• 7:30pm until 10:30pm
  • We are celebrating World Poetry Day at the Occupy Buffer Zone Activity Centre with international and local poets, artists, musicians, enthusiasts, inspiration seekers and all the rest who want to spend an atmospheric night. As part of weekly Poetry Meetings organized by f...amous Cypriot poet Nese Yasin, in this special session we invite everyone to bring their own writings, instruments, drinks and good spirits.

    International poets who will be there with us:

    Meh Kan Sun ( Japan), Allen Smart ( Canada) , Jasmin Joyrose ( Malta) , Umberto Inadio ( Italy) Jean Selkus ( Portugal), Takis Oidipus ( Rodos), Selena Skyhand ( USA), Strong Young (UK)

    P.S: Poets will continue the celebrations on the 25th of March with the 3rd Poetry Bus with a tribute to famous literary figures of Cyprus. The trip will start at 11 am from Sarayonu (old town,north Nicosia). Please contact Nese Yasin for more information.
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