Heidi Trautmann

Dec 05-12: Three Manifestations of Aphrodite - Art exhibition at the Ismet V. Güney Art Centre

By Heidi Trautmann

Nilüfer Inandim, Elena Konstantinou and Hasan Zeybek, three young artists who have over the last years continuously caused a stir in the art scene with their art, a language of their own, and have won the respect of many, not only in the form of awards and prizes. I have accompanied them for some years now and I am sure they will continue to go their own way as they have done so far.

Their exhibition ‘Three Manifestations of Aphrodite’ will be shown in Nicosia at the Ismet Güney Art Centre with the opening on December 05 at 18.30 hrs. The exhibition can be viewed during governmental office hours until December 12.

The venue is next to the Kaimakli Post Office.



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