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Aug 25, 26 and 27 : Ozanköy Festival with inauguration of Osman Türkay Statue

Ozanköy Festivali başlıyor

Kültürel ve sanatsal etkinliklere ev sahipliği yapacak festivalde Osman Türkay’ın 3 boyutlu anıtının açılışı da yapılacak.

Girne Belediyesi’nin düzenlediği geleneksel “Ozanköy Pekmez Festivali” 25-27 Ağustos tarihleri arasında gerçekleşecek. Ozanköy meydanında yapılacak festivalde, Nobel ödülüne aday gösterilen ve “uzay şairi” olarak çağırıldığı için “Kazafana” köyünün “Ozanköy” olarak değiştirilmesine vesile olan Osman Türkay’ın 3 boyutlu anıtının ...

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Ozanköy Festival begins

It will be the opening of Osman Türkay's 3-d monument at the festival, which will host cultural and artistic events.

The Traditional "Ozanköy Molasses Festival" hosted by the municipality of kyrenia will take place between August 25-27th and August 25-27th. At The Festival of ozanköy, the festival of the 3 D Monument of osman türkay, who was nominated for a Nobel Prize and was called " the star poet is the opening of the 3-D Monument of osman türkay. At the opening of the opening, the festival will be featured in the festival, with the presentation of the poet Osman Türkay's life and poetry. The Festival will host a variety of cultural and artistic events, which will end with the concert in the village of wisdom, on August 27th.

Festival program
The Festival opens on Friday (August 25th) at 19.00 pm. It will be done by the opening of the talk and the crew of osman türkay memorial project. In 19:45, after the presentation of the life and poetry of the poet Osman Türkay, the city of the public dances community show, 20:00, HASAN GÜNYÜZ, and the group gommalar concert in 21:00

On Saturday, August 19.00, 26, in 19.00, in 19:30, in 19:30, the northern Cyprus dance performance of the Turkish folk dances and the art centre of the art centre, in 20:00, concert and nafiz in 21:00 The Gabriel concert will be done.

On Sunday (August 27th) in 19:00, sickle culture and art centre for the public dance show is a presentation on the benefits of sweets contest & swear, 19:45 Mustafa Karaoğlan Music Concert, 20:45 treacle sweets sweets sweets sweets sweets The results of the contest and the wisdom kurtariciogullari will perform the final concert in 21:00
The scuplture of Osman Türkay will be inaugurated on the occasion of the festival. The sculpture was done over many months now by Zehra Şonya. Her work is extraordinary. Here an official introduction of the poet.

Osman Türkay (1927-2001)

 Osman Türkay (1927-2001)Türkay is a poet of international stature and a nominee for the Nobel Literature Prize in 1988. 

The poet was born in the village of Ozanköy,Kyrenia (Cyprus) on February 16, 1927. After completing his studies at a private school in Kyrenia, he went to London where he read philosophy and studied journalism, after which he was employed on the staff of several magazines and newspapers.

The internationally acclaimed poet, whose literary output includes a number of published books and anthologies, has been accredited with many honours in recognition of his contributions to the literature.

In his latest works, Türkay has shown a greater tendency towards working in English and his poetry has also become more abstract in essence and concept. His notable "space age" poetry has won him world-wide adulation.

His works are published in more than 30 languages.


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