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May 17 - Apartment Project and Depo presentations at Emaa in Nicosia

The European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA) will host ‘Depo / Tobacco Warehouse’ with project coordinators Asena Günal and Selda Asal, the founder of the ‘Apartment Project’ initiative, hailing from Turkey. On Thursday the 17th of May, 19:00, following the two presentations, the event will continue on to feature Selda Asal’s personal art work. According to the announcement made by the association, joint work organised by EMAA and the two entities, extend their relationship and organising future events located in Cyprus, will be a great opportunity to promote Cypriot art and culture, and to prompt further research and dialogues.

Depo is a space for debate and cultural exchange in the city centre of Istanbul and the first initiative in Turkey to focus on regional collaborations among Turkey and countries in the Caucasus, the Middle East and the Balkans. Besides its artistic program composed of exhibitions and screenings, Depo addresses the socio-political implications of socially engaged art practices in the region and organizes conferences, workshops, lectures and panel discussions, and publishes an e-journal titled Red Thread. Depo aims to become a hub for the initiation and realization of regional projects and its activities are planned to provide artists, curators, cultural operators, academicians and intellectuals from the region the opportunity to engage with each other, to exchange ideas and experiences, and to develop collaborative works.

Depo is an initiative of Anadolu Kültür, a non-profit organization working in the field of culture. Since its establishment Anadolu Kültür has been a driving force in facilitating cross-cultural collaborations and circulating art through Anatolia.

The non-profit Apartment Project was initiated in 1999 in a small ground floor apartment in Asmalımescit, with the aim of providing experimental young budding artists with an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration and to host their own exhibitions.

The three windows of the space enables interaction with the daily life on the street, and draws the public to the exhibitions and events held inside the studio, which played an important role in determining the exhibition format for forthcoming events.

Following the opening of several galleries and art centres, the Apartment Project initiative not only provides artists with a studio alternative, but it also functioned as a dynamic space which prioritizes cooperation, production and hands-on reasoning. Reciprocal Visit, Re-Locate, Free Fall are just a few examples of such collaboration and studio work realized under the Apartment Project.


Presentations will be held in English.


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