Heidi Trautmann

Jul 20-22: MANUFATTURA Collection by SHARIFA at BEAT in Limassol

Beat Παζάρ Πολυχώρος's photo.

Manufattura by Sharifa


Working with natural dyes and discovering the colour properties of plants is a long but satisfying journey for a textile artist. Acid dyes for printing and painting on fabric are the main techniques Gabi Boehm is experimenting with. She is using natural fibre only, mainly silk and cotton, but also hemp, linen and handmade felt.

The textile artist is concentrating on fabric for individualists that do not want to follow any dress code that the big fashion industry wants to dictate us to wear. 
She is enjoying the process of creating interesting textiles and she sometimes collaborates with fashion designers.

For this SHARIFA show, Gabi Boehm wants to thank the people below for the great cooperation:
Psara Design/ Limassol (fashion designer)
Pana Sharpe/ Limassol (bag designer)
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