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Jun 11: Songs and other Stories at the H4C

This Week at The Home: Live Music with Parapera! 

Thursday live at Home #3 : Parapera
Thursday 11 June 9:00 pm at the Home for Cooperation
Free entrance 

Yiorgos Vlamis (guitar, vocals), 
Roger Heinrich (cajon set), 
Jim Themis (guitar, bass), 
Constantinos Evangelides (violin, trumpet, vocals) 
Mark Hellicar (narration)

There was a German, a Scott, a Welshman and a Cypriot...
It begins, rather like the joke goes... And then another Cypriot came along. Instead of becoming a joke they formed a band.
They live in Pera but want to go further, and further and so had no choice but to name themselves #Parapera (means beyond beyond).

Their sound is a mixture of different influences and backgrounds. Texts and narrations blend with poems within songs, songs within poems, French songs in Greek, Cypriot songs in English, Greek songs in Greek.

Stereo Nova whisper in the ear of Leonard Cohen, Bobby McFerrin flirts with Arleta, Thanasis Papaconstantinou drinks in the company of Zaz, Libertis suns himself in the winter garden with Goran Bregovic, Harry Nilson jokes with Angelakas, David Bowie changes a broken string on Ludovikos ton Anogion’ mandolin, the words of Pink Floyd echo in underwater caves and Savvopoulos retells a story to a smiling Louis Armstrong. 

By playing, parapera explore the common ground that lies beyond labels.
They believe that the world is not ‘this or that’ but ‘this and that and something else’...


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