Heidi Trautmann

Jan 24 and Jan 29: Sidestreets - Live Installation

·         SIDESTREETS - Last project of the 5th year programme

Please note the date changes from the original announcement.
Please be informed that during 6-17 February, Sidestreets will not be open to the public)

Live Installation:
“Detective” Work in Progress –
february 2012 - 2013

In order to allow interested people to peek into three fascinating years of obsessive research and follow the mysterious processes of Dr. Johann Pillai’s detective work, we are moving his research office into Sidestreets’ gallery space. Working from unlikely clues and digging out a vast range of unknown and lost facts and objects, he continues to solve mysteries in the most unexpected places and realms. His finds are not just becoming facts to be written about; they also form the elements of this exhibition. In this live and interactive office/exhibition program, participants are not passive onlookers, but active discussants and participants in a stimulating research environment. Visiting days are Wednesdays and Fridays by appointment only.

Special presentation dates and spaces:
Thursday 19:30, 24th January, 2013: Sidestreets, 22 Mahkemeler Önü, Lefkoşa (Turkish)
Tuesday 19:30, 29th January, 2013: Sidestreets, 22 Mahkemeler Önü, Lefkoşa (English)


Please also be informed that parallel Screenings of the !F İstanbul Film Festival will be held at Sidestreets as they have been for the last 4 years during 22-24 February. The program will shortly be announced!



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