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Nov 14 and 21 - Sidestreets Cinema Culture Series : Swedish award winning films

Sidestreets, in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in Cyprus, is pleased to present, as part of its Cinema Culture series, screenings of two award-winning Swedish films.
1) Thursday, November 14th, 19.30, Sidestreets Audio-visual Room
The Wedding Photographer (Brollopsfotografen)
Director: Ulf Malmros
Stars: Björn Starrin, Kjell Bergqvist, Tuva Novotny
Robin is from a remote town in Sweden, Värmland. He’s a country bumpkin with a passion for leather trousers, chains and photography. Following a chance encounter with an over-the hill television personality and the closure of the local factory, Robin moves from his beloved home town to Stockholm. Having arrived in Stockholm, he is desperate to make it as a professional photographer and despite some initial setbacks and his rural background, he is commissioned to photograph an upper class wedding in Djursholm, the ritchest district in Stockholm. He promptly falls in love with the bride’s sister and is willing to change everything about himself, from his outlook on life to his hairstyle, in order to win her heart. What follows is a comical clash of cultures and class as the down-at-home Robin tries to woo the girl of his dreams.
2) Thursday, November 21st, 19.30, Sidestreets Audio-visual Room
Simon and the Oaks (Simon och ekarna)
Director: Lisa Ohlin
Stars: Bill Skarsgård, Helen Sjöholm, Jan Josef Liefers
LANGUAGE: Swedish, German, Hebrew; SUBTITLES: English
An epic drama spanning the years 1939 to 1952, this is the gripping story of Simon (Bill Skarsgaard), who grows up in a loving working class family on the outskirts of Gothenburg but always feels out of place. He finally convinces his father to send him to an upper-class grammar school, where he meets Isak, the son of a wealthy Jewish bookseller who has fled Nazi persecution in Germany. Simon is dazzled by the books, art and music he encounters in the home of Isak's father Ruben (Jan Josef Leifers), which makes Simon long to know more about his own family background. Isak, on the other hand, draws comfort from learning to do something with his hands, helping Simon's dad (Stefan Godicke) make boats. When Isak faces trouble at home, he is taken in by Simon's family and the two households slowly merge, connecting in unexpected ways as war rages all over Europe.
Sidestreets, İsveç Elçiliği işbirliği ile “Sinema Kültürü Film Serisi” içerisinde bu kez de İsveç sinemasından iki ödüllü film sunuyor. Filimler İngilizce altyazılıdır.
14 & 21 Kasım, Perşembe, saat 19.30, Sidestreets Audio-visual Odası
Düğün Fotoğrafcısı (Brollopsfotografen) 14 Kasım, Perşembe 19.30, Sidestreets Audio-visual Odası
Yönetmen: Ulf Malmros
Oyuncular: Björn Starrin, Kjell Bergqvist, Tuva Novotny
Dil: İsveçce İngilizce altyazılı
Simon ve Meşeler (Simon och ekarna) 21 Kasım, Perşembe 19.30, Sidestreets Audio-visual Odası
Yönetmen: Lisa Ohlin
Oyuncular: Bill Skarsgård, Helen Sjöholm, Jan Josef Liefers
Dil: İsveçce İngilizce altyazılı

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