Heidi Trautmann

Jun17-27: Şenol Özdevrim – A sculpting exhibition in memoriam of a beloved person

By Heidi Trautmann


My interview with Şenol conducted in 2007 is included in my book ‘Art and Creativity in North Cyprus’. I like his work, be it paintings or sculptures because he has his very own handwriting and follows no dictation. He does his work besides teaching, he once taught at the Güvenci Okullar Grubu in Bellapais, and is now teaching at the GAU College as art teacher. Children love him for his limitless fantasy he transposes to his teaching.

This year’s exhibition is dedicated to his wife Tijen who had supported him through all the years. I had met Şenol and his family at their home where in one corner of his living room he had his space for working.


Şenol was born in Limassol in 1959. He is very concerned about peace and the environment, and he depicts the difference between natural processes and man-made ‘progress’, culminating in the so-called achievements of modern society ending in global warming.  He is obviously a highly sensitive man who touches everything with tenderness and care, and is at all times aware of the world around him. His sculptures are about humanity, Cypriots, homeland, earth and sea. The circle symbolises inclusive love and understanding, but when broken up, it signifies imbalance. The form of a pole reaching high, the form of squares ... all these symbols are used to depict the destiny of his people. His people, trying to emerge into the open air like worms or underground shoots in white clay, in order to overcome the suppression against dark powers.  Then again, elsewhere, his people are shown safe in the centre of a circle enjoying a bonfire.

I am looking forward to see Şenol’s new exhibition opening on 17 June at 19:00 hrs, to see his new ideas about humanity. The exhibition will be open until June 27 and viewing times will be at official governmental office hours.






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