Heidi Trautmann

Sep 13: Rauf Kasimov students with their RECITAL at Bellapais Abbey

Ten piano students of Rauf Kasimov invite us to listen to their RECITAL on Sunday, September 13 at 20:00 hrs at the Bellapais Abbey, ten talented young people who have entrusted their musical education to the experienced tuition of Rauf Kasimov.  I have been following up Rauf Kasimov and his successful entourage of young people, some of them are now at conservatoires to continue their official musical education, some of them are at universities to study an academic subject different from music but they will never forget those years of intense musical work.

It is always surprising for me to observe these young people from very young age on to step onto stage and transform themselves into a different creature, with the proud bearing of an initiate. I believe it has to do with their understanding of not only the technical performance but the soul of the music.


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