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APR 29 - Piano Recital Eser Öktem in PARIS

Helping Hands in Cyprus asked to help distribute the message. Whoever  feels like spending a week or two in April in lovely Paris, here is somebody you should support:



in aid of RSCM France


This spring sees the first musical recital organised by RSCM France. The venue is St. George’s Anglican Church in Paris. The date is Monday 29 April 2013 at 7.30pm. The performance is facilitated by the ‘Helping Hands V’ project.

The RSCM (‘Royal School of Church Music’) is a Christian and ecumenical charitable organization which aims to educate musicians and promote sacred music. This piano recital therefore features compositions by masters such as J.S. Bach and F. Busoni, and their pieces, including ‘Choral Preludes’, will be performed at St George’s Anglican Church, Paris by an up-and-coming, exceptionally talented young pianist, Eser Öktem. Eser began playing the piano at the age of 10; and having proved to be an extremely gifted child he was able to enter the Conservatory of Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkey) at the age of 12. Today at the age of 22, he studies at the Bilkent University Conservatory in Turkey.

This spring recital is a first time event, which RSCM France hopes will be the first of many. We are sure you will enjoy the evening , not only because of the captivating music and the ambience but because it will be followed by the serving of delicious food and drinks to make the evening a memorable one . You will also have the opportunity to make a contribution or donation ( suggested donation 15-20 euro) to the important and valuable work of RSCM France.

In the next few weeks we will keep you posted with more information about this event and will also give you details as to how you can reserve your tickets and refreshments. Alternatively you can find details on www.rscmfrance.org.

Seating is limited so, if you want to participate in what promises to be a spectacular recital with food and drinks to complete the evening’s entertainment, reservation is essential.

Remember the date : 29 April at 7.30pm. We look forward to seeing you there!!!

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