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Autum-Winter Workshops and Courses at the Home for Cooperation Nicosia

August 2015 Newsletter #2
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Autumn-Winter 2015 at the Home | Weekly Workshops & Language Courses Start as from September: Registration is now Open!

  • Language courses and workshops for adults & youth begin on Monday, 14th September. The workshops for children will begin on Saturday, 3rd October.

  • For registration, all you need is to send us an e-mail at admin@home4cooperation.info 

  • Do not forget to write your name-surname, contact info and the name of the language course/workshop that you are interested. We will get in contact with you to complete registration in the 1st week of September.

  •  Access for wheelchair users: there are ramps at the entrance of the building providing access to the ground floor, where an accessible toilet can be also found. A lift behind the Home Cafe is available for the access to upper floors. 


Instructors:  Ioanna Christou, Hazel Şabanlar, Spyroula Mavrommati & Frosso Frangos
In weekly Turkish, Greek and English Language classes, beginner and intermediate participants will learn how to write, read and speak through interactive methods. 
*For the language courses, three-month prepayment is required. The contribution fee for 3 months: €75/195TL 
DJEMBE | African Drum Workshop

Instructor: Roger Heinrich
In the workshop, participants will learn how to play djembe and everything about drumming such as technique, styles, rhythms and notes. You will have fun to play in a group and feel the vibration of drums. 
Wind instrument workshop

Instructor: Elli Michael
An introduction to interesting aspects of the native Cypriot flute (pithkiavli / kaval) and its playing techniques will be taught in the workshop. Learning by the traditional method of “listening, watching and imitating”, participant will explore some Cypriot folk tunes and develop different ways of interpreting them on the instrument. No music notation knowledge is required!
SALSA | Dance Workshop

Instructor: Charis Marathefti
The class will introduce the basic steps and variations of Salsa. It welcomes people of all ages & backgroundsNo need to come with a partner, but couples are welcome! Other dance styles like bachata and merengue may also be introduced to the class. A variation of music, different rhythms, moods and beats will be played during the lesson. There is no dress code for the class and heels are optional for the ladies. Compulsory is only your dancing energy!
ZUMBA | Dance Workshop

Instructor: Athina Koumidou
The name Zumba is derived from a Colombian word meaning to move fast and have fun.  It incorporates different styles of dancing as hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. So, come and dance to great music and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it.
*Zumba class rule: Don't know a move? Just shake it 'til you make it!

Instructor: Christina Hadjizachariou
In this workshop, participants will approach the crucial question of the point of view beating at the heart of cinema through the screening of a large number of film excerpts taken from masterpieces of the world cinema. Discussions will follow where the participants will be encouraged to develop a critical thought of cinema based on their own experience as viewers.
TAI CHI | Martial Art Workshop

Instructor: Tarık Tekman
In this series of workshops participants will focus on the health benefits of Tai Chi and cultivation of internal energy (Chi or Qi) in the body, rather than martial applications.
Tai Chi improves balance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and helps for the recovery from chronic stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. It also reduces the symptoms of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder in adolescents!

Instructors: Mathieu Devavry & Stavros Stavrou
In the workshop, free art will be introduced to the participants (adult & youth) mainly through three forms: sculpture using air dry clay, printing using the art technique of mono-type and engraving. The participants will have the possibility to apply different techniques on paper, printing on fabric and t-shirts and trigger their creativity and imagination.

Athos Florides
The workshop will offer a better understanding of photography to beginners and intermediate photographers. Participants will be introduced to the basic technology necessary for the production of their photographic work, how to look at and critique photography, photographic vocabulary, using tools such as framing, composition, "rule of thirds", light, texture, pattern, lines, symmetry, depth of field, perspective, space, balance, color and black and white photography, and many works by well-known photographers.

Instructor: Katia Konstantinou
With the postures used in Hatha Yoga,participants will stretch in combination with the breath to develop flexibility and relaxation. 
Although the class is addressed to beginners with little or no prior yoga experience, those with some experience can benefit from revisiting essential alignment, flow, and breath-work principles.

Instructors: Naz Atun & Annabelle Megalemos
The aim of this workshop is to encourage children to express their ideas and inner vision through art. They will have so much fun while discovering the world of colours, forms and other interesting materials.

Instructors: Vasili Anastasi & Hakan Djuma
In the workshop, children will have the opportunity to nurture their inquisitiveness about nature and our planet. To have future adults who care about our planet, we first need to have children who understand why it’s worth caring for. At the same time, developing a love for our common and shared Cypriot nature will act in a unifying way between children sharing this experience.

Instructors: Oya Akın & Polly Flourentzou 
This is essentially a drama/movement workshop for kids between 8-12 years old, focused on language learning through drama. Participants will be familiarised with Greek/Turkish vocabulary with the aim to promote cultural exchange and collaboration. 
Image theater and drama games will be mainly used but also some very simple writing and drawing. With the completion of the workshop series there will be a small performance for parents only to showcase the work.


  • In Autumn-Winter 2015 period, the participants of workshops will receive coupons in return for their contribution, after they complete workshop/language course registration. Then, if they wish, they will be allowed to use those coupons for other workshops in the forthcoming weeks, too.

  • Workshops for adults & youth:
    1 coupon - 5€/13TL
    8 coupons - 30€/75TL
    16 coupons - 55€/138TL

  • Workshops for children:
    1 coupon - 3€/8TL
    10 coupons - 25€/63TL
    Access to all - 40€/100TL
    For siblings - 10 extra coupons

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