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Feb 25 - Mar 05 : AT THE FRUIT STAND - Int Artists Residency Programme - EMAA and NIMAC Nicosia

  • The European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) is organizing together with NiMAC [Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation] and Yiannis Toumazis a short guided walk from NiMAC to EMAA, to attend the public, introductory

    Open Table presentation and discussion, led given by the residency curator and the artists.

    Curator: Viviana Checchia, of Italian origin, currently CCA (Glasgow) Public Engagement Curator
    Participating artists: Abdullah Denizhan  (Cyprus), Leontios Toumpouris (Cyprus), Beatrice Catanzaro  (Italy), Sarah Beddington (U.K.) and Vivien Sansour  (Palestine) will be living and working together intensely for ten days, researching, exploring the island and producing their work.   

    Saturday - February 27th 2016, Nicosia

    Afternoon 17:45 NiMAC  - Start-point of group guided walk to EMAA Capital Art Centre in northern Nicosia. Together with Curator and Artists.
    18:30 – 20.30 at EMAA Capital Art Center. Open table presentation and discussion
    The curator Viviana Checchia will present her concept and her interdisciplinary approach with 4 consultants (Sociologist, Cook, Architect, Geographer) as well as the artists selected. Open up the table for discussion and a brainstorming session on local food issues!
    20:30 Evening group walk back to NiMAC to join an organised DJ party with guest dj the young Cypriot musician Maria Panossian.

    Saturday – March 5th 2016, Nicosia

    Afternoon 18:00 – NiMAC - Start-point of group guided walk to EMAA Capital Art Centre
    18:30 – 20.30 - EMAA Capital Art Center Opening of the Exhibition.
                       After dinner everyone is invited to join, at Nilgün Güney’s bar  
                       “Cadı Kazanı” in northern old Nicosia (close to Ledra –Lokmaci crossing)

    The residency “At the fruit stand!” is carried out within the framework of the EU funded project "Confrontation through Art: Contemporary Art as an Instrument for Reconciliation in Cyprus", 2014-2017.  

  • Project Managers / Coordinators: Ozgul Ezgin & Argyro Toumazou

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