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Jan 18 - New Play by the North Cypriot State Theatre with KATIL – The Killer

A psychodrama directed by the Azerbeijani director Mehriban Elekberzade


By Heidi Trautmann


The well-known Azerbeijani film and theatre director Mehriban Elekberzade has come to Cyprus following an agreement between the CyprusTurkish State Theatre and the National Theatre of Azerbeijan to direct the second play of the theatre season 2012/2013.

I spoke to Oya Akin who will play the main character. Oya is teaching drama at the English School in Kyrenia and is a member of Derman Atik’s Catalköy Municipality Theatre but has often played roles in plays at the State Theatre.

“I am playing a 41 years old teacher who has never been married, but always waiting for the love of her life.  In the meantime she has accepted the fact that he will never appear. One rainy night, just when she is at the edge of agony and lonely, there is a knock on her door. One of her first students, a young man is there, drenched from the rain....”

This short synopsis and the title promise a dramatic development of the story. It is a demanding role for Oya Akin and I am looking forward to seeing her in this role. I shall report.

The cast besides Oya Akin is Tuygun Tore, Bilen Kilic and Yilsay Ozbudak.

The play will be at the Atatürk Cultural Centre in Nicosia on Jan 18 at 20:00 hrs. Tickets at the door.

There will be performances every Friday until the end of March.


Oya Akin and ...
Oya Akin and ...

Oya Akin and the director Mehriban Elekberzade
Oya Akin and the director Mehriban Elekberzade

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