Heidi Trautmann

May 26: 2nd Limassol Picnic at Girne Bogaz Piknic Area


By Heidi Trautmann

The other day I met Musa Kayra, well-known caricaturist, to talk about the state of the art of cartoon association in North Cyprus. But I wondered what he was doing outside the duties for the association?

“I am rather busy with a new project, that is the getting together of all Limassol refugees. We had our first grand gathering last year on 3rd June at a picnic place alongside the highway between Kyrenia and Nicosia, 5000 people attended and it was very touching. We have been working to found an association of Limassol refugees. For the next gathering which will take place on 26th May, we will organise the publishing of the second edition  of the book ‘Nisan Yüzügü’ by Engin Nasit, who was a commander of the Mücahits. Furthermore, we will prepare an album until the 26th including the photos of people from Limassol. I am scanning and adding the many photos that come in to my archive. These are all sorts of photos, families and their home, all with captions.

In the new Kyrenia Cultural Centre we shall have a space for a Museum for the Limassol Refugees, it is to retain an affinity to one’s cultural roots…..”

What a nice idea, it shows how important for many the dreams of home are.



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