Heidi Trautmann

Sep 15: Music Live at the Home for Cooperation Nicosia

Home for Cooperation Thursday Live Session 15 Sept 2016
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Santouto and Nihan Gorgu Jazz Quartet

Join us on Thursday 15 September for some Jazz and Greek music. The two bands are very excited about joining forces and offering an amazing night at The Home for Cooperation.
Music starts at 20:30 FREE ENTRANCE 

A Thursday Live's Haiku to entice you..

Traditional Greek
With all the Jazz that you seek
Come and take a peek,
at these amazing bands...

Santouto was formed in October 2015. They play traditional music ranging from Cyprus, Asia Minor, Istanbul, Ismirn, Thraki, the Aegean and many more places. Santouto is playing alongside the Nihan Gorgu Jazz Quartet. Members of this bi-communal band have met at an inter-communal workshop called the Jazz Futures, which dated back to 2008. 

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