Heidi Trautmann

Oct 3 - The classical Folk Ensemble ‘Cypress Classica’ at Karaman Church

A different approach to Folk Music

The classical Folk Ensemble ‘Cypress Classica’ invite to a Concert at Karaman Church


By Heidi Trautmann


A bouquet of Turkish Cypriot Folk Music with a classical touch. It is, as they say, to connect the past to today.

The group ‘Cypress Classica’ was first founded by Oskay Hoca, Fikri Toros and Osman Cankoy in January 2008. Their aim is to reintroduce the very old traditional Turkish Cypriot folk songs, especially to the younger generations by using classical instruments with a contemporary polyphonic understanding. Oskay Hoca has made the musical arrangements and it is also their aim for future concerts to introduce the audience to the background of the folk songs, at what occasions the songs were sung and where they stemmed from.


The musicians are: Petek Cankoy (vocal), Ayse Sadik (violoncello) the chef Oskay Hoca  (composer, oboe) Fikri Toros (piano) Osman Cankoy (guitar and vocal) Eralp Adanir (percussion) and Mustafa Fegon (violin).


A summer evening with beautiful music, what more could we wish for. Admission will be by a donation to the Karmi Church. If you want to learn more about the ensemble enter their website www.cypressclassica.com




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