Heidi Trautmann

Aug 31 - Nov 6 - Classic - World Music and Jazz in the Old City of Nicosia


By Heidi Trautmann


Finally there is the programme for the music events with lots of Jazz in the Old City of Nicosia, concentrating on the venues of Büyük Han, in the inner courtyard; the Bedesten next to Selemiye Mosque and the Naci Talat House of Peace and Friendship (from HASDER Folk Art Institute you turn the next road to the left, 200 m on the left side.

A terrific way to bring life into the Old City. It is about high time that something is done about it and it is always the artists that take care of it.


Aug 31: Ahmet Sönmezler, classical guitar at the Naci Talat House

Sep 4: Okyanus-Funky-Business at Bedesten; from there to Büyük Han for classical concert, guitar, bass and violin with Erkan Ogur, Derya Türkkan and Ilkin Deniz;

Sep 10: Sanar Tango Ensemble at Büyük Han

Sep 16: String Trio of Lefkosa Belediye Orchestra at Naci Talat House

Sep 18: Cahit Kutrafali and Friends:  Jazz at Büyük Han

Sep 20: Niyal Öztürk and the Secret at Büyük Han

Sep 21: Türkish Flamenco Ezgül Anin and Pequito Trio at Bedesten

Sep 23: Municipality String Trio and Cyprus Airs Association at Naci Talat House

Sep 26: Toros Quintett: 4 strings and clarinet at Bedesten

Sep 28: Municipality Orchestra Trio At Naci Talat House

Oct 1:  Piano and Vocal: Can Tufan and Atakan San

Oct 2:  the same concert to be repeated in Famagusta Cultural Centre

Oct 7: Cyprus Folk Songs from the Greek Cypriot group Antama at the Büyük Han

Oct 12: World Music from Mete Hatay at Naci Talat House

Oct 19: London Band ‘Attitude’ at the Bedesten

Oct 24: Ersen Sururi and Turkish Jazz Band Bir Seyler Eksik at the Büyük Han’

Oct 25: Soprano Dilşad Asadova at the Bedesten

Oct 30: Aydin Esen, Turkish jazz pianist, at the Büyük Han

Nov 3: Classical Guitar Dimitris Reginos at the Bedesten

Nov 5: SOS with unplucked rock at Büyük Han

Nov 6: The ‘Gommalar’ well known group, at the Bedesten


The concerts all start at 21.00 hrs. Tickets are available at the Naci Talat Huse or from Travel Point in Ortaköy. Reservations and more information under No. 0548 864 0662.

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