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Nov 17 - Dec 22 The ÇATALKÖY BELEDİYE TİYATROSU goes travelling with ‘The Colonel’s Wife’

By Heidi Trautmann


I have seen the play a year ago in the Dedeman Tent in Catalköy with hundreds of people attending. It was a great performance.

The Colonel’s wife is a play by Christo Boycev, a famous Bulgarian playwright, a comic tragic piece; directed by Derman Atik. An unidentified man is found near a crashed plane with his memory lost. He lands in hospital among other ‘sick’ people, all with a quirk. His inmates try to set up a biography for him. A game in which in the end the ‘colonel believes. A mad story in war times, war making people being mad, identities change, make beliefs, and in the end the patient who is writing down the biography believes that he is god himself.




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The Colonel
The Colonel's Wife

From The Colonel
From The Colonel's Wife

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