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Dec 16 - Book Launch UNCOVERED - Nicosia Int Airport Book 1 at Home for Cooperation

UNCOVERED is pleased to announce the book launch of UNCOVERED. Nicosia International Airport. Book 1, on Friday, 16th December, at 7pm, at Home for Cooperation, in the buffer zone, across from Ledra Palace.


During the book launch Jack Persekian will present a performance of Nablus Soap.


The book, edited by Basak Senova and Pavlina Paraskevaidou, includes texts by Alexander Galloway, AbdouMaliq Simone, Antonio Negri, Argyro Toumazou, Basak Senova, Bülent Diken, Dervis Zaim, Jack Persekian, Lamia Joreige, Marina Grzinic, Michael Hardt, Mushon Zer-Aviv,Niyazi Kizilyürek, Ozgul Ezgin, Pavlina Paraskevaidou, Pelin Tan, Socrates Stratis, Stavros Stavrides, and Jalal Toufic. 

Gökce Sekeroglu designed the book.


UNCOVERED is a three-year research-based art and media project under the curatorship of Basak Senova and Pavlina Paraskevaidou. Three terms – “memory construction,” “commons,” and “control mechanisms” – form the conceptual springboard for the project.


The development team consists of Argyro Toumazou, Özgül Ezgin, Vicky Pericleous and the curators. The partners of UNCOVERED are European-Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA), The Pharos Arts Foundation, and Anadolu Kultur.


The printing of the book was kindly sponsored by Phileleftheros Group

The book is partly supported by The Open Society Foundations


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