Heidi Trautmann

Sep 15 - 4th Int. Pharos Contemporary Music Festival


The 4th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival continues on Saturday 15 September, at the Olive Grove in Delikipos, 8:30 pm, with a concert with the Quartetto Prometeo from Italy. The concert is a music dramatization of the Dante’s Divine Comedy for string quartet written by the finalists of the San Fedele Prize Milan. It is the result of 15 months of composers’ workshops as a team start...

ing from a collective idea of representing the Divine Comedy in the form of itinerancy (twelve stations), reflecting the cognitive journey of Dante through the drama of human freedom. This is not a musical transposition of all the infinite richness of the “total work” of Dante, but it is simply the choice of a set of characteristic elements of the three parts, musically and symbolically significant, structured in a work for string quartet with 12 pieces without interruption. A concert not to be missed!!! Book your tickets at: http://www.pharostickets.org/


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