Heidi Trautmann

May 12 - 17 Photographs Bernhard Wicki film maker and actor ; film The Bridge shown on May 16

12.5. - 17.5.2014
Atatürk Culture Center Nicosia/ Lefkoşa 
Film language: German with English subtitles
Location: Atatürk Culture Center Lefkoşa / Nicosia 1. Stock, across Kyrenia / Girne Gate
Opening: May 12, 2014, at 7.00 p.m., Exhibition until May 17th 2014
Open: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.00 a.m. - 3.30 pm, Thursday from 9.00 am - 6.00 pm and on Saturday from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

Bernhard Wicki (1919-2000) was not only an outstanding film-maker and actor: in the 50s, he also created a photographic work which prepared his career as a film-maker, but at the same time carried a very personal, artistic signature. For Wicki, photography was the key- tool to express himself visually.

In 1952, on the World exhibition for photography in Luzern, Wicki discovered the photographs of the Magnum Agency, which had been founded a few years before by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson and a few others. He was fascinated by the photograph of a dying soldier taken by Capa in 1936 during the Spanish civil war.” It is the straight, blunt sight of reality… It lays in the nature of photographs that you can interpret them, look deeper into them; and that if they are relatively good pictures, they do not just reflect reality but leave space for imagination”. Wicki recognized the vastness of the possibilities offered by photography:” I had always considered films and photography as secondary art, and only lived for theater and painting. Yet, this exhibition opened my eyes, and from that moment on, I knew that I had found my vocation. I left the exhibition and walked straight to the next camera-shop, bought a Rolleiflex and sent a telegraph to Lippel, the manager of the Munich National Theater at the time, to ask him for half a year of vacation, or else I would quit. He accepted and I went to Paris and started shooting photographs like a maniac.”
Wicki’s photographs were taken during journeys through Germany, France, Italy, Bosnia, Morocco, Africa, Russia Austria, and North America as well as in his home city Munich. He did not limit himself to a specific theme; he shot anything attracting him visually: people in their existential loneliness, blunt portraits, empty, alienated cities but also breathtakingly poetic landscapes. The photographs give a vivid impression of the times after the catastrophic events of the 2nd World War.
Wicki’s photographic work was soon overshadowed by his overwhelming success as a film-maker, demanded even in Hollywood. For Wicki himself, his photographs were just a phase, to which- unlike posterity- he attached little importance.
The touring exhibition of the Goethe Institut comprises 38 new black-and white prints of Bernard Wicki’s heritage. The exhibition goes along with a bilingual Brochure (German- English), with an introduction by Inka Graeve-Ingelmann, and a selection of his works.

Die BrückeBerhard Wicki’s most famous film: “The bridge” from 1959 (b/w; 103 min.; German with English subtitles) will be screened on 16th May 2014 at 7 pm at the Atatürk Culture Center Lefkoşa / Nicosia. Admission is free!

The exhibition will be presented by the Goethe-Institut Cyprus and the Turkish-Cypriot-German Cultural Association

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KulturNachrichten - Newsletter 37/2014
Kind Reminder: Exhibition „Bernhard Wicki – photographs“ in the Atatürk Culture Center in Nicosia
The Goethe-Institut Cyprus together with the Turkish-Cypriot-German Culture Association jointly presents the exhibition “Bernhard Wicki – photographs” at the Atatürk Culture Center in Nicosia/Lefkose from 12th till 17th May 2014. This exhibition was compiled by the Goethe-Institut headoffice in Munich in 2005 and is since then touring the world. Bernhard Wicki (1919-2000) was not only an outstanding film-maker and actor: in the 50s, he also created a photographic work which prepared his career as a film-maker, but at the same time carried a very personal, artistic signature. For Wicki, photography was the key- tool to express himself visually.

The opening of this exhibition will be on Monday, 12th May at 7.00 pm. Admission is free. A small catalogue about Wicki’s life and oevre will be available. On Friday, 16th May at 7.00 pm Wicki’s most important film “Die Brücke” from 1959 will be screened in the hall of the Atatürk Culture Center (German with English subtitles). Admission is free.

After the presentation of Wicki’s photographic works at the Atatürk Culture Center the exhibition will be presented again in the gallery of the Goethe-Institut Cyprus in the UN buffer zone from 19th till 23rd May 2014, then combined with a five night program of the most important films by and with Bernhard Wicki always starting at 7.00 pm. Admission is free!

Bitte nicht vergessen: Ausstellung „Bernhard Wicki – Fotografien“ im Atatürk Kulturzentrum in Nikosia/Lefkose
Das Goethe-Institut Zypern und der türkisch-zyprisch-deutsche Kulturverein präsentieren gemeinsam vom 12.-17.5.2014 im Atatürk Kulturzentrum in Nikosia die Ausstellung „Bernhard Wicki – Fotografien“, die bereits an vielen Orten weltweit vorgestellt wurde. Bernhard Wicki (1919 – 2000) war nicht nur ein herausragender Regisseur und Schauspieler: in den 50er Jahren hat er auch ein fotografisches Werk geschaffen, das seine Arbeit als Regisseur vorbereitete, zugleich aber eine individuelle künstlerische Handschrift trägt. Die Fotografie war für Wicki das entscheidende Instrumentarium, sich optisch auszudrücken.

Die Eröffnung findet am Montag, 12.5.2014 um 19 Uhr statt. Der Eintritt ist frei. Zur Ausstellung gibt es einen Katalog zu Leben und Werk Bernhard Wickis. Am Freitag, 16.5. um 19 Uhr wird im Veranstaltungssaal des Atatürk Kulturzentrums der wohl bekannteste Film Wickis gezeigt: „Die Brücke“ von 1959 (Deutsch mit Englischen Untertiteln). Eintritt frei!

Im Anschluß an die Präsentation der Ausstellung im Atatürk Kulturzentrum werden die Fotoarbeiten von Bernhard Wicki noch vom 19.-23.5.2014 in der Galerie des Goethe-Instituts in der UN-Puffer Zone gezeigt, dann in Kombination mit einem fünftägigen Filmprogramm, das die wichtigsten Filme von und mit Bernhard Wicki umfaßt. Täglich um 19 Uhr. Der Eintritt ist frei!


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