Heidi Trautmann

Aug 26-Sep 06: 26th Işık Bookstore Book Fair with daily panel discussions in Kizilbaş


at the Kizilbaş Church Youth Centre


By Heidi Trautmann


You know the old Orthodox Church in Kizilbaş, suburb of Nicosia? It is officially used as Youth Centre and once a year end of August for the Işık Bookstore Book Fair. Visiting hours are from 10 am to 1 pm and 5 pm until midnight when the night is cool.

There are books for everybody's taste at discount prices, for adults and children, novels, political and social books, books for travelers in Cyprus, history books, books written by researchers about everything which concerns Cyprus, on mining, tobacco, on women. It is always great fun to go there. The books are mostly in Turkish but there are also translations into English available.

There was and is - until Sep 6 -  again a very interesting programme in the evenings; intellectuals and knowledgeable people from politics, literature, journalism and art spoke and will speak about ….the theme on the poster said JUSTICE….poor Justice hanging on a dead tree….as a bound-up book…also about ethics and art and  about minorities, refugees etc. and how the Cyprus problem will be solved  with justice or do they mean fairness?







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