Heidi Trautmann

Nov 12-23 - German film days at the Goethe (and Shoe Factory)

KulturNachrichten- Newsletter 54/2013
The next two weeks will focus on film:
From Monday 11th till Thursday 14th November at 7 pm four films on architecture will be presented at the Goethe-Institut (with English subtitles)

On Mon. 11th November: “Haus Tugendhat” (Germany; 2012/13; 116‘;dir.: Dieter Reifrath) about the story of a famous house build by Mies van der Rohe.

 On Tue. 12th November: “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” (Germany; 1919/20;dir.: Robert Wiene), a famous silent film with extraordinary expressionist film architecture.

On Wed. 13th November: „Bauhaus – Modell and Myth“ (Germany; 2009; 103'; dir.: Niels Bolbrinker, Kerstin Stutterheim) about the world famous art school in Germany.

On Thu. 14th November: „The architects“ (GDR; 1989/90; 97‘; feature film; dir.: Peter Kahane) A film about the problems of young architects in the end-phase of the GDR.

All films are in original language with english subtitles and admission is free!

On Friday, 15th November this year’s “Days of German speaking films” will start from 6.00 pm in the Goethe-Institut with six recent films from Austria, Switzerland and Germany. All films are with English subtitles and admission is free!

And on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November at 8.30 pm we will present two films at The Shoe Factory together with Pharos Arts Foundation on the occasion of the International Wagner Year, commemorating the great German composer Richard Wagner.

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