Heidi Trautmann

Nov 17-27 : Exhibition of Paintings 'My other World' - Gülseven Coles at the Eaved House in Nicosia

Gülseven Coles creates a theme for her exhibitions and works along this thread in her studio in Lapta; one of the first ones I saw with her was on the basis of stones - semi precious stones, their innermost core, the flow of colours they reveal when cut open. Her last exhibition in 2012, also at the Eaved House, revolved around Dancing, movements against different backgrounds, see my review under the following link:

The theme for this coming exhibition is about the sea, the kingdom of a different kind of living beings, organisms in the primeval soup, with other words...our ancestors...
My other world, she says, a world that fascninates me, my homeland is surrounded by the sea, I grew up by it, and I explored snorkeling.

The opening will be on 17 November 2015 at 17.30 hrs at the Eaved House. You may leave your snorkels at home.

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