Heidi Trautmann

Apr 21 - 30: Eco-art Exhibition by Roya Alagband - At the Ismet V.Güney Art Centre in Nicosia

Showing nature my way 

By Heidi Trautmann


Nature. It should be our religion, it should be our morning prayer and the last thought when we close the gate of our garden. Whatever we do in our life, nature should be in the foreground of our thoughts and the decisions we make.

To make us aware of the serious situation the very basis of our life is in, some artists are standing up to raise their voice and one of them is Roya Alagband. She is a Graphic Communication designer, photographer and artivist going for her PhD in Communication and media. She is a faculty member in the Graphic Design Department of Cyprus International University.

Asked about the title and its philosophy she described her work to me with the following words:

“Eco-art” is a fresh movement led by artists who seek to show how the very nature of our lives has changed, with the idea to re-establish our bond with the earth as the provider of life.

The idea behind this exhibition was developed by me years ago, and while collecting and studying natural textures of different materials, I decided to use them to create art works combined with my thoughts to challenge accepted thinking.  I want to raise my critical voice against the ignorance of nature. Showing the natural materials as pieces of art is my way of engaging “Eco-art” in my exhibition. Nature is the very source of our life.

The exhibition will open on 21 April at 19:00 hrs. and closes on 30 April, 2014. Viewing times are according to official governmental office hours.


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