Heidi Trautmann

June.....? Exhibition of Cyprus paintings by Lilyia Zinchenko at the Round Tower in Girne

Liliya Zinchenko was born in Ukraine where she currently lives and works as a full-time impressionist artist. Her favourite medium is oil.
She studied art at the State Academy of Arts and Design in Kharkov and graduated in 1981.
In 1984 she became a member of the Ukrainian National Artists Union.
She has had several solo and group exhibitions in Ukraine as well as in the others European countries and her works are successfully sold around the world. A few of her paintings are on display in the Museum of Fine Art in Berdiansk, the city situated on the Azov Sea south of Ukraine where she lives.

This display is a result of Liliya’s visit to Cyprus in April 2015. She painted almost every day from life around Kyrenia and produced 32 works.

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