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Reminder: Music Festival in the Old City of Nicosia


Aug 30 – Nov 6: Music and Jazz in the Old City of Nicosia. Local musicians and from abroad

At the venues Büyük Han, Bedesten and Naci Talat House, beautiful scenery for 33 concerts. All concerts start at 21.00 hrs. See my website for the programme

Oct 12: World Music with Mete Hatay and friends at the Naci Talat Peace House, Nicosia

Oct 14: Ersen Sururi and Jazz Band at Bedesten

Oct 17: Soner Ersen Trio, an internationally well known Jazz pianist at the Bedesten;

Oct 19: London based music group Attitude at the Bedesten;

Oct 20: Süleyman Akosman (TOTS) Jazz and Soul at the Bedesten;

Oct 24: Cyprus Jazz Quartet at the Bedesten;

Oct 25: Birseyler Eksik Music Group at the Büyük Han;

Oct 26: Selen Gülün, a musical multi talent, at the Büyük Han

Oct 28: Atakan Sari and Soprano Dilsad Asadova at the Bedesten

Oct 30: Aydin Esen, Turkish jazz Pianist at the Büyük Han

Nov 01: DER-SADET Türkish folk and classical Music at the Bedesten

Nov 02: Julia Starostenkova Güder Pianist at the Bedesten

Nov 03; Demitrios Regginos, concert guitarist at the Bedesten

Nov 05: SOS Music Group at the Büyük Han

Nov.06: Gommalar band and social movement at the Bedesten


Tickets are available at Naci Talat House or Travel Point in Ortaköy; more information 0548 864 0662


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