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Nov 30 : deadline for contributions for an interesting art project : Blanket stories for a sculpture

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Blanket Stories: Textile Society, R.R. Stewart, Ancient One

A site-specific installation by Marie Watt for the United States Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, commissioned by the U.S. State Department's Art in Embassies Program.

I am creating a three-story tall interior sculpture for the embassy's atrium, composed of 400 wool or other natural-fiber blankets collected from the community. The totem-like column will serve as a frame for diverse narratives, including Pakistani, American, Native American, Islamic and others from around the world.

This project is in development, and I invite your participation. We need blankets. Any wool or natural-fiber blanket, quilt, afghan, or blanket-like cloth – in any condition – is welcome. I will trade a small limited-edition print in return.

For more information about the project, click here. To find out how to participate, read on.


How to participate in this project

To make Blanket Stories: Textile Society, R.R. Stewart, Ancient One, we need blankets. Any wool or other natural-fiber blanket, quilt, afghan or blanket-like cloth – in any condition – is welcome. I will trade a small limited-edition print in return. 

  • Click the red button above and we will send you a blanket tag for your story and a prepaid shipping label to cover the shipping. 
  • Ship your blanket and/or story tag to Marie Watt Studio.
  • When we receive your blanket and/or story tag, we'll send you a limited-edition print as a thank-you.

Sometimes, people want to contribute but don’t want to give up a beloved blanket. That’s fine, too. The story is the most important thing. You’re welcome to send a proxy blanket—one without a story, or without one related to you—along with your story, or send the story tag and we'll attach it to a proxy.

The deadline for contributions is November 30, 2015. If you have questions, drop us a line at inquiries@mariewattstudio.com


What is a blanket story?

Blankets have become the primary material for Marie Watt’s work. They are objects that easily overlooked, but which have extraordinary histories of use.  Blankets are also personal to Marie; in her tribe (The Seneca Nation), as well as in other Indigenous communities, blankets are given away to those who are witness to important life events. When she works with contributed blankets, she asks the contributor to record the blanket’s story (or their own story, as it relates to the blanket) on a tag. These stories become a part of the work and are archived so that they may be shared.

Blanket Stories: Seven Generations, Adawe, Hearth, 2013. 432 × 20 × 20 in. Collection of National Gallery of Canada

Representation:  PDX Contemporary Art (Portland) and Greg Kucera Gallery (Seattle)

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