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Feb - 24 - 26 - If Kare Istanbul Film Festival @ Sidestreets

Festival films to be simultaneously screened in collaboration with Sidestreets of Lefkosa (Nicosia), North Cyprus on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February 2012.

The !F Squared Istanbul Film Festival is continuing for the 3rd year to offer alternative parallel film screenings in 27 different cities in the region. Sidestreets has been in collaboration with !F Istanbul for three years and is proud to present this year’s program of 5 films in Cyprus.The films in this festival take on contemporary issues from alternative perspectives.

As these sociopolitical films cannot usually be screened in commercial cinemas, festivals of this caliber become important venues for them. These alternative contemporary approaches help create actively engaged people and culturally conscious minds, and this is what Sidestreets endeavors to do in all of its activities.

Tickets for the films will be available at Sidestreets from 20th February onwards. The price per ticket is 10TL or 5Euro. More information on the films is available at the bottom of this text . All films will be shown in their original language, with Turkish subtitles. (We are still trying to get permission for a second projection unit to show all the films simultaneously with English subtitles; please keep watching for last-minute information on that.)
  • Call 0392 229 30 70 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0392 229 30 70 end_of_the_skype_highlighting to make bookings NOW!
  • Friday 24th February 17.30 If A Tree Falls
  • Saturday 25th February 12.00 Terri
  • Saturday 25th February 15.30 Tahrir 2011: The Good The Bad and the Poilitician*
  • Sunday 26th February 15.30 Machete Language*
  • Sunday 26th February 17.45 No(w)here
Price: 10 TL (5€) per person per film

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