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Apr 15: International World Art Day 2015 on April 15 - EMAA celebrates with Ayhan Menteş

EMAA celebrates with an exhibition of the painter Ayhan Menteş

By Heidi Trautmann

Throughout the world  this day is being celebrated by art associations, art galleries, museums, educational institutions to remind society of the importance of the arts. It is Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday that was chosen as celebration date since his art work embraces all kind of art forms.

Also EMAA, European Mediterranean Art Association keeps celebrating this day with a special show, in 2013 it was an exhibition of the life work of the artist Gönen Atakol, (read my review by clicking on the link


and this year they have worked on a special show to honour the work of Ayhan Menteş, a painter today living in Famagusta, one of the first abstract painters as he is being called. I had the pleasure to interview him many years ago and I am very pleased to see his art work again in a special show on April 15 at the EMAA Art Centre in Nicosia. Read my interview here


Since 2002, the year of its foundation, EMAA has worked for the aim to promote the arts and make possible an adequate education in the arts for children and young adults. Many unforgettable art events have been created. However, along with the fruitful work on the road to awareness of the importance of art goes the frustration and fight against ignorance in governmental circles as already expressed in their list of complaints in the above first link.


The show will be opened by the Mayor of Nicosia Mehmet Harmancı on April 15 at 19.30. I hope that many guests come to see the work of a Cypriot appreciated artist. The EMAA Art Centre is behind the Nicosia Deniz Plaza.

The show will be on until 30 April. Visiting hours in the mornings 11:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00 in the afternoons.




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