Heidi Trautmann

ESKI a new venue in Nicosia for contemporary art exhibitions

By Heidi Trautmann


‘Neverland’ the first contemporary art exhibition to be staged at “eski” is also the first solo exhibition by Umay Yilmaz.

The artist aims to embody the particular nature and texture of the term ‘location/place’ Cyprus the country that does not exist. With her work the artist tries to reflect everyday issues and social problems….and as Aliye Ummanel, cofounder with Umay Yilmaz says with her own words: … We hope it will be the basis for the "new". We hope it will be "hope" for young, independent artists here and we hope we will find each other and create together here. Just one more tentative step to survive here.


News of a new place called Eski and an exhibition named Neverland! With a manifesto of "Eski" and Neverland. (composed of installations inspired by an old building seen as a metaphor of cyprus) by Umay Yılmaz.



Today, this old, eclectic “place” which was formed through extensions made within a century-old building, stands in front of us like a country metaphor with its rough floor, worn-out walls, dripping rooftop and leaking joints.

With this peculiarity, it is both captivating and scary. Because,inside, it was dark and we found remains of cats which had died of hunger and suffocation when we first opened its door. Then, do these cats become our own metaphor? Are we doomed as we keep staying enclosed in this peculiar place and continue to live in solitary pursuit of self adventure?

What if we find each other? What if we let the air in by opening two small windows? Then, probably, this place cannot cause us to suffocate. The old becomes a foundation for the new. A space for creation. A space for life. Then, we create and live.   



ESKI is close to Selemiye Mosque in Nicosia

in 22 M.Effendi Sokak


Viewing times:
Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 16:30
Saturday:: 10:00 - 13:00



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