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Jul 22: SAPPHIRE – The Promised Time - by Kemal B Caymaz – Book Presentation at EMAA's Nicosia

SAPPHIRE – The Promised Time by Kemal B Caymaz – Book Presentation of the English version at EMAA Nicosia Art Center on July 22, 2019


By Heidi Trautmann


I have not read the book yet but I have seen it come to life, written by a very charming and creative young man who has studied fine arts and has won several art competitions with his paintings of children, actually his childhood stories. Read my comments on his exhibition of the drawings that bring the new book of fantasy alive, a story of Cyprus, the country with so many legends, where every hill, rock, wall or fountain in the old cities tell a story, where there are saints and jinnis to explain things and inexplicable events



Here a comment on GOODREADS….


A fantasy adventure from Saint Hilarion Castle on the mountains of Cyprus, to Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris...Seçkin was leading an ordinary life until a Jinni named ParuParu appears before him. So, he finds himself in a world of demons, fairies and many kinds of magical beings. A destiny concealed with challenging events awaits him on an unpredictable journey. "Good news has come - good news! The morning star shines, “The Promised one” is being revealed! As jinn and fairies rush, so rushes evil after the boy. Buy the book - see what unfolds.” 


The book was recently presented at the Istanbul Book Fair


For the young artist Kemal B. Caymaz, the author of Cyprus' first and most famous fantasy novel series, the 5th International CNR Istanbul Book Fair is organized. On Saturday, March 17 at 14:00, our artist, who will be at the booth of Dedalus Publications No. 7-D04, invited everyone to read SAFİR with these words:

“Sapphire is not only my novel, but the story of the entire Cypriot people. It is the story of my unjustly beautiful country struggling with embargoes. Therefore, we, as the whole island people, should do our best to break down the embargoes. We have to protect our own story and carry it to the international market and promote our country. ”


The presentation will be at EMAA Nicosia Art Center on July 22, 2019 at 19:00 hrs. EMAA is on facebook.


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