultural Centre of Yeni Bogazıçı
Feb 11 - Carpe Diem - Cyprus
Spring 2012 - TheartspaceDuesseldorf and Nicosia - Exhibitions and Projektpresentations Spring 2012
Feb 7 - Help - In aid of Judith Porter's hospital care costs
Feb 9 - "The Kyrenia Shipwreck: Its History and Future Plans" - Talk at House of Cooperation
Feb 3 - 24 - German Film Days in Nicosia South
Jan 29 - Sunday - Cyprus Art Music and Ballet School at ATM in NEar East University
Jan 24 - 27 - Traditional Handicraft Show at Atatürk cultural Centre
Jan 23 - 29 - For one week Fatih Akin films in Arabahmet Cultural Centre
Jan 29 - Sidestreets in Kyrenia – Conversations on Culture #17 (Sunday)
Jan 23-25 - Three day theoretic course with Erden Kosova at EMAA
Jan 13 - Lecture by Prof.Dr.Peter Gruss, President of Max Planck Society in Germany
Feb 9 - closing date for Öztan Özatay Memorial Photograph Competition
Jan 10 - 20 "You are here" Studio Exhibition by Nilgün Güney's Art Group MorMavi at ATM Nicosia
2012 Jan 13 - Feb 10 -The Anthracite Line Exhibition by Marina Yarali
2012 - Jan 14: - Message from KUSKOR - Birdwatching Event
Dec 22 - 21st State Photography Competition - Exhibition
Reminder of Exhibition in Limassol: Degas sculptures at the Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation
Dec 20 - Jan 7 2012 - Turkish Cypriot Papoer Artists in Ankara
...until Dec 10 - Students of NEU to exhibit at Ismet Güney Art Centre - Theme Environment
Dec 16 - Book Launch UNCOVERED - Nicosia Int Airport Book 1 at Home for Cooperation
Dec 10 - Kate Fenson and her work in Orange Grove Villa nr. Polis (South of Cyprus)
Dec 8 - Literary Event at the EU House in Nicosia South
Dec 2 and 3: ARTos Foundation - Moving Silence Concert
Dec 2 - Special Xmas Market at Carpenter's Market in Karaoglanoglu
Dec 7 - 20 - Painting Exhibition with Katerina Attalidou 6 Stefanos Karababas
Dec 3 - Weihnachtsmarkt - Xmas Market im/at the Goethe Institute in Nicosia
Nov 30 - “200 Stars are born” – within the framework of ‘Don’t hinder my dreams’
Nov 19 and 20 - Kuskor Photo Exhibition at Bellapais
Nov 21-26 - Trip to Tunesia – Art Exhibition – Andreas Karayan at the Opus 39 Gallery Nicosia South
Nov 29 - From Famagusta to Vienna by Niki Marangou – Book presentation at Naci Talat House Nicosia
Nov 26 - A very special film presentation : Wim Wenders "PINA" at the Cine Studio
Nov 18 - 28 - 19 Teachers show their art work at Near East University - Great!!
Nov 10 - Evening of jazz at the Home for Cooperation in the buffer zone nr the Fulbright Centre
Nov 18 - 25 - Doors to our past – Art Exhibition by Güner Pir at the Eaved House/Sacakli Ev, Nicosia
Nov 13, 18, 20, 25, 27 - Historic Walks in November by Medieval Cyprus Fellowhip
Dec 10 - Feb 12 - “The Complete Sculptures of Edgar Degas” in Limassol
Nov 14 - Concert with German Quintet ARIRANG at Pallas Cinema near Paphos Gate
Nov 18 and 19 - Council of Europe teacher training seminar at the Home for Cooperation
Nov 16 - Feb 26 2012 - Photography Exhibition at Old Power House in Nicosia South -
Oct 8 - La Toile et l'écran - Cypriot Turkish/French Cultural Centre

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