Heidi Trautmann

Oct 18 - Rauf Kasimov and his circle of talented students in Bellapais

ready for a new piano concert in Bellapais on Oct 18 at 20:00 hrs


by Heidi Trautmann


Konfuzius says that the seed of talent is existent in every child; it depends on the gardener to recognize it and make it grow with an able hand. Rauf Kasimov is an able gardener and we have had enough proof of it during the last years.

An important part of tuition is to face the public, to gain confidence, and also to learn to show a proper presence and respectful attitude towards the music chosen and its composers.


The students to play for us on the evening of October 18 are: Suna Alsançak, Ipek Zorba, Ismet Ersalıçı, Miryem Marancos, Cemile Özçan, Batu Özgün, Ilke Aslim, Erol Emmiroğlu, Buket Dansiak. 

The programme will contain most popular classical and well known pieces from Bach to Offenbach….says Rauf Kasimov and we can trust him to choose the best for his students.


Our young people are the guarantee of our world’s future and the better the education the better our chances.


 Published in Cyprus Observer on Oct 13, 2012

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