Heidi Trautmann

Mar 03 - 31 : Iskele Art and culture Days

Mar 03-04: “XVI Iskele KIBATEK International Poetry Meeting” with international guests

“What is poetry good for?” On Mar 03 at 19.30 hrs and on Mar o4 at 17:00 hrs. at the AKM (Atatürk Cultural Centre) in Iskele.

Culture and Art Days in Iskele – some noteworthy events


By Heidi Trautmann


On the occasion of the Culture and Art Days in Iskele there will be some noteworthy events:

On 03 March there will be the XVI. Iskele KIBATEK International Poetry Meeting at 19.30 with a panel discussion “Poetry – what is it good for today?” The guests are:

Sina Akyol (Turkey), Deborah D'agostino (Italy), Gino Lieneweber (Germany), Hacem Haydareviç (Bosnia-Herzogovina), Donika Dabişevsi-Yetullah (Kosovo), Mehmet Kansu (Cyprus), Betül Tarıman (Turkey), Şirin Zaferyıldızı (Cyprus), Osman Baymak (Kosovo), Metin Turan (Turkey), Ruhsan İskifoğlu (Cyprus), Emel Kaya (Cyprus).


On 08 March – the International Women’s Day – a play by Daruio Fo ‘Women’s Play’ with the local theatre under the directorship of Sami Yakar;

And on 20 March the Güzelyurt City Theatre under the directorship of Bekir Kara will give a performance at 20.00 hrs ;

The venue is for all performances the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Iskele.

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