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Jul 3 - Jazz Concert at the Olive Grove Delikipos

Jazz Concert with Christof Lauer and Patrice Heral - 5o years Elysee-Treaty



Concert 3rd July 2013 at 8.30 p.m. Olive Grove, Delikipos Tickets: EUR 10 Reservations: 7000 9304

German-French Jazz Concert in the Olive Grove at Delikipos with Christof Lauer (sax) and Patrice Heral (perc.) celebrating 50 Years of Elysee-Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation between Germany and France

Goethe-Institut and Institut Francais together with The Pharos Arts Foundation jointly present one of the leading German-French Jazz Duos with eminent German saxophonist Christof Lauer and one of the best French percussionist Patrice Heral.

Enjoy modern jazz at it’s best in an open air festival atmosphere and a beautiful nature setting south of Nicosia.

Please form Car Pools!

The olive Grove is about 25 km outside of Nicosia west of the Nicosia-Limassol highway. If you come by car and have free seats and would like to share them with those who have no transport but want to attend the concert, or if you want to attend but have no transport please call either the Goethe-Institut (22674606) or the Institut Francais (22 45 93 33/4). You just tell us your name and give your telephone number and we will try to connect those who offer a lift with those who are looking for a lift and arrange car-pools. Car pools are good for our environment and fun, as you get to know new people interested in Jazz!

Find the way to The Olive Grove on our website


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