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Dec 13 - Avant-garde Films at Sidestreets - Programme

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Avant-garde Films /Avant-garde Filmler

13 december/aralık, 19.30

There will be a short introduction to the directors and the genre by Johann Pillai before the screening, and discussion is welcome. (Fee: 5TL) Birden fazla kısa modern sanat filmlerinden oluşan bir dizi avant-garde işin tanıtılarak ve tartışılarak izlenmesi. (ücret:5TL)

Willard Maas, dir. Geography of the Body (1943); 7 minutes.

Made over four days in collaboration with the artist’s wife, cinematographer Marie Menken and English poet George Barker, this film consists of details of the three participants’ bodies, shot with magnifying glasses taped to a 16mm camera.

Willard Maas and Ben Moore, dir. The Mechanics of Love (1955); 5 minutes.

The lyrical narrative of a young couple preparing to make love, then spending time in bed together. Their conversation is accompanied by imagery of everyday objects brought into relation to build an action without actors.

Sidney Peterson, dir. The Cage (1947); 28 minutes.

A humorous exploration of the delirious experience of an artist viewing his studio and participating in various narratives from the perspective of a disembodied eye.

Stan Brakhage, dir. The Way to Shadow Garden (1954); 11 minutes.

Influenced by the filmic poetry of Jean Cocteau, this intense film explores the dynamics of visual space through the actions and perceptions of a young man who is trapped between the interior of a room and a garden of shadows outside.

Peter Greenaway, dir. Windows (1974); 4 minutes

A blackly humorous statistical account of defenestratıon – finding reasons why a set of people in an idyllic country house insisted on falling out of windows, and intimating, every so slightly, that the reason might be an envy of birds and a love of gravity.

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