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Oct 14 - Run Nicosia Run – Marathon 2012


Invitation for everyone to run for a better life in Nicosia for 4, 8 or 21 km on October 14


By Heidi Trautmann


Put your running shoes on and start training, it is for a good cause, namely for values such as your health, solidarity, comradeship, being part of a common cause, and…. finally for charity.


I spoke to Mr. Osman Emiroğlu, educational advisor of the Nicosia City Club Action Fitness Centre, and one of the organisers of the ÜLKER Nicosia Marathon 2012, mainly supported by Ülker, Atakom Company.  

“The race is organized by the Nicosia Turkish Municipality and the Nicosia City Club with support of the Cyprus Turkish Athletics Federation. The idea was to motivate people on our island to improve their life style and to do something for their health. Running is the easiest way, and a most powerful one, to change society’s physical culture.”

“We are expecting 1.500 runners and have prepared that much T-Shirts, banners, certificates and medals; all the participating runners will get a certificate and a golden medal to remind them of this day. We have made island-wide announcements and everyone can participate. The run will go off on October 14 with three categories of four, eight and 21 kilometres starting from Dereboyu Circle.”

How can people get more information and where can they register, I asked?

“There will be a registration stand for one week from 8-14 October between 15:30 – 19:00 at the Dereboyu Square in Nicosia. People wanting to register need to bring their ID card or passport and a minimum TL 10.00 donation for the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation for Children with Leukemia’ and ‘Fight Against Cancer’.

“It is our third marathon race and we hope to meet with a big response and participation.”


Training Advice

It is recommended for healthy people only. Take your training easy, don’t overdo things and start gently with short walks or jogging. Team up with other runners in your area to benefit from added support and motivation. Keep your training plan going at regular intervals. You’ll benefit from it in the future.


Further details by phone: 0533 8614860; 0392 223 8681;  0542 850 8700;



Published in Cyprus Observer on Sep 29, 2012 


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