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Oct 03 - 19 : Inside, outside & in between the buffer zone - Photo Exhibition in the Peace Hall

Inside, outside & in between the buffer zone

From Friday 03 October 2014 -  19:30
To Sunday 19 October 2014 - 22:00



The French Institute in Cyprus presents «Inside, outside & in between the buffer zone», a photo exhibition, texts and audios by Barbara Laborde.

TEST 1-3180km-long and 7-km-wide, barely 4m of space in some places: the buffer zone has different faces; it is sometimes a mountain, a single lane, a succession of lands, villages or ruins. You follow it for a while and then you lose track of it. You face it or simply guess its presence behind military watchtowers. You are stopped by its barbed wire or you enter it without noticing. Depending on who and from where one look at it, the buffer zone repels, fascinates, disturbs, intimidates or is totally ignored. It remains an itchy scarf, no longer bloody, but still an open wound. So present. So elusive.

The line, as it is known, is not really a line. Two ceasefire lines delimit the buffer zone, with a different reality behind each of them and between them a territory where life continues. The UN troops are working there every day, Georgios and Osman cultivate their fields, Stelios visits the cemetery of his village, Elena opened a kindergarten while Mikalakis and his wife live there all year long! The buffer zone is 40-years-old, but only a few insiders really know it. And this for an obvious reason: without the permission and a serious UN escort, we are limited to get a glimpse of it and imagine it from  outside.

Barbara Laborde is a French photojournalist based in Nicosia. She has been following the buffer zone for over a year, seeking to capture this territory and question its reality. The documentary work she presents, offers visitors a long journey within the buffer zone and along both its southern and northern sides, from west to east. A mosaic of stories and images, like so many opened windows on this hidden strip of territory, and some crucial 'keys' to better understand it.



Openning hours : 10am-13pm and 16pm-20 pm Monday to Friday and 13pm-20pm Saturday & Sunday


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