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May 11-Jun 12: Geomorphology – Ismet Tatar’s Art Exhibition ...AND EARTH and STILL MOMENTS at EMAA's

An art historical view by the curator Dr. Esra Plümer Bardak

By Heidi Trautmann


It is ten years now that I have been following the artist Ismet Tatar on her artistic road and we have often discussed her motives and thoughts that led her to do art series such as AND EARTH and STILL MOMENTS. It is with deep concern that she develops an art project on the basis of socio-political reflections of the past and the impact on our present. I am happy to see that Dr. Esra Plümer Bardak has undertaken to research Ismet Tatar’s art projects of the years 2006-2013, an art historian I have come to respect highly.

With high sensitivity Ismet Tatar gets to the bottom of things, also by using natural material as medium for her art work, material directly connected to the social environment, such as soil to answer the questions

‘Why is soil or land important to people?’

‘What is the relationship between land and Humans?’

‘What kind of emotion is ownership?’ and

‘What is the attachment a human feelings towards land or soil?’

Ismet Tatar has since long discovered the rich values of  nature and she honours it by making her own paper she uses for her art work, from leaves and plants she finds in her surroundings. She is a renown international artist and has been invited to join many international art exhibitions worldwide.  After the opening of the exhibition at EMAA’s Art Centre she will be travelling to Deggendorf/Lower Bavaria/Germany for the ‘Global Paper 3’ event where one big piece of art will be exhibited. I reported on it on my website.


The exhibition will open at EMAA’s Art Centre on May 11 at 19.30 (see details on poster)  and can be visited until June 12, 2015.



My text published in Cyprus Today May 2006
My text published in Cyprus Today May 2006

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