Heidi Trautmann

End Nov - Mid Dec - Christmas Markets 2013


By Heidi Trautmann


It is not easy to get into a Christmas mood with the sun shining and the blue sky and green hills inviting us to go walking along the coast and jump into the sea where there is an opportunity; the water is still warm. Today, on Sunday, November 17, we went sailing with our little boat just around the corner into a nice quiet bay for a November swim.

Also the organizers of Christmas Markets are slow to announce their yearly markets, the municipalities have not brought out their Xmas decoration yet – I wonder if they will do it at all with the large sums they owe to the Electricity Department – but it would help us to find our way better in the dark on the main streets and highways where the street lamps have been switched off as a warning. And now that the costs are rising what will they switch off next?? I am sure the turnover in the sale of candles of all sizes will go up this year.


But here they are the Christmas market dates:

First the established ones:

Nov 23 – at the St. Andrew’s Church, usually they open around 10 am;

Dec 1 – Goethe Institute Nicosia in the bufferzone opposite the old Ledra Palace Hotel;

Dec 7 – Kyrenia Animal Rescue – KAR at the Teachers’ Hotel in Kyrenia

Dec 8 – Lemar Alsancak: in front of the building;

Dec 14 – North Cyprus Cancer Charity Association at the Pia Bella Hotel in Kyrenia.


Also, from Nov 23 – Dec 21, every Saturday from 2 pm to 5 pm at the Wild Duck restaurant in Lapta.


I am sure there are many more stall owners getting ready for the one or other market around town, also east of Kyrenia; I have no information on events in Nicosia or Famagusta.


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