Heidi Trautmann

Feb 10-27: International Art Exhibition at the Art Studio 110 in Nicosia

The event will be inaugurated by HE Dr. Derviş Erdoğan


By Heidi Trautmann


Feridun Işıman is an artist, a painter and also singer with a wonderful voice, he has been a teacher and once a teacher always a teacher regarding his concern for others; his many students at universities and in private will not forget him. He is also a traveller because he is a man with an always open mind, curious and appreciative of other cultures and other ways of creative expression; and thus he wants to share his experiences with his own country. We know that from the past, when he has introduced the art of his colleagues and art friends in his Art Studio 110 in Nicosia, and last year as a collection of Mediterranean artists at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia.

Again this year, in-spite of his full calendar, he will open his studio to art lovers to show the interesting and beautiful art works of artists he has met at one of the many art events he was visiting and participating in, such as the OSTRAKA International Art Festival 2013 in Istanbul which was organized by his Egyptian art friend Mr. Mohamed Hemeda. As he was sponsoring the event he was given paintings for his future art museum in Lefke and together with some more works from his own art collection, he will show them to us on the occasion of the new exhibition. For the names of participating artists read the separate poster.

Lefke is his home town, a beautiful place where he has always intended to create an art colony to be able to do even more for the growth of art friendship and exchange of culture.


A short glimpse into his calendar shows his interest in art in general, and, he says… in-between all these meetings I will have my own exhibition in the TRNC which has still to be announced.


10-20 March 2014: Urfa-Harran University İnternational Art Symposium-Turkey

8-18 April 2014: İstanbul Özyeğin University İnternational Art Meeting-Turkey

14-25 May 2014-: Konya Karatay University İnternational Art Meeting. Turkey

30 May- 6 June-2014:  İnternational Art Symposium- Athens- Greece

5-20 July 2014:  İnternational Art colony of Kiçevo- Makedonia-

August 2014:  İnternational Art Colony of Romania.                                       

10-20 September 2014: SoloArt Exhibition-Archeology Museum of Antalya, Turkey….

Plus…..Participation in an art symposium in Egypt, solo exhibition in İstanbul (At the art gallery of a famous bank), solo exhibition in Florence……


“You have to remain active, you must not stop, that is the only way to stay in the middle of things that matter and you have to respect the others in order to be respected yourself.” This is so very true, dear Feridun Işıman.


The Art Studio 110 is in Müftü Ziyai Efendi sok DEMAK İş hanı kat I. Arabahmet- Lefkoşa-

Viewing times:10.00- 16.00 hrs Mon- Friday.

There is a big parking area behind the Main Post Office.



Amina Al NASIRI - Yemen
Amina Al NASIRI - Yemen

Özgür Demirci Turkey
Özgür Demirci Turkey

Feridun Işıman - TRNC
Feridun Işıman - TRNC

Invitation to the opening
Invitation to the opening

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