Heidi Trautmann

Spring 2012 - TheartspaceDuesseldorf and Nicosia - Exhibitions and Projektpresentations Spring 2012

Nicosia 21.3. – 31.3.2012

“ Palimpsest II “ Artistsbook-group exhibition

A collaboration with Moufflon Bookshop and Publisher,

supported by the German Embassy, Nicosia

The artworks will be presented in September 2012 at

Theartspace Duesseldorf together with works by

participants from Duesseldorf.


Düsseldorf 10.2. – 10.3.2012

“ Speaking of reality “ Installation, Photography

Marianna Christofides and Laura Padgett


16.3. – 6.4.2012

“ Look at me “ Women for children, Art for humanity

Exhibition of prints,text by 25 womenartists and writers

A project of the University Durban/Southafrica in

collaboration with the National Council of South Africa


April 2012: “Topographical perspectives 40215”

3 Artists from Duesseldorf will create installationworks

based on a research into the urban space -Fuerstenplatza

multicultural neighbourhood around the square

opposite of Theartspace. Presentation in December 2012

Theartspace Duesseldorf Theartspace Nicosia

Fuerstenplatz 1 Pygmalionosstr. 31

40215 Duesseldorf /Germany 1010 Nicosia

Tel.0049-211-15969560 00357-99875117



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