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Mar 3 - 10 : The Know Now Project in Nicosia South-Exhibitions : modern technology vs. Art Today



The “Know now project” is a group exhibition which will take place during the first days of March at the basement of the Vladimiros Kafkaridis cultural centre. The Know now exhibition poses the following question: How does modern technology affect art today?

Different related events will take place during the exhibition at the space in order for the public to visit us and cultivate an interest for the arts. During this week there will also be lectures or seminars, again at the space of the exhibition, not only for art but for literature and health.



The participating artists are as follows:


  • Marina Herodotou, fine atrts and audiovisual.
  • Panayiotis Pasantas, sculpture.
  • Savvas Koureas, product design.
  • Photis Theodoropoulos, photographie.
  • Savvas Panayiotou, Product design.
  • Nicholas Panayi, fine arts.
  • Kristina Apostolou Mohianakis, jewelery design
  • Nelie Konomou, intirior design.
  • Christina Christofi, fins arts.
  • Loris Marcos, audiovisual.
  • Michalis Avraam, audiovisual.
  • Jonathan Di Furia,  sculpture and fine arts.
  • Sara Yard, Graphic Designer.
  • Marianna Penga, Designer.
  • Marianna Charalambous, Graphic Designer
  • Panagiota Georgiou, writer.
  • European University students, Graphic Design department.



Participants of the extra events:



  • Alexandros Panayi, Musician.


  • Electra Fotiadou, Actress and Singer.


  • Wanda Economou-Constantinou, Author.


  • Students of the academy POTENZIA DEL ARTE for dance, theater and singing.


  • 'Anama - A contemporary wine concept, launch of new harvest 2010.


  • Marina Polykarpou, Health specialist on geriatrics and alzheimer’s.


  • Sofia Alexandra Dias Panayi, Art workshop for children at the exhibition’s space.


  • Savvas Koureas, Artist, bar night, music, at the exhibition’s space.


  • Nicholas Panayi, Fine Artist, guided tour of the exhibition and a history of art lecture.



Goals of this exhibition:



  • To introduce to the public contemporary artists in different fields of art.


  • To close the gap between public and artist.


  • To revive interest in arts and create it where there was none.


  • To offer the artists new experiences and a channel of communication with the public.


The way these goals will be achieved is by presenting not only the final piece of art but also the whole process. In addition the artists will be present to interact with the visitors.



 Exhibition Curator: Sofia Alexandra Dias Panayi


Contact: 99840804

Visit our website: www.knownowart.com

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