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Dec 10 - Kate Fenson and her work in Orange Grove Villa nr. Polis (South of Cyprus)

Kate Fenson, the romantic painter, shows her work shortly before Christmas near Polis. She sent me this mail:
Hello you lovely people all over the world..... hope you are managing to keep your pecker up in these trying times....what was it I used to say? Oh yes! 'Keep the faith! Almost forgot it myself......

This Saturday, the day of the long full goodnight moon, we are having our first show Cyprus South-side, it is a very informal 'open-house' with Lily-made mooncakes and mulled wine and oodles of candles and hopefully invoking a magical vibe for all who come visiting. Max, Lily and I will be here to welcome you and for your viewing pleasure there will be 40 framed prints, new prints from this summer's work plus some new delicious originals.... full details are on my website www.katefensom.com and also the most necessary information is on the e-flyer attached to this mail. It would be lovely to see any and all who can make it here this weekend....we also have 4 spare single beds and a large sofa so any long distance travellers are welcome to stay over. You could even be in with a chance of a hot breakfast....

I am trying to get my facebook page set up as another good tool for communicating my artistic activities, many people who have taken an interest in my work over the years are not friends with me on facebook, so I here ask you kindly, please, if you could make the special effort to find me in facebook world I would be most cheered! I go under the name of Kate Fensom, plain and simple.

That's it from me for now, it has been a busy year, moving house, two previous exhibitions in two different countries and settling my baby into Greek school, so phew......roll on 2012 and whatever that wants to throw our way.

Happy Christmas and all the best for the new year.

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