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Oct 15 - LETTERS TO CYPRUS a short film by Sholeh Zahrael and Kamil Saldun

To be shown at the International Short Film Festival in Limassol on Oct 15 at the RIALTO

By Heidi Trautmann

It is not so long ago that we have heard of the award winning film ‘GOMŞU’ The NEIGHBOUR by Sholeh and Kamil and I trust that the present film LETTERS TO CYPRUS stands a good chance to win another recognition for the young film team. The story of the short film is about divided Cyprus, about deserted villages and about a future in peace for all of us. I have been following them up closely because I like active and creative people and good work.  You may learn more about their background by entering http://lupapictures.com/about.html with their CVs.

It is the first time that this film is shown in the southern part of the island and it is very important for the young artists to be seen by many people from both parts. So, if you have the time to come to Limassol join them for the film festival. Limassol is a very charming sea town and its old city quarter with people sitting in street restaurants all around the Cinema Rialto.


The film festival is from Oct 11 – 17 with many good short films from around the world.



https://www.facebook.com/letterstocyprus  (www.rialto.com.cy / http://goo.gl/maps/XdZnM)hare this film with as many people as possible.
From Cyprus with Love!
Hope to see you all there! Very excited!
The Festival takes place at RIALTO theatre in Limassol, Cyprus (
www.rialto.com.cy / http://goo.gl/maps/XdZnM)

Cast and crew

Directed by: Sholeh Zahraei & Kamil Saldun

DOP: Kamil Saldun, Arınç Arısoy

With a footage contribution from Costas Kyriakides

Grading & Post: Arınç Arısoy, Kamil Saldun

Inal Bilsel, Marco Lopez, Kamil Saldun

Camera assistant, set runner, title design: Valentine Ebuetse Icekold

Şirin Zaferyıldızı, Taraneh Hafizi, Şenay Aktuğ, Bahar Digeş, Mustafa Zaimağaoğlu, Kamil Saldun

Voice of Ann: Oya Akin
Voice of young Belgin: Cemile Rana Unver
News presenter: Ahmet Da Rock

Plot Outline
Cyprus 2016 - Cyprus has come to peace and is reunited. A Cypriot woman returns back to her home that she was forced to leave alongside her belongings, due to the war in 1974.
An emotional and painful journey to the past begins where she is forced to confront bittersweet memories and the aftermath of war. 42 years of waiting for peace are over now…
This film is based on original letters from 1974 that were sent from UK to Cyprus in the occaion of pen-friendship between a young British girl and a Cypriot girl.
With the hope that all people who had to leave their homes can return to them in peace.


Sholeh Zahraei

Sholeh Zahraei was born in Tehran, grew up in Berlin, and studied Digital Filmmaking in Amsterdam. Later she moved to Cyprus where she graduated with a BA with High Honors from the Department of Radio, Television and Film and pursued her Master’s degree in the Department of Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design in Famagusta, Cyprus.

Since 2005, she has produced several short films such as experimental, fiction, documentary, video clips and TV ads. Sholeh has gained film experience on film sets in Germany, Holland, USA, Canada, UK, Turkey, Cyprus and Iran where she has worked with renowned directors like Jafar Panahi, Bahram Beyzaie and Derviş Zaim. Her short films have won awards at international film festivals. 

Currently she is working on her new short film together with Kamil Saldun. Besides film, singing and photography are other parts of her artistic life. Since 2010 she also works on underwater photography and film.

Selected filmography - coming soon

Kamil Saldun

Kamil Saldun was born in Cyprus, in the city of Famagusta. Hegraduated from the Faculty of Art and Science, Department of History in 2008. Later he obtained his Master's Degree from the Faculty of Education in Famagusta, Cyprus. 

Since 1999 he is involved in theater as an actor. He has worked with several theater groups in Cyprus. Recently he has become an actor for the Famagusta Youth Center Theater group. He has participated in many international theater festivals in Cyprus and Turkey. 

Since 2010 Kamil Saldun has been working together with Sholeh Zahraei on different film projects as an actor, writer, producer and director. He has participated in international film festivals around the world. The films he has been involved in have won awards at international film festivals. 

Kamil is currently continuing producing films. He also works on underwater photography and film. 

Filmography - coming soon

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