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Apr 10: Application Deadline for CHEAPART in Cyprus - Call for all artists

Call for Artists: CHEAPART CYPRUS 2015 | Nicosia – Limassol

A vast showcase of artists from Cyprus, Greece and abroad.

The European Network of CHEAPART Exhibitions invites artists to participate in this year’s 5th edition of CHEAPART. CYPRUS to be held simultaneously in two cities; Nicosia and Limassol in mid May 2015.

Application Deadline: April 10th, 2015

Exhibition Period: May, 2015.

Notification of selected proposals: 1 week prior to submission.

Misc notification dates:
Upon accepting your admission, artists will be informed via e-mail on the procedural details.
In addition you will also receive information on drop off, set-up, and pick-up dates.

arrowAbout the European Network of CHEAPART Exhibitions
CHEAPART is a Network of Exhibitions that extends to 5 European major cities. It’s immediate objective is to showcase artwork from the contemporary art scene, to develop and associate creative links among other cities and countries, to present contemporary art to a wider public by collaborating with artists, curators and institutions.

CHEAPART was established in 1995 as a trading model among artists, a cultural get together for exchanging artwork. Artists have the opportunity to experiment with their ideas and market their work, while the public is indulged in the creative process as an active part of evolution of the show.

For more than 20 years (since 1995) CHEAPART has reached out to thousands of art lovers, establishing a direct bond among artists and the public. In so, it is feasible for both art lovers and the general public to acquire an original work of art.

CHEAPART is a cultural economic and social platform with multiple benefits.
Artists perceive CHEAPART as a communication platform to introduce new concepts and develop social connections and future partnerships. Buyers in return, gain ownership of original art works at a low fixed price that artists may sell for high prices outside the context of the exhibition. The direct contact that develops among the public and the artist increases the level of understanding of contemporary art.

CHEAPART. CYPRUS introduces an updated market model, an open cultural dialogue for everyone to be part of.

More: http://cheapart.gr/cheapart-european-network/

CHEAPART CYPRUS 2015 | Nicosia – Limassol
The international network of CHEAPART exhibitions is open for applications for the 5th consecutive edition CHEAPART CYPRUS.

For the first time this year CHEAPART.CYPRUS will be held simultaneously in two cities; Nicosia and Limassol in mid May 2015. More than 2000 contemporary art works will be on display for 10 days, creating a cross -city platform among artists, art professionals and the public to exchange ideas and ferment future collaborations.

George Georgakopoulos (CHEAPART)

Dimitris Georgakopoulos (CHEAPART)
Tasos Stylianou (Cyprus)
Fotini Kapiris

The CHEAPART Cyprus curators are responsible for selecting the participating artists.
Artists are selected based on quality of work, CV, and in relation to the overall contemporary art scene.

How to submit

Please complete and submit applications electronically, including:
1) Complete Application Form 
2) 2 – 3 images of proposed work. Selected artists present a series of work that forms a cohesive entity.
3) Candidate’s CV.


Artists interested in participating must complete and submit applications electronically.
For further inquiries, please contact: office@cheapart.gr

Work Specifications
Artists are required to present a body of work consisting of 10 to 16 individual artworks.
The overall dimension of the work should not exceed 35 cm in width, with hanging provided on the back side.

The works is displayed in a vertical column, as the end placement and position of each participant is set by the curators.

- See more at: http://cheapart.gr/cheapart-cyprus-2015/#sthash.hF6yKcle.dpuf

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