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Dec 7 - Don’t blame Life – A new play by Bekir Kara in Güzelyurt

At the Güzelyurt Municipality City Theatre on December 7 at 20:00 hrs

Just one performance 


By Heidi Trautmann


It was on the occasion of my first visit to the new Amphitheatre in Güzelyurt that I was also shown the City Theatre in the Atatürk Cultural Centre, I reported. It was built in 2000. The theatre house offers space for 300 guests, all in red - the chairs I mean.  In my report I said how lucky the Güzelyurt citizens are, but with the new highway from Nicosia, Güzelyurt is easy to reach for others, also via Gecitköy, where the new dam is being built, so there is no longer any excuse.

There is the opportunity to visit the theatre yourself for the new play “Hayata Küzme” by Bekir Kara, who has not only written the play but is the director as well as he was in the past for all his plays.

The story sounds interesting, a story taken from real life:

A Cypriot family lives in Germany. Mom and the two daughters of 3 and 5 years of age travel to Cyprus for a holiday but on the highway Lefkosa-Girne they have an accident, and mom and the elder daughter die. The younger one is taken to hospital by a stranger as it was a question of life and death. Dad went to Cyprus to do his sad duty to bury the dead but cannot find his younger daughter; she has disappeared. He decides to stay in Cyprus, sets up a holiday village and has a slight hope that one day he will find his young daughter.  About 15 years later his advert for a secretary is answered and a young woman enters the vestibule of the hotel, and he thinks immediately, this could be my daughter…. I will not tell the rest of the story.


There is just one performance for the moment and it is free of charge. Fresh from writer’s desk!




Bekir Kara the author and director
Bekir Kara the author and director

The Theatre house in Güzelyurt
The Theatre house in Güzelyurt

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