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Feb 24 - Mar 13“SYNERGIES” - Exhibition 4 artists+ 4 fashion designers at ARGO Gallery Nicosia

An exhibition of collective works by 4 artists and 4 fashion designers.

'Designers and artists are so multifaceted that you're not likely to have a single strain developing out of the conjunction''

James Gardner

For many years now, Fashion has been used as well as abused extensively in the name of beauty, vanity, sex and rock and roll. The traditional fine art world has been looking at fashion with a great suspicion as well as well as some kind of lordliness. Fashion was easily associated with ephemeral celebrities and not so profound issues as opposed to the issues preoccupying the ‘pensive’ artists. Sine the 1960s with the development of consumerism and the spread of the pop culture, fashion and art have come closer. There are so many examples where fashion has met art and vice versa like on the cover of Artforum in 1982 where Issey Miyake’s work was featured or like in 1996 when an ambitious international biennale was organized and curated by Germano Cellant and Luigi Settembrini with the general theme of ‘Looking at Fashion’. A meeting of artists, fashion designers and architects where they had turned Florence in Italy, as a contemporary art space full of visual triggers and extensive philosophical debates. Fashion may have gone through a lot of controversy but it has grown up to be the largest example of sociological change and evolution spreading through areas of gender, social status, and identity.

With this note in mind, Argo Gallery presents a group exhibition of selected artists, paired with a fashion designer. Both artists and designers have worked together in a collective process, bringing out creative tension and debate. Each ‘couple’ has set up an installation where this tension and discourse can be experienced. The gallery space has been divided into 2 parts. The 1st part has been laid out by 4 metal constructions where each couple will use as their defined space for the installation. The 2nd part will consist of smaller scale works by both the artists and the designers, which will take the role of an archival collection as well as documentation of the creative process, the thoughts and the reflections of each couple from the actual installation and the experiences from this project.

The collective works feature:

1. Carla Abrantes and Kika Ioannidou

2. Athina Antoniadou and Erotokritos Antoniades

3. Hourig Torossian and Eleni Gircalli

4. TWOFOURTWO and Marina Nicoalaidou.

Private View Tuesday 24.02.15 at 7pm. Duration until 13.03.15

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